How To Get Your Lyrics On Spotify

Adding song lyrics on the Spotify playlist is an excellent way to expand overall user involvement on the platform and should be considered as part of your Spotify plan. You can also listen to the best indie songs on Spotify.


This blog will explain what Spotify lyrics are, how they are displayed on the platform, and how to upload your song to your music. Let’s see how to add lyrics on Spotify in this blog.

What are Spotify Lyrics?

Spotify Lyrics is a brand-new feature that allows the lyrics of a track to be displayed within the app and the ‘Behind the Lyrics’ feature.

‘Behind the Spotify Lyrics plugin’ is composed of comments made on songs by a musician or their record label, explaining the meaning behind the lyrics of a particular song or an interesting story on the song’s creation.

This ‘Behind the Lyrics’ feature is only available in English and select locations.

There are also a few instances where song lyrics can be played along with music on Spotify, giving an almost karaoke-style feel. It’s currently only available to select other locations; more on that later. Spotify also launched a live audio app greenroom, where musicians can interact with their favorite music artists and creators.

How to See Lyrics on Spotify

Songs aren’t available for all tracks, so you might not always have the option to see them.

For songs where they’re available, you can view them by clicking the ‘Now Playing’ bar at the end of the screen, which will bring up a tab with lyrics or lyrics.

It’s also essential to note that licensing lyrics is a tricky business (ask Google) and is done by country using a variety of providers.

That way, if you’re listening to a song in English in an English-speaking country, you’ll see the lyrics provided by Genius, and you should also see the ‘behind the song’ feature. And this is how you can see lyrics on Spotify.

Spotify recently started testing real-time lyrics in these countries using song provider Musixmatch. Spotify has also been providing the song in Japan since 2016 through a different provider.

For Spotify ads lyrics, you can go forward or go back to your favorite part of the song, and the songs will be where they stopped. You can also do this on your PC. You click on the microphone icon playing now, and the lyrics pop up just like that.

How to get Lyrics on Spotify

Your lyrics are the heart and soul of your music. They’re critical to forging a personal connection with your listeners via your theme, and because of this, ensuring that your lyrics are readily available to fans is vital, particularly on platforms where people listen the most, like Spotify.

The first thing to note is that your songs are unlikely to appear on Spotify unless you are a famous artist, or your tracks gain significant traction if you follow these steps. However, it is still worth taking the following steps to be ready to go at that point. You can also get more Spotify steams and some excellent tips that help you get more listeners’ exposure.

Here we will list down the process of how to get your lyrics on Spotify.

Get your Lyrics on Spotify with Ease

Get Verified

Getting your Spotify artist page validated is a recommended practice that will help you create the most professional-looking page possible—obtaining verification on whatever lyric music library you pick will also aid in delivering your lyrics in a more timely manner. To get verified on Musixmatch, you’ll need to complete a simple form on their website, which you can find here.

Genius goes through a process that is comparable to this. As soon as you’ve created your account, you’ll be required to complete a form, after which you’ll get your verification after it has been evaluated.

Upload your Songs to Spotify

Your recordings must be available first for your songs to appear on Spotify. It may seem apparent, but you won’t be able to upload your lyrics to Spotify until your recordings have been uploaded. To get your tunes included on Spotify, you must collaborate with a digital distributor, this is how you put music on Spotify. And you can also promote your music on Spotify

Digital distributors distribute your tunes to all primary streaming services, acting as a link between you and Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, and other platforms.

Enter your Music into a Cataloguing Service

Great! Your tunes are now available on Spotify, and you should be earning some money from the plays you’re getting. It’s time to strengthen your relationship with your followers even further by posting your lyrics on a social media site. A music cataloging service such as Genius or Musixmatch is required to do this task successfully.

When your lyrics are published, a link will appear on your Spotify lyrics page to take you to the Genius website, where your lyrics, annotations, and song details will be available. Even though Genius is a fantastic alternative, its primary drawback is that it does not have the capability of timing lyrics with your track and does not interface directly with your music distributor.

Download the App and Connect it to Spotify

Download the MusixMatch mobile app from the Play Store or App Store. Once you’re logged in, find the track you want to sync (the one you just transcribed) and check that your songs are playing correctly.

Add your Lyrics on MusixMatch

Log in to your verified artist account (you can do this on desktop or through the MusicMatch app) and transcribe songs for the track you’ve selected.

Make sure you type the correct words in your song and don’t copy and paste them from other places. If the formatting is incorrect, your comments won’t sync properly!

Sync your Songs

It’s a bit fun! Click on Play on your selected track and click on ‘Sync Lyrics.’ As you listen to each line of your song, scroll down so that a chord in time accompanies the music.

You can adjust the timing by clicking the plus or minus signs to the left of the phrase and this is the way how to get playlisted on Spotify.

Become a Poet while Making Lyrics for your Song

Your lyrics are significant to your audience. Their interest is piqued as to what you’re singing about for them to feel connected to you. By making your lyrics available on Spotify, you increase the number of people who can hear them. So, once your music is available online, register with a catalog and begin posting your lyrics!


By now, you have a better understanding of what’s involved in getting your songs on Spotify. As you can see, the service is still in its early stages. Things are constantly changing as the streaming service tests out different forms.

We’ll be revisiting this post to make sure you have up-to-date information, so why not sign up to receive our latest resources and we’ll keep you updated as new posts go live.

Now that you know how to add your songs to Spotify, you can also look at the best Spotify playlists.

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