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Festival NameSentience
College NameNIT, Delhi
WhereA-7, Institutional Area Near Satyawadi Raja Harish Chandra Hospital, New Delhi, Delhi 110040
FootfallAround 8k
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Sentience is the Techno-Cultural fest of NIT Delhi. Sentience fest is stepping into its glorifying first year as a synthesis of all that NIT Delhi has to offer. Now, breaking all barriers between the two worlds of artistry and technology, Sentience fest was born. As NIT fest Delhi, steps into its first year, be ready to groove and innovate.  

Sentience NIT


Conveying the sole motivation of art, culture, and literature, all at the same time, and their increasing importance in the developing scenario of the nation, Saptrang tended to strengthen the role of vocations. There’s a creative and colorful corner in everyone, and Saptrang was based precisely on this essence.  

Saptrang NIT

Being formed by cultural, literary, and artistic interests, the enthralling extravaganza was one of a kind. From debate to dramatics, from comedy to colors, from dance to music, it had all that one could expect from an intriguing and exciting fiesta. Renowned personalities like Sabr Band, Rishabh Tiwari, and many more have inspired, captivated, and mesmerized the massive audience of Saptrang in the past. Its undying vigour and fervour made it an excellent platform for highlighting and projecting young talent.  

Saptrang was set apart because of its avant-garde tactic towards conventional performing arts. With an enormous array of exciting and challenging events in a myriad of fields, such as Music, Art, Dance, Fashion, Literature, and Theatre, Saptrang seeks to be an event offering unparalleled variety to participants. Every event is carefully carved to challenge the participants and enmesh the audience. 


Being a technical institute and having deep interests in robotics or coding isn’t a wow factor. Terra Technica was introduced to give such tech-savvies and robo-maniacs a platform to showcase their talents.  

The annual Techno Cultural fest NIT, Delhi has everything from death race to robo soccer, programming league to reverse coding, etc. It had all that a developing technocrat could aspire for.  

Several editions of Terra Technica witnessed renowned guest lecturers enlightening the students, like General G. D. Bakshi, Mr. Chewang Norphel (Ice Man of India), Mr. Gigi Joseph several others. This provided a deep insight into various scientific areas. 


The underlying mission of NIT fest Delhi behind combining Terra Technica and Saptrang is to encourage the advancement of individuals who seek world-class technical and professional competence in their corresponding fields and jutting co-curricular excellence in the field of arts and literature.  

Conveying the sole impetus of art, culture, literature, and science. Going hand-in-hand with their collective importance in the nation’s evolving scenario, the Clubs of NIT Delhi are together putting up their annual fest, Sentience 2019, which has successfully brought talents from all around the country to relive the fun and frolic days of the Great Indian Carnival.  

Here is a list of all the cultural events to look out for at Sentience 19. 



If Dance is your passion. If grooving to beats is your birthright. If being on the stage, in front of a massive crowd is what you’ve always dreamt of, THEN BREAKFREE! 


Because BREAKFREE is a platform for the best dancing troops across the country to flaunt their hypnotic moves. Sentience fest invites all dance forms including Hip-Hop, Punjabi, Jazz, Kathakali, Contemporary, so on and so forth. Be a part of the eclectic vibes and the contagious energy of this fiesta. Get your bodies brewing expression of your soul through dance. 


To dance is to reach for a world that doesn’t exist. To sing the heart song of a thousand generations, to feel the meaning of a moment in time. – Beth Jones 

Spotlight NIT

If the blowing wind tempts your body to move, if the drizzling rain makes you dance your heart out, then SPOTLIGHT is the right place for you to unveil your dancing skills. Show your passion at the biggest solo dance extravaganza in Sentience fest Delhi. The stage awaits you. Let the spotlight be on you, and only you. 



Quipster NIT

 As humor is mankind’s greatest blessing; stand up, make people laugh, and be the celebrity. If you think you can you have timing for tongue-in-cheek humor, then this is the place for you to enjoy and participate. 

P.s. It is easier said than done. Visit here for more details.


Acting is half shame-half glory. Shame when exhibiting yourself and glory is when you forget yourself. However, mono acting requires more than that. It’s harder because the art to perform the whole play and to manage the stage single-handedly is a task. 


Therefore, if you have that confidence and passion, if you can live and breathe every character you play and bring out multiple emotions at the twitch of the brow, then the stage is all set for you. Display the charisma of your acting to sweep the audience off their feet, to blow their mind, to bring alive the dead emotions, and to spread your jalwa at ABHINAYA. 


Every era has a storytelling pattern. Moreover, in this super busy world, street play is the voice of the rebellion. It could be for anything or for everything. 

Goonjbg NIT

Display your ability to mesmerize the audience, where your performance commands them to stay. Let your voice for change force them not only to think but act. After all, actions do speak louder than the words. So, let your performance be the spark for the change. 



Fashion is art, and you’re the canvas. The charm of fashion is infinite; if you visualize clothing as a product of a creative manifestation of your persona and use it fascinatingly to stand out from the crowd, Sentience proudly presents to you Runway Fashion Show. 

Runway NIT

NIT fest Delhi is the mecca of not only intellectualism but also fashion consciousness. So, let this be the apex of your fashionista self. Time is running short, but your creativity isn’t. Hurry up and show cast your inner Aphrodite. 



Acappella NIT

All it takes to hypnotize a crowd, to make them stand still and hum along with, is a group of exceptionally skilled musicians without any fancy production in the background. Acapella is precisely that for you and your team to showcase your vocal expertise. No instruments, no background music, all you get are microphones and 8 minutes in the spotlight to give goosebumps to the crowd with a vocal performance as they have never heard before. 


“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. It is the greatest communication in the world.” 


Battle of Bands gives an opportunity to the enchanting melodies to cast a spell over the brook and rock pyramids. Among the top bands around only few will persist in the hearts of admirers, forever. So, tune up your guitars and drums, and get ready to battle it out. 


Aaroh NIT

If you have a passion for singing your heart out, we have the means to set a stage for you. Gather all the courage you have and grab the mic this season. Aaroh, the reputed solo/duet singing competition is back to host everyone who dares to take a step in unleashing their inner nightingales. Whether you are a Western Pop music enthusiast or an Indian classical music improviser, we have a stage for you. 



Ever felt confident that your oratory skills are so rhetorical that you can convince the listeners that your side of the argument is desirable? Could you fight the battle of words and come up victorious like the knight in the shining armor? 


If so, then NIT Delhi proudly presents Wordwar, which is a suitable platform for you. As the war cry goes up, so will the expectations of an accurate choice of words, polished viewpoints and a firm hold of grammar will rise. You will have a chance to conquer the ghosts of Shakespeare, once and for all. Hurry up and pursue the dispute. 


“I did not have a big fist to punch them, so I took a pen and wrote my punches instead.” 


You don’t want to lose the opportunity to present your poem on the stage, do you? Then, ODESSEY welcomes you! 

Here’s a chance for you to come up with ironies, puns or personifications and paint the finest picture in the form of words. Hurry up and slam the poetry! 




To be able to express oneself in the form of art, be it graphite or charcoal, is an impeccable talent. To celebrate the Sentience NIT fest, we present Kalachitra -the sketching event. Display your sketching talent by offering us an interpretation of your understanding of the topic. 


Graffiti means making marks on surfaces using just about anything, be it markers, spray, paint, chalk, lipstick, varnish, ink. Alternatively, it can be the result of scratches and incisions. The aim is to maintain the energy created by disturbance or excitement in the street. 


Spray Painting is a magical artwork by your beautiful hands. However, would the same magical aura be created if a right-handed person is asked to paint with their left hand and vice versa? Will your less dominating hand be able to make you dominate the entire event and let you win? 

Let us see! Come in and set a new benchmark in the art of a spray painting.



With PUBG hitting the top charts of mobile Gaming, Sentience fest NIT-D presents RUBG (ROBOT UNKNOWN’S BATTLE GROUNDS) with the same game ethics as the former. Experience real-life PUBG which is a weapon-based survival game for robots. Hidden weapons, dangerous terrains, and unpredictable destruction; escape the zone to earn the glory of the last bot standing. This is the ultimate battle, of choices, of strategy and against time. The only rule in this game is to SURVIVE! 


Awaited by every robotics enthusiast, Fight Club 2.0 (Robowar) is the ultimate one-on-one battle between bots with the survival of the mightiest. A simple game of unmatched killing spree. Show the world your strengths, surprise them with your innovation, and let your era begin! 


An event where crossing unknown hurdles lead to victory. One must virtually drive though the merciless tracks, clearing checkpoints, and to step closer to victory. 


Remember the final chapter of the Marvel Avengers? NIT-D has got something in there too! The robots must roam over a 5×5 grid and collect coins to victory. 


A trap event for the bots; where three bots, at a time, must find and put as many cans/balls in their allotted baskets. The theme is of friends being trapped in an alternate reality with robots as the rescuers. It is a one-on-one tactical robotics competition as not only is your technical knowledge put to test but also your gameplay and presence of mind. 


 Based on Puck Collect with different pucks having different brand value. Get you robotic Captain Jack Sparrow and beat your archenemy Blackbeard. Get hold of your treasure and defend it before it vanishes into dust again. 


Triwizadry Tournament is a, Harry Potter based, combination of three events conducted to make sure that the best of the bots become the ultimate winner. The three stages of the game are:  

  • Expecto Petronum 
  • Quidditch 
  • Chamber of Secrets 

 Experience the magic of ‘The Hogwarts’ and the nostalgia of ‘Harry Potter.’



Are you that smart investor who can buy and sell right? 
Do you believe that the Stock Market is where you belong? 
Always cherished striking a gold at Dalal Street or Nasdaq? 
Think you can grab an opportunity and make most of out of the dynamic stock market? 

Then brace yourself, as Sentience presents VIRTUAL STOCK MARKET in association with MoneyPot. It is an exciting opportunity to show your investment skills and win prizes by playing this game.



“Truth can only be found in one place: the code.” Robert C. Martin pulverized no words while he made that declaration. 

For all those who think of themselves as the code problem solvers, Sentience’19 has a platform for you to prove your grit. 


Outwit, outplay, and outlast the might of codes; get ready to unleash your coding skills. 


The ultimate coding challenge where you must code short to draw more marks. The lesser you code, the better you score! 


Claim to know everything about programming? This event looks for the real star who stand up to the aptitude of creativity and logic. Therefore, be ready to storm out not just by switching systems but switching your brains into the all-new arena. 


root@CTF provides a platform for participants to get the taste of cyber security analysis in jeopardy style ranging from forensics to cryptography, to reverse engineering to exploit development and more. Apply various concepts and techniques from different domains of interests to reach a solution and get the flag. 


An extremely talented and skilled DJ as well as a unique music producer, Stereo Heart Police (SHP) has not only performed at the renowned nightclubs of New Delhi, but also has been a regular performer at the various college fests. His list of achievements also includes his background scores for web series with a reach of over 1 million. He started as a guitarist and drummer with a band. A firm believer of ‘knowledge propagated is knowledge gained,’ he also teaches music. ‘Karbon’ is the new set that he has handmade all by himself using his creative bends and multi-faceted talents drawing an inspiration from DJ Afisal – a renowned face of the global musical arena. 

Follow his incredible music on his channels. 

youtube facebook instagram soundcloud


An EDM duo from Delhi, The Maximus, of which one is an engineer and the other a hotelier. They are producing some heart-touching and dance-floor-smashing music since March 2017. 

New to the scene, they have been signed by various labels like Sick Bedroom Records, Alveda Pulse, Encourage Records, MF- Records, Restate Records. Their music has also been appreciated by TWIIG, TUNGEVAAG & RAABAN, MARNIK, STEVEN VEGAS, LUCA TESTA and several others. Most recent of their achievements include inclusion in Top 50 Big Room House SBR Spotify playlist, MIAMI Sampler 2019 (MF Records), ADE Sampler 2019 (Alveda Music). Recently, their track BADBOY was also included in the mix set of one of the most renowned Dance Music Channel Electro House Mixes. 

Follow their incredible music on their channels. 

youtube Facebook Instagram Spotify soundcloud

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