Best Platform to Upload your Music Online for Free


Hey mates! We are back again with yet another interesting article on the best platforms for free music upload for artists.

After completing a music project, the primary task is uploading the finished track online, and that is also for free. It is imperative to upload the music on different portals to reach a broad audience and enhance visibility.

There are different online portals to upload your music for free and without any restrictions — Soundcloud, YouTube, MixCloud, Beatport, Spotify, iTunes, etc.

So, let’s discuss them below:

How can Artists Upload their Music Online for Free?

1. Start your music promotion with a website

It’s essential to have one platform to control your music, content, and brand image, i.e., your website. Also, when a promoter or fan is searching for your stuff online, first they should enter your brand website. Don’t be afraid to blow your own trumpet! This is your chance to hook them with a great first impression and win them over with a fantastic user experience.

Keep note that the promotion of your music online will need your official website. This will be a single destination to showcase your tracks, pictures, tour dates, and several other things. Further, it will get you a unique identity and make your brand more visible online. These are some of the best ways to monetize your brand and make money as an artist.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a website yet. You can easily create a website with Jimdo or Wix. Find the link below and connect your brand’s social media page.

Create a website using Jimdo

Create a website using Wix

Now, you may ask, the pros of having an artist website. Find your answer below.

What are the advantages of having a music website?

  • One of the easiest ways to integrate your music, i.e., add all your songs from iTunes or Spotify directly on your homepage
  • Easily upload videos of your performances to your site.
  • Contact form with the map lets visitors know where they can find you and contact you.
  • Link your social media network profiles
  • Use a layout designed for music websites.

2. Get discovered on Spotify

Uploading your music to Spotify has a ton of advantages. The main one is a vast reach. This is mainly because listeners worldwide use the Spotify music platform on its mobile and desktop apps.

Unknown artists have the chance to shine through the “Discover” tool and “Release Radar” that connects similar kinds of music. Almost all artists are on the Spotify song library, thus associating their names with the biggest stars and musicians.

Spotify is considered one of the most used platforms worldwide, so gaining a high number of streams and followers is an opportunity and a challenging task; we also have ten tips for you on how to get more streams and followers on Spotify.

3. Post your tracks on Reddit Music

Many music channels tend to be saturated with artists, but Reddit still has a lot of untapped potential for grassroots marketing to promote your music. So, this is the perfect opportunity to get up and personal with your potential fans and build up your fan base.

Reddit is an interactive and free music upload platform, and there’s no distance between you and your fan base. You can introduce yourself as a brand share your website with your audience to hear and interact with you.

Reddit users don’t hold back, so be prepared to get some constructive (and unconstructive) feedback about your tunes.

4. Try using music-related hashtags on Twitter and Instagram

Hashtags are a huge trend today on Twitter and Instagram, but you’ve got to make sure you use the right ones for effective results. You should always add hashtags like #music in the captions/descriptions, your music genre, e.g., #dubstep, #trap, and your own band/artist’s name hashtag to get started on Instagram. Additionally, you can also search for music emojis, and accordingly, try a mixture of both. Trending hashtags to look out for are #instagram, #bestmusic, #edmmusic, several others.

You can look at @TwitterMusic and use trending hashtags like #newmusic, #nowplaying, and #musicvideo. By the way, hashtags depend on your music genre as well. You could also try using, e.g., #insta before the genre, e.g., #instadubstep.

5. Upload your videos on YouTube

Did you know that Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen were discovered on YouTube?

How can you miss YouTube? It is the second-largest search engine globally, which corresponds to the highest available target audience too? Though it is in 5th place, it doesn’t decrease its importance in the list by any means; the reason for this is it is one of the most challenging as well. To remain on our main topic, we have a separate blog on YouTube optimization, especially for musicians. It is the best video uploading platform and the best place to upload music for artists.

This platform offers the perfect opportunity to organize playlists tracks in an album, showcase your music videos, and show backstage antics (BTS videos) on your YouTube channel. The option “Browse channels” offers the potential opportunity for you to be found in the “Creators on the Rise” or “Popular on YouTube” section.

6. Spike on Last. FM

Last.FM has some excellent features for aspiring artists. The “Scrobbling” feature measures what users listen to the most and then streams songs based on the results. Fans can subscribe to your music, and they will receive an instant notification on your uploads or updates. Users often find the latest music by following people with similar tastes. Therefore, they get notified about their new favorite song.

7. Create a buzz on video-sharing apps

Tik Tok or Musical.ly used to be a global video community and a favorite of Gary Vaynerchuk. Although Tik Tok is no more functional in India, there are many substitutes for this video-sharing apps. Josh, Moj, Mitron, and MX TakaTak are a few. If your music appeals to a younger audience (or teens) and is video-focused, this is a higher chance to target your niche fanbase directly. Even Instagram has joined the wagon now and started its video-sharing feature like these apps called Insta Reels.

8. Share your music on SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the best music-sharing platform. The idea behind SoundCloud is to share music or mingle with a community. Dissimilar to Spotify, SoundCloud is not a music app with full albums on-demand but a sharing platform. On SoundCloud, you can upload your music, let listeners comment on your tracks, and (if you activate the function) download them. It is the best music promotion platform for budding artists to reach a large online audience.

Where can you upload your songs for free?

The following websites upload music for free and download without a paid subscription.


Musicians like SoundCloud and its community offer over 150 million tracks without ads. It often comes in number one for free upload and downloads sites, and as a result, potential fans can find you here while discovering inspiring new sounds. It also provides a means to connect with your fans. It is for all audio makers, so you can also add it to your profile if you decide to start a podcast. The downside is that you cannot download routes to a mobile device unless you have a subscription.


Jamendo is the best place to post music and free music upload for the artists. Jamendo is a subsidiary of Belgium Audio Valley, which creates a platform for independent artists. It also offers copyright-free music for commercial use, an excellent attempt to promote music synchronization potentially.


You are undoubtedly familiar with this platform which has hosted millions of music videos. The content can be downloaded for free, but you will need to use a tool like this to do so. This platform will not work for you unless you have some visuals to upload. It can be as simple as a still image or song lyrics, but audio-only is not an option.

Google Play

Android users will be very known with this platform offering music to users. Like other platforms, there are subscription options as well. But you can make an artist page for free, then add your tracks to it. Be sure to add the way before making your page; otherwise, you will be charged a small fee.


Soundclick is the best free music upload site to upload your favorite music. Soundclick is especially famous for musicians selling beats. But you do not need to set a price — or like Bandcamp, you can let users pay what they want. There is also a tip function, which means you can still get some cash even if your voice is turned off.

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is a curated platform. This means you must request to join by submitting a track. If you are accepted as an artist, you will upload and download your music for free. Although fans are not required to become members – anyone can use the site to download.


Dedicated to brand new music promotion sites, Audiomack is another excellent free music upload site that allows artists to upload unlimited playlists, making them available for fans to download for free. It is the best site to upload music for new artists.


Give away your songs on NoiseTrade for free (the site also has audiobooks). Fans will require to register with a postcode and email address to access your track, so you know who’s listening to you – and you’ll be able to subscribe to them on your mailing list via opt-in. If you have fans’ personal information, don’t forget to comply with GDPR data rules. Button. It would be an option.


Suppose you are here with us till now. We also have a bonus tip for you: pitch your music to the established music bloggers and outlets, as this will give you a massive boost if done. However, it may sound challenging as you may think whether they even bother to look at my offer or not. Don’t worry. We have an easy guide for you on pitching music to bloggers. So, these are the best music-sharing platforms and websites to upload music for free. We hope you like this blog.

Best wishes for your success. We hope this article helps you on your road to success. And, for more such musically brewed content, stay tuned on to GrooveNexus.

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