What is the Best Setup for Online Music Lessons and Tips for Teaching Online?

Online music lessons are the best way to teach, learn and collaborate across time zones and geographies. In addition, using the right equipment and video conferencing software allows teachers to continue meaningful instruction during situations such as a global pandemic or a student traveling long distances. But what is the best setup for online music lessons? Creating a perfect virtual space involves:

  • Investing in audio and visual hardware.
  • Checking for good lighting.
  • Choosing good video conferencing software.

With these tips, virtual lessons will be music to your ears!

Audio Gear

Tone, tuning, elements, and verbalization are fundamental parts for educators to see during an online music lesson and getting the right sound stuff can have a significant effect. While most educators don’t need an excessively complicated arrangement to be fruitful, putting resources into a quality receiver or pair of earphones helps the example run as expected and considers instructors to see more modest subtleties.

Audio Gear 1


The best type of microphone varies for each device, but for laptops and desktops, a USB mic is usually an easy, reliable, and relatively inexpensive option. The USB microphones plug directly into the computer, so setup is a breeze, and the device itself doesn’t take up a lot of space. If placing a mic is a challenge, consider getting a mic stand that allows the mic to be mounted and placed optimally. A quality USB mic can cost around $60, making USB mics a good investment for their value. Built-in mics for desktops and laptops may be enough for casual video chats, but a USB mic will help control volume and improve sound quality throughout the text.



When buying headphones, consider noise-canceling headphones. Headphone sets eliminate background noise and ensure that the external microphone on the built-in computer speakers does not impair sound quality. Ideally, both the teacher and the student should use headphones so that both sides can avoid excessive noise and feedback. A complicated headphone set isn’t required—something as simple as Apple earbuds can improve the sound quality of a lesson—but investing in the best headset for online learning can provide comfort and ease during instruction.

Headphones 1

Visual Gear

While music lessons rely primarily on audio, instructors, and students should demonstrate posture, correct hand placement, and overall physical technique. Quality visual hardware allows music teachers to identify better and correct their students’ tendencies and provides clarity in a virtual setting.

Visual Gear


For most small devices, the webcam built into a desktop or laptop is enough to display the full text of the device. For larger instruments, or for instructors who want to include detailed shots of their hands (such as during piano or guitar lessons), adding a webcam or video streaming device at a different angle can increase clarity during studies; what can we do? Most trainers will probably need to invest in a clamped cell phone holder or webcam stand/tripod to hold the phone or webcam at a different angle.



Proper lighting reduces miscommunication during online music lessons by illuminating the facial expressions of both the student and the instructor. Adequate lighting can change the tone by promoting professionalism, focus, and understanding. To get good lighting, make sure neither the student nor the teacher is harshly backlit – this will cast shadows on the face and body. All things being equal, the light source ought to be apparent from behind the virtual camera or webcam; For instance, this is effortlessly accomplished by confronting a window with normal light or putting a light close to your video conferencing gadget.


Video Conferencing Software

Choosing the best videoconferencing software is essential to a successful online music lesson—the software creates a virtual classroom, and the instruction may not occur without it. The most well-known choices are Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime, which are virtual music classes, and each enjoys its benefits and losses.

Video Conferencing Software 1

What is the Best Setup for Online Music Lessons?

Teaching music online can be tricky sometimes, and it will require money also. Setting up the technology for a successful music lesson online will vary from teacher to teacher, so the essential thing to consider is how to best meet the needs of each student. Every small investment improves the best online music lesson experience for everyone involved.

Now we will know about the best online tips for music teachers and a list of interactive apps.

Best Tips for Online Music Teachers with a List of Most Interactive Apps

It is now more apparent than ever before those digital technologies must be used to preserve the connection between professors and students, especially in the setting of an unexpected and unplanned closure of this kind of institution for an undetermined period. Moreover, sadly, not all conservatories and music schools are created equal.

Going forward in this article, we will tell you a few tips that you need to follow as an online music teacher. We will also notify you of the best applications that you could use for interacting with your students.

Tips For Teaching Music Online Lessons

Tip#1: Setup Your Live Online Lessons

Before embarking on this journey, you’ll need to select a platform to work from. Choosing the first choice means shifting your usual teaching activities to the internet. Consider music live online classes to be the same as regular in-person sessions. You’ll also need to recruit pupils who will listen in and follow your lead, which will take time.

If you already have experience teaching music, you may be able to work in a school setting or provide individual lessons in your home or the homes of your students. Deciding on a platform for your online live teaching is similar to deciding on a physical location for your in-person classes.

You need a proper setup for live online sessions. Some of the most basic setups for the session require:

  • Desktop
  • Functional microphones
  • Wide-angle display
  • Teaching board (if you want to give notes)

Tip#2: Sell Pre-recorded Sessions

If you choose the second option, you might convert your teaching into a source of passive income for yourself. The concept is to create classes that can be sold on your website or via e-learning platforms.

There are so many platforms where you could sell your pre-recorded sessions for some, earning some extra money. A few of the best options are Udemy, edX, Skillshare, etc.

We will look at the best apps that you could utilize for interacting with your students and making the best out of your session.

Best Apps for Online Music Lessons

  • PieScore – This application allows you to import digital music for simple organizing, get free public domain music scores for use in your classroom, annotate music, and distribute it to your student. It is possible to import and buy digital sheet music with this software.
  • Tonnara – Tonara is an intuitive and entertaining technique to link the student and the instructor. While the instructor assigns lesson assignments, the students may access those assignments and any notes that the teacher has provided them from their device when they are in class.
  • Google Drive – It’s simple to exchange files with children or their parents using the Google Drive platform. You and your student will be able to see each other’s notes in real-time if you use a shared document. Using Google documents, you can also generate lesson assignments for students, saving you the time and effort of sending them their tasks through email every week.
  • Flashnote Derby – This app is another exciting tool for testing note reading abilities. As students are questioned in their messages, they are waiting to see whether their horse wins the race; it’s fascinating for the student and functions as a terrific incentive to encourage pupils to study their notes.


We hope now you are clear about how to start teaching music lessons and your doubts regarding online music lessons are clear. Tell us how you liked this blog in the comments section below. You can also pick the best ukulele for yourself.

If you find this blog helpful, you can read more about becoming a DJ and the best singing equipment.

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