Unleashing Ingenuity ’23: A Look into Pre-College Fest Events 

1. PROM 2023:   


“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift; that’s why it is called the present.” 

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ingeNUity presents you with the one gift that will last for as long as tomorrow. Prom 2k23, the once-in-a-year experience, showed, once again, for all students of NU and brought along an escape from the stress, exams, and assignments. Prom is not just for couples but for friends, batchmates, and soulmates who wish to relive the crazy pranks, delicious food, madness-filled dances, joyous laughs, and the little moments spent with their loved ones that matter. 

This year’s theme was “Jab We Met,” where no train was missed. Every Aditya found their Geet under a beautiful dazzling sky, and for every Geet, Aditya missed another train. From dances to gourmet, pickup lines to dates, and “Hey, how are you?!” to soulmates, this year’s prom had it all. 

Booths for photos and exciting games were also part of this gorgeous night jammed with smiles everywhere. The games included “Blue Ball,” “Couple Switching” for couples, and games like “Ping Pong Ball” for stags. 

  • Blue Balls: A couple standing with their backs against each other and a ball between them have to turn around, facing each other, without touching the ball or making it drop, and finally bring it up to the chin. 
  • Open Dance Couple Switching: Couples, while dancing, switch partners with each other and enjoy the pirouette.  
  • Ping Pong Balls: Cups are placed in front of a person and filled with different drinks. The person is then asked to throw a ping pong ball in any one of the cups present in front of them. Whichever cup the ball lands in is the cup the person has to drink. 

When the night seemed to end, a beautiful candlelight dinner under the dazzling night sky came to restore the moment one last time. The dinner comprised a gourmet of dishes like kadhai chicken, butter paneer, dal fry, and tandoori roti. It was a day well spent with everlasting memories that stayed for yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  

2.HOLI 2023:   


Legend says good will take over evil every time a sinister activity occurs. The feat of Prahlad and Narsimha was one such event. Even protective shields like the shawl of Holika aren’t able to withstand the power. Power is blinding white. It is a sheer force of energy, which is also an amalgamation. A splash of colour there, a clash of colour here. Rainbows are everywhere and will set them free.  

At NIIT University, the celebration of HOLI started the day our core decided they’d organize Holi even if there’s only one person on campus. As the cultural fest, we do delve into emotions and emotions only. On the evening of the 7th, the Holika Dahan fire was brazing, and people were chasing after each other to apply colours. The following day saw an even more eventful celebration of people.  

Early in the morning, the team of IngeNUity was busy setting up stations for colours and treats. The DJ was set up, speakers ready to blast. But suddenly, the sky made its nuance. The team didn’t lose their calm and salvaged everything from the rain. Since the university lies in Rajasthan, we celebrate a completely dry HOLI. And this event felt no less than a sign. Thirty minutes later, the sun shone as brightly as ever, so the festivities began. 

Music was blasting, and group-by-group people were trickling in. It was time to interact with new people, old faces, and familiar music. Naturally, the event progressed with everyone dancing, drenched in colours. No one’s face was bare, from the volunteers to the core maintaining the event’s symposium.  

As soon as the crowd realized they could get the delicious kachoris at a minimal price, they rushed towards the stall, and the volunteers greeted them and treated them to the delicacies. 

Not to forget that delicious thandai that quenched everyone’s throats. People were chirping, the crowd was lively, faces coloured and smiles on their faces, not just for the many pictures we clicked. 

After dancing for almost 3 hours straight, everyone was drenched, but the colour still filled the sky, the ground, and everything in between. Slowly but with satisfaction, people started leaving, only to be met with the delicious meal prepared by the mess, from ravishing gujiyas to raving about the poori and paneer. 

Now that the bellies were full, it was the washrooms’ turn. Everybody came back absolutely bejeweled in their traditional attire. Serenity overtook the campus and encompassed the several rainbows the day held.  

Who would’ve thought the day would progress so beautifully?  

3. FRESHER’S 2023  


College freshers, an event most eagerly anticipated, is a day filled with fun, excitement, and adventure as new students get to know their peers, learn about life on campus, and live their dreams of school to college transition. A carnival of music, games, food, and laughter. 

The excitement in the air becomes palpable as students stream in from all corners. At NIIT University, those dreams were realized with amazing games and delicious food. The vibrant and colorful decorations have balloons, streamers, and banners adorning every corner. ingeNUity introduces you to Freshers’23. 

An evening filled with games and laughs and mocktails and delicious food, whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, we got you covered. The music was pumping, and the dance floor was packed with students showing off their moves. 

There were games and activities for everyone, with giant Jenga sets, life-size chess boards, and even a bouncy castle. A ton of games, and how can we forget the titles? The event was organized at Tree House Sunrise Resort on 22nd January ’2023, starting from 10 AM. The venue served a variety of food in both veg and non-veg categories. Various drinks, like mocktails and virgin mojitos, were also served. 

Taking the fun to another level, students participated in games the organizers had in store. This undoubtedly added to the excitement. 

As the sun sets, the mood of the event changes. The lights are turned down, and the DJ switches to a mellow playlist. The atmosphere becomes more relaxed, and the students gather around the dance floor. 

This was a chance for them to unwind, share stories, and make memories. The college freshers’ event has set the tone for the coming year, and everyone leaves feeling excited and invigorated. 

It’s a night that will be talked about for years to come and will always hold a special place in the hearts of those who attended. 

 4. LOHRI 2023  


13th January was one of the warmest nights of 2023 for NIIT University. Surprisingly, not because of the growing climate change, but instead the love and anticipation for Spring. Flowers would bloom, grain would be harvested, and seasons would change, but the joy is uncontested.   

Lohri is more familiar to us than we might realise. Historically significant as an appeasement to deity, it is celebrated on the winter solstice. A commemoration of the elongation of days, an honour of the Suns’ grace, and an eternalisation of a brave soul, Lohri is a festival, a party, and mourning, all simultaneously. 

People live to make life more meaningful. Like us, university students, it is a celebration of new beginnings. If you look through the right lens, everything will make sense. But who’s to say whose perspective is correct and whose is not? What even is correct these days?   

So, as an effort to enter the world through a new light, on a new year, team IngeNUity had set up a bonfire night to remember. People gathered around the flame, dressed in the best of their ethnicities. They encircled it multiple times, following the age-old tradition. The team had also arranged for popcorn as an offering to the gods. 

The revdi, peanuts, and popcorn flavors sent everyone down memory lane. Music and dance arranged by IngeNUity followed this. This resulted in a much-needed break after a long day of classes. Everyone was chirping around, from teachers to students to staff. Blessings were passed and exchanged, and a smile graced everyone’s face. The enthusiasm in the air was overwhelming in the best way possible, and Team IngeNUity couldn’t be happier with the success of their first pre-event this semester.   

Here’s hoping for more such warmer days and exhilarating nights. Lohri di sab nu lakh lakh vadhaiyan!  

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