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A guide to game-changing guitar solo tricks and tips

Let’s admit it, since the guitar has been a cool instrument in the music history, after electric. Once electric guitars came into picture around in 1937 and music lovers discovered the magic of guitar solos. It was the coolest factor that jumped through the roof. 


Everybody dreams of learning how to write a guitar solo when they first pick up the guitar. The best way to learn how to write our own musical lines is just start learning other’s musical lines first. Here we’ve curated a list of our top 10 guitar solo tabs for you that will help you learn how to shred with.   

Before we begin, let’s start with a little bit of housekeeping to get you ready for this onslaught for the guitar riffages and how to get a basic idea of it.    

There are very few people who are treated as incredible guitarists as per their skills by following their guitar solo tips. Sound and sight are anything we have ever experienced in a particular artist and admired him for his/her guitar soloing tips. There is always some inspiration that triggers us and is the reason to play the guitar. How did their playing capture the attention of the audience? Who or what inspired us to learn and experiment with ourselves? Each individual’s situation is likely to be different. You can, however, follow a few tips to improve your skills.  

Metronomes are hated by guitarists, which is my favorite thing about them. Guitarists rarely own metronomes, which I don’t understand. If you play in a band, It is essential to keep in line with them while they follow the guitar solo tip for their music.  

These can also be considered mini solos or licks. We can call the solo guitar tips from a songwriting perspective that hooks. get a memorable little snippet that repeats through the song. Which can be used as a snippet to just wake up the listeners during the second verse.  

 If you are still not convinced why you should practice with a metronome, check out the post on Important Reasons To Use A Metronome As A Guitar Player.  

We really have to hear the song before we call to play it on the strings. We like the word “play.” That’s what we are doing. Playing around with various ‘playing ideas’ that are fun. Nobody expects instant magic, but magic takes time. Sometimes it happens quickly and sometimes it’s like pulling teeth. You just never know. So, here’s how we do it and here’s where the ideas come from.  

Guitar Solo tips that you should follow   

1. Sing the solo first 

We guitarists use our hands to fall into patterns. Now, sometimes that’s a good thing. But for originality, you have to sing it along. All it takes is your finger patterns, memories and some muscle forces to uncharted territory and get into the new licks. 

sing the solo first

2. See the rhythm pattern  

Begin with something slow and keep going with the pace. Think about the whole notes, then move on to 8th notes while learning guitar solo tips. When you start changing the feel, you get the feel of working with triplets. End it on the 16th notes or even faster. Create a build. Tension. Or  

Just stick to the main pattern and keep coming back to it. It is one of the other ways guitar solo lesson and guitar solo techniques for beginners to follow. 

3. Use limitations 

Pick up the string and use one string for the whole solo. It will tend you to phrase and think differently. You can limit the notes by NOT ever playing a root note. Limitations are freeing! This is one of the way  of  how to get better at improvising the guitar.   

4. Use chords instead 

Who says a solo needs to be made of notes? Play a solo using a chord pattern played rhythmically, even insanely and dig all the craziness. Or if it’s a slow tune, enjoy the beauty of chord on chord playing. Or use these as arpeggios. We often recommend chords on chords when soloing. 

See the rhythm pattern

Pro Tip:  

Why not try something you’ve never done before? Do the most ridiculous solo. Play faster and sloppier than ever. Make a statement of all your music creation and learn how to pitch as a musician.  It will then work in the right situation.  

5. Emulate the phrasing of another instrument 

What would a saxophone sound like? How would a sax player will play a solo tune? A violin, piano or play drums will all come along with guitar solo practice. 

6. Use silence  

Maybe one shouldn’t even be playing a solo. It should be so minimal that you can barely call it playing. But, if that’s what the need of song, should be done through numerous times. Not due to the laziness but due to its being what is appropriate for the song what matters. That’s a way on how to go solo on acoustic guitar and lead guitar solo easily.   

Use limitations

7. Go back to your roots 

Pick an inspiration for choosing a guitar to play. Someone you ever dreamed of being like him/her when you first started playing. You can never fail on the tricks unless you are playing on a rockabilly song and when your roots are Yngwie Neo-classical. You can also skip the small step to guitar lead techniques to move ahead like a pro artist.    

Practice for jazz guitar solo tips: 

  • Improvise over some jazz standards while learning guitar solo. 
  • Start it off by just playing the melody for the first chorus amid all the tips shared above. 
  • Jump on to the second chorus and try to add a little bit more to the melody while clearly stating it to the melodies you are producing. 
  • The third chorus elaborate on it a little bit more and extend onto the other melody. 

You should always make sure to come back home and pick over it again from there. That’s how you should continue playing choruses and gradually expand upon the melody as much as possible. 

8. Use comedy 

We are sure that comedy is something you’ve never done before. Play faster and sloppier than ever in the most ridiculous solo. Make a statement first then work in the right situation and then play another song melody. Or play something that sounds like a whale. Use the low strings only as high on the neck as much as you can and then just act as if you have freed your mind while following guitar solo tips.   

9. Use dissonance 

Try playing using dissonance as opposed to a melodic while in the guitar solo tip. Use many tones coming from outside and unrelated notes as much as possible. Once mastered it can be a friend. While making the solo sound uncomfortable, you can then shift into melodicism and make the notes and then sing. It works aptly for the dark-to-light shift and does magic to the listeners and at the same time you learn the basics of guitar solo tips as you move ahead.   

use comedy

10. Make a movie 

Start on a wide shot and imagine you are making a movie instead of a solo. Maybe long flowing notes and ten add a motif as a character. The motif needs to be repeated and then start playing it over the wide shot long notes. Then gradually move ahead by developing the line with more notes and rhythms. Remember, it’s still just a solo, but with an idea for making a movie in your mind.  

So, if you are searching for guitar solo tips and tricks you should now follow the guitar solo tips and techniques shared above and move your fingers to the majestic instruments like a pro. With due time as you keep applying the tricks and add on to your skill sets with these guitar solo improvisation tips, you get to see a lot of improvisation in your work and get admired for the same by your audiences. 

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