Content Marketing For Musicians

Content marketing for musicians is an intimidating strategy that you need to build from basic. It is an alternative way for digital marketing for musicians includes different social media music marketing strategies and techniques to grow as a musician.


Today, let us focus on perfecting and optimizing content marketing for musicians.

Essentially, the principal goal of content marketing for musicians is to pull fans into your music world with the best content and explore your musical content. It means instead of just posting “listen to my new album” on Instagram, Facebook you first provide genuinely exciting and relevant content to your fans by making different content marketing plans and then perfectly executing them.

Content Marketing Idea For Musicians

Here are 13 easy content ideas for musicians to get more fans for their music through social media platforms.

1. Themed posts

It becomes easier for your content to get discovered to a more potential new audience when you take max advantage of themes with many popular hashtags. Start populating your music band’s social media channels with social media marketing for musicians by adding relevant posts for many commonly searched hashtags like #musicmonday #throwbackthursday #sundayfunday #motivationmonday #motivationweekend

Experiment with different types of themes and templates while posting and make major attention to the ones that work best for attracting new followers and resonating with your existing fans.

2. Educational and thought-provoking posts

In this, you need to think about different content ideas for artists. There are many different ways you could approach thought proving posts. But the primary key is to share high-quality posts and videos that are some combination of interesting, useful, valuable, relevant, helpful, and thought-provoking for the audience you want to attract.

3. Throwback posts

Share content that shows your personality and shows where you are coming from. You could make your audience laugh with a funny music meme that shows your personality, or you could post a throwback picture of you in a room and bond with fans over your passion for travel on different pages.

Give people a way to connect with you so that they can show your interest in it, which is just as important as your music when it comes to gaining loyal fans.

4. Behind-the-scenes posts

People, specially music lovers, love to see what musicians do and prepare themselves off the stage. Share (BTS) behind-the-scenes videos, photos, and stories illustrating your life as an artist/musician.

If you are going on a road trip, try to create a tour diary in the form of a vlog or blog. These can be the best content marketing ideas for a musician if you’re in a writing session space or in the music studio, share photos, work videos, and short clips on your Instagram Story and other social media platform.

5. Short Facebook videos

from around the world, People watch 100 million hours of videos on Facebook every single day. Upload videos regularly to your band’s Facebook page; this is an effective way to get more audience for your music.

The key is to keep it short and effective yet interesting. The next time, when you want to announce a new single, album, live-stream event, tour, or big performance, make a simple one- or two-minute video and post it directly on Facebook, Instagram, etc. These type of social media activities also helps in personal branding as a musician.

6. Inspirational and motivational posts

If you are thinking about filling a few gaps in your social media calendar, you really cannot go wrong with sharing an inspirational or motivational quote. These always perform great and are very shareable with other people, which will give more attention to your social media handles.

7. Interactive posts

Anything that encourages high engagement and facilitates an excellent both way conversation can help you get a new audience for your songs. There are dozens of creative and best music content posts you can try, but some of the most creative ones include contests, polls, giveaways, fill-in-the-blank posts, questions, and “caption this” photos and videos.

This will create a major interaction for your fans, but you are also making your brand huge in the process! You can even use these kinds of posts to gain valuable insight and increase the reach.

8. Funny posts

This happens many times when you scroll through your social media feeds and simply find something that will make you laugh or brighten your day? If people who love your music also associate your brand with positive and happening feelings, you can easily turn them into fans. Share a funny music-related photo, music or trendy meme, witty commentary on a trending topic, etc.

Be careful not to spam your feed with these kinds of posts and videos, though. There is a fine line between tastefully serving them in on occasion and posting them incessantly to gain attention between the audience.

9. Supportive posts

It becomes awesome when musicians support each other. Show support to your musician artist friends in other bands and share posts and YouTube videos of theirs that you think your fans would care about. The chances are that your musician friends will return the support to your songs and tell their fans to check you out, too. Also read our blog on how to do YouTube optimization.

10. Virtual concerts

If you are looking to get more fans in other cities when you cannot go on tour, Virtual concerts could be the best answer. There are many ways to go about it, from a free live stream on Facebook or Instagram to a ticketed virtual event on Stageit or Crowdcast. You could keep it a 30-minute live virtual set or take your time to chat with the audience in between songs. It is up to you! you just must have your concert stand out.

But if you are travelling from cities to cities, you can directly promote your brand in form of billboard banners, posters etc. around the event venues.

11. Live Q&A

As a musician, you can interact with your audience via live Q&A. start on a casual Instagram Live to answer fan questions that you’ve collected before, as they come in through the comments section or both.

And if you don’t want to come on camera all the time, that’s perfectly fine. Put questions on your Instagram Story and answer them in text form below the question, or you could easily convert this concept to a real-time Twitter Q&A if you have a good following there. Then you can do this.

12. Reposts from fans

User-generated content is the perfect way to get a major audience to your work:

  • It is easy (someone else creates content on your song).
  • It makes your fans feel loved and appreciated.
  • It naturally encourages them to create hype for you between their friends.

Ask your fans and friends to promote my music or your friend’s music in clips from your live sets, photos of them wearing your merchandise, or even fun little good videos of them jamming out to your new single and EPs.

13. Promotional posts

You can make promotional posts feel as creative and genuine as the rest of your major social media content – it’s all in the delivery! Make sure these posts are best in terms of visuals and audio.

Experiment with different approaches to posting on social media so that your feed doesn’t get repetitive in any way. For example, if you are trying to spread the word about your new single, your posts could look like this:

  • A direct announcement with a clear call to action
  • A positive press release about the Single
  • A small teaser of your new song
  • A behind the scenes video of recording or the preparation.

You can try different and creative ways to reach your fans. Content marketing for musicians is the best way to reach their fans at a personal level. Artists should also learn how to make money as a musician and how to promote their music on multiple platforms.

Nowadays, the best thing about being an independent artist is that artist can do what he wants, he can create what he wants to without any pressure, and can reach their fans by following some necessary rules of content marketing.

It you have a knack for writing, write for us and become a guest blogger at GrooveNexus.

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