Festember 2023 – Unveiling the Mystical Kyoto Chronicles

As the first rays of the new dawn grace the horizon of a mystical land, the curtain of ethereal cherry blossoms gently lifts, unveiling the marvels and treasures that lie within.  

Festember NIT Trichy

Festember’s ‘Kyoto Chronicles’ reveals the true essence of Japan, a nation where centuries-old traditions harmonise with the pulse of modern innovation. With this edition, embark on a captivating journey to unearth the profound beauty that resides within imperfections. As the gateways of Tori unlock the portal to the world of endless possibilities, let’s delve into the myriad of events and experiences that await.  

What is Festember? 

Festember is a cultural festival organized at the National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli (NITT).  

Date of the event: 

It takes place over four days every year in the third week of September. However, this year the festival will be held from October 5, 2023 to October 8, 2023.  


Tanjore Main Road, National Highway 67, Tiruchirappalli – 620015, Tamil Nadu, India. 

History of the event 

Festember, NIT Trichy’s annual cultural fest, started as a small intra-college event in 1975 and has grown into a 4-day extravaganza with 18,000 students from 500 colleges. Over the past 40 years, it has been a prominent cultural event in South Indian colleges, earning the Best Cultural Event of the Year award from the Tamil Nadu State Government in 2005.  

It’s renowned for themed editions, proshows, workshops, and guest lectures featuring artists like Jonita Gandhi and Ilayaraja. The festival includes a Rolling Trophy competition, initially named the Ilayaraja Trophy, with colleges accumulating points across various events. Sastra University held a winning streak for nine consecutive years until 2019. 

The Rolling Reels International Film Festival promotes budding filmmakers, and Festember’s Social Responsibility team engages in various community-focused events, including Uplift for school kids and initiatives like Earth Hour and Cancer Awareness Month. The fest was awarded ‘Best Cultural Event of the Year’ in 2005 by the Tamil Nadu government. 

Festember has seen growth, introducing ProShows, a new open-air theatre, an Indie stage, and a Culture Gully, showcasing informal events. In 2017, the official Festember Blog was launched on Medium, providing a creative outlet for the festival. 

Event Highlights: Festember 

  • Cultural Events: 

    Dance: For those who want to dance the night away, prepare to enter an enchanting world, where every step and groove weaves a mesmerizing tale. Solo, Duet, and Choreonite will elevate your dance journey to new heights.
    • ChoreoNite: 
      • Flagship dance event. 
      • All dance styles and music genres allowed. 
      • Draws a large audience and is a highlight of Festember.

Music: If music ignites your soul, with every beat and note setting your mind ablaze with euphoria, the solo, duet, upbeat, shrutilaya, acoustics and tarangini events are sure to make your heart soar.  

  • Shruthilaya: 
    • Classical music competition for vocals and instrumentals. 
    • Highly selective participation. 
    • Unique Carnatic Quiz adds an avant-garde touch. 
  • Tarangini: 
    • Singing competition featuring Tamil and Hindi songs. 
    • Attracts numerous budding artists. 

  • Fashion: 
    • Fashionitas: 
      • Pioneering fashion event in Trichy City. 
      • Started as an individual event, now a team event. 
      • Mr and Ms Festember beauty pageant format introduced. 
  • Picturesque: 
    • Online event focusing on-camera skills, lighting, and modeling. 
    • Highly participated with lucrative cash awards.

  • Cinematography: 
    • Take-One: 
      • Short-movie-making competition.
      • Any theme or genre allowed. 
      • Up to ten minutes in duration. 
      • Judged by eminent figures from the movie industry. 
  • Dramatics: 
    • Theatrix: 
      • Annual 45-minute dramatics competition. 
      • Original, pre-written scripts, and adaptations allowed. 
      • Plays should not have been staged at previous Festember festivals. 
      • Features chilling performances from colleges across the country.

Outreach Festivals 

  • Rolling Reels International Film Festival (RRIFF): 
    • Short film festival part of Festember outreach. 
    • A platform for aspiring filmmakers, including workshops and expert interactions. 
    • Past editions in Hyderabad and Chennai with renowned film industry personalities. 
  • Gigahertz: 
    • Semi-pro rock band drawing large crowds. 
    • Preliminary rounds in Chennai and Bangalore to expand Festember’s reach. 
  • Festember Football League: 
    • New addition since 2017, featuring quick-paced five-a-side matches. 
    • Knockout tournament style held in Bangalore and Chennai for sports outreach. 

Linguistic Event: 

To test your linguistic prowess, we bring to you our engaging Literature events in Hindi, Tamil, English, and Telugu. 

Gaming Adventures: 

As for the adrenaline-junkies, prepare for a gaming adventure like no other, where excitement and challenges await at every click and turn with our Gaming Cluster.  

Hip Hop Tamizha 

Join the dynamic duo Aadhi and Jeeva of Hip Hop Tamizha and their rise to fame in their musical journey.  

Singer Madhusree & Miss Earth India 2019, Tejaswini Manogna 

Discover the legendary playback singer Madhusree’s melodious voice and her incredible contributions to the music industry, as well as embark on a voyage of wisdom with the Divine Miss Earth India 2019, Tejaswini Manogna.  

Anil Srinivasan & Gaurav Juyal 

Experience the fusion of classical and contemporary with Anil Srinivasan and engage in an energetic session on pursuing a passion in entertainment with Gaurav Juyal. But the excitement doesn’t end there as our dynamic workshops promise to supercharge your learning journey, equipping you with impressive skills while ensuring you have a blast along the way.  

Three Unforgettable Musical Nights and Neeti Mohan 

Join us for three unforgettable nights of music: rock out to the electrifying beats of Thaikkudam Bridge, lose yourself on the dance floor to the infectious beats of Julia Bliss DJ, and be serenaded by the enchanting vocals of Neeti Mohan, one of India’s most beloved playback singers.


It’s a musical journey that promises to unite hearts, souls, and dance floors! Step into a world where every moment is a vibrant haiku, and amidst these poetic harmonies, for Festember’s Kyoto Chronicles awaits you. Come along and be part of a festival that echoes through the ages, where memories are made and stories are told. 

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