How To Promote Music in 2023 (Updated Guide)


Considering the number of online marketing platforms available and the lack of hours in the day, how do you decide which ones are worth your efforts and promote your music. 

Using all the channels available to you simultaneously will result in burnout if you want to promote your music that way. Furthermore, no matter how hard you work, you won’t achieve much, and you’ll end up frustrated because your hard work has been useless for promotion of your music.  

Consider using the platforms where your fans are most likely to spend their time rather than trying to reach everyone everywhere. This can include social media channels as well. (Or any media of your choice.   

You can promote your music online in all of these ways.  

Wondering how to promote music? Here are some tips that will come handy-  

1. Streaming Services 

You should ensure your releases are available on all streaming services since most of your fan base listens to your music through services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora and promote your music.  

Even having one of your songs included on a playlist can do wonders for your music career. Music has the potential to reach the right audience at the right time thanks to an extensive library of playlists that cover every mood, activity, and subgenre imaginable.  

Streaming Services

2. YouTube 

Video sharing website YouTube is second only to Google in terms of traffic after YouTube and is vital for finding new music. Share your videos across multiple platforms and include these features to promote your music:  

  • Relevant tags. 
  • An engaging description with keywords. 
  • A compelling title in every upload you make. 

Create playlists that combine videos with similar content to increase watch time and pave the best way to market music with Youtube.  


YouTube 2

3. Blog  

I’m interested in your story about how you got into music. You can build a deeper relationship with your fans by creating a blog, especially if you love writing. You might create blog post about: 

You can also create a playlist blog of your songs. For example:  English retro songs playlist and add your own favourite songs of others’ and make your readers read it. 

Writing a knowledgeable blog that adds value to readers is another way of how to market your music and reach out to set TGs.  



4. Electronic Press Kit 

Electronic press kit: As a band’s résumé, a digital press kit serves as its resume. Update your biography, music, photos, videos, tour dates, press coverage, links, and contact information. It’s essential to always have your EPK (Electronic Press Kit) on hand when you release new music, book shows, or contact people in the music industry. It also helps in press release of an artist and for exposure there are many benefits of press release for a musician

Electronic Press Kit

5. Social Media Presence

Having present on social media is one of the best ways to promote music and gain recognition among a large group of fans. Here are some common platforms you can get yourself on-  

Social Media Presence
  • Facebook  

It has become increasingly challenging to reach fans organically through Facebook, a popular tool for music promotion in recent years.  

If there is an audience you’d like to reach on Facebook, you will need to become familiar with Facebook Ads Manager if you have a budget to work with. Advertisements can be managed, measured, and created more easily with Facebook Ad Manager, but it isn’t without challenges. If you’re willing to test and optimize them, Facebook ads are the best way to promote your music online. Going live on Facebook and rhyming some portions of your song is one of the best ways to promote your song and get people aware of it.  

  • Twitter  

Follow Twitter to stay up to date. This channel has many features, including Q&A sessions, setlists, posts about relevant trends, and much more. Interacting with others is more accessible by searching for people who have similar tastes in music (or artists). An official announcement of your song can be done on Twitter which is helpful to promote the song.  

  • Instagram  

Over one billion Instagram users are active each month, which is an impressive amount. There are many ways to create your visual brand in addition to Stories, IGTV, Instagram Live, and recently released Reels (Instagram’s TikTok-inspired videos).  

Like you would enable a Facebook post, you can put money into Facebook Ads Manager and promote Instagram posts. Instagram is a proving helpful tool for marketing musicians and promoting music online.  

  • Snapchat  

If you have a younger audience, Instagram is a great way to connect with them. Unlike other social media apps, some unique marketing opportunities feel more casual and personal on the app as they feel more personal. 

6. Website 

The decision to make the issue a priority (and we’re not just self-promotion) is a wise one. You can always reach your fans by directing them to your official website, regardless of the social networks you use. 



7. Email List  

In contrast to social media, your newsletters are delivered directly to every subscriber’s inbox through algorithms. You can stay in touch with your band members by sending a regular monthly newsletter and make them aware of your new EP release, projects you are indulged in, upcoming song or album release, any offer of your tutorials etc.  

Get a complete content guide on content marketing for musicians in our latest blog.  

Do you think we have missed any crucial tip on marketing for music artists? Share your comments in the comment box below.  

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