The 10 Best Websites To Host Music Online (For Brands And Musicians)


Nowadays, there are many options for music hosting online on sites for musicians and bands. You don’t have to upload your music to every website, but it’s a good idea to explore your options and choose the pair that best suits your needs as an artist.

With each passing day, the internet mainstream continues to develop and expand, offering an unlimited place where artists and bands may produce and broadcast music in real-time for their followers.

There are many music hosting sites to host music online for free! We will go through a list of the best music hosting sites! Nowadays, artists and bands from all walks of life can readily distribute their digital files on social media and other essential web platforms without any difficulty.

The 10 Best Website for Musician

Take a look at the best websites for musicians, and you’ll see quite a variety of styles and approaches. We’d recommend starting music hosting websites with these ten.

1. SoundCloud

In the music industry, SoundCloud is one of the world’s most well-known free streaming sites. It’s completely free to use, both as a listener and as an artist, and it’s a fantastic method to distribute your music to the whole globe for free. SoundCloud is the best musician’s website and free music hosts site for all music artists. You can also get more listeners on SoundCloud; it’s the best platform for music artists and lovers.


2. Bandcamp

Bandcamp is the best platform for musicians for music lovers. Bandcamp is the most well-known website for independent and small-time musicians who wish to promote and sell their music in an entirely free atmosphere. You may customize your page and offer both digital and analog music and products.


3. Bandzoogle

Bandzoogle is one of the most outstanding sites facilitating choices for performers since you keep 100 percent of your music deals. You can show and sell your music precisely the way that you need: offer melodies for nothing, charge a specific sum, or let your fans set their own cost.


4. Audiomack

Audiomack is a free unlimited music hosting site. And that’s why it ought to be on your radar. You can have all your music for nothing, no superior record, and no transfer or capacity limits. You’ll likewise have free admittance to content sharing apparatuses and a craftsman dashboard stacked with cutting-edge measurements and commitment information.


5. iTunes

iTunes is the service that got everything started. You can listen to and purchase music from your favorite musicians via the iTunes store. You must go via a distributor to access this service, just as you would with any other prominent provider.


6. Spotify

Spotify is the most famous music streaming service globally, with over 100 million users. You will reach many listeners and market your music through our service. Spotify has the best playlist, and you can also get lyrics on Spotify.


7. YouTube

By now, we all know that YouTube is a significant driver of music discovery, and that can only help you choose your release. People searching for your music online will know that any tracks you’ve personally uploaded to your YouTube channel are official, high-quality versions.


8. Vimeo

YouTube is a website that competes with Vimeo. And even though both sites seem to be the same size, Vimeo is far smaller but offers more advanced visual capabilities that artists may employ to make visually stunning and artistically pleasing films.

Through these new tools and capabilities, Vimeo has evolved into a platform where creatives can post behind-the-scenes films, compelling documentaries, and music that draws millions of viewers around the globe.


9. Google Play

iTunes is a website that competes with Google Play. Even though both sites look comparable, Google gets less traffic, even though it is owned by Google, one of the world’s largest and most reputable corporations.

Google Play

10. NoiseTrade

NoiseTrade is one of the most popular and best website for hosting for musicians. It also makes it a smooth and painless chore for creatives to interact with followers and establish a strong email list with its easy-to-use interface.



So, this is the list of best music hosting sites globally. However, most artists prefer YouTube to listen to music. But, nowadays, Spotify, Soundcloud, and other streaming services are also trending because these platforms give a better music experience than others.

However, all platforms are free to use with ads. But all services choose to buy their premium services to remove all the ads and more features. We hope now you are clear about how to start teaching music lessons. We hope your doubts regarding online music lessons are clear. Write in the comment which music hosting site is your favorite? You can also pick the best setup for an online music lesson for yourself.

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