Engifest: A journey of stars invoking magic!

Delhi Technological University, Engifest is the annual inter-college cultural festival held in February. It is ranked as one of the largest and oldest cultural festivals of our country with its history tracing back to 1974.
Engifest is a three-day extravaganza; a true testimony to the indomitable spirit, liveliness, and sheer energy of youth that characterizes college life. It is a festival oozing with fun, vibrancy, and entertainment.  The festival is organized by a student-run non-profit organization which caters primarily to youth.

Engifest: A journey of stars invoking magic!

With over 80,000 people in attendance along with participation from around 300 colleges on average every year, Engifest is highly awaited events by students and viewers. It has always been a star-studded affair, harboring a ton of enticing attractions that made it a perfect destination for all the music fanatics, party junkies, and others for its cultural richness. This three-day gala has always been a roller coaster ride of entertainment for its attendees!

Engifest has never failed to surprise the audience with its massive headliners. Many big shots have graced the fest with their presence. And many stars loved the audience’s response so much that they ended up extending their performances. Their star troupe, one setting the stage on fire!

So now that you’re interested, let’s walk down the memory lane and see celebrities who sent the crowd into a musical frenzy.



In Engifest 2010, Rock band Phobia stole the show at the Delhi Technological University, earlier known as Delhi College of Engineering.


Mohit Chauhan DTU Engifest

It was in 2014, that Engifest came to be recognized and began stealing the limelight with a spilling pot of event diversity. Mohit Chauhan, with his magical voice and soulful lyrics, sent the crowd in a peaceful mood in 2014. He performed songs like Tujhe Bhula Diya, Pehli Baar Mohabbat, Dooba Dooba Rehta Hun, Illahi, and Sadda Haq.



British-Indian Rapper, Hard Kaur, cruised the Indian musical scene a couple of years ago with her single ‘Glassy.’ This song raged and was noticed by Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy, that’s how she rocketed to stardom. Pop star Hard Kaur blessed Engifest 2014 with her visit. She enthralled the crowd with her Rap and positive aura.



Sunidhi Chauhan kick-started Engifest 2017 with her electrifying performance. As soon as she stepped on the stage she interacted with the audience and even complimented some of the students individually. Pointing to a guy, she said,

“ You, you in that white shirt, I love you.” “I can see that you are dancing,” “waah, waah, kya dance kar ho. “

Her style of making a personal connect won many hearts. She started her performance with the song ‘Shut Up & Bounce.’ Next, she sang ‘Ainvayi Ainvayi’ with the crowd singing along with her. She finished her performance by thanking the audience, saying,

“You guys are the best. Thanking you for loving me, and trust me, this is the best night ever.”


know your artist nucleya indias very own bass raja 980x457 1476947728 1100x513

Udyan Sagar alias Nucleya is a trailblazer, responsible for building and defining a lexicon bass music, unique to India. Since his debut release EP Koocha Monster in 2013, Nucleya established himself as an Indian dance music producer, who produced frenetic, loud, and unabashedly Indian anthems. He graced Engifest 2017 with his distinctive and quirky desi bass and let the crowd jump and dance to his tunes.


Lagori 12

The Bangalore-based band amalgamates Indian classical melodies and Rock music, creating a mix high on energy, being catchy and soulful at the same time. Over the last four years, they’ve brought thousands dancing to their fingers at their concerts.

No one but them can pull off combining Rock, Funk, Pop and Indian classical music all into one, turning it into something that keeps one hooked. Their performance at Engifest 2016, left the crowd swirling, twirling, and dancing to the rhythm of their music.


Piyush Mishra

From acting, directing music, penning down lyrics and even writing scripts, Piyush Mishra is one man who certainly knows how to do it all, with an extra dose of panache! The genius that produced Maqbool, Gangs of Wasseypur, Pink, Tamasha, the stellar soundtrack of Gulaal stoleand got minds ticking.


Engifest provides more than just desi entertainment with a barrage of music brought down from the land of Israel. –Drum&Red took the stage by storm by creating a unique hypnotizing and exhilarating performance with his Avant Gaurd approach. The audience couldn’t help but lose their hearts and soul to his music.



In 2018, the concept of Punjabi Night was introduced for the first time. DJ/Producer Guri made it a huge hit!


The fun-lovin’ Dutch duo Bassjackers’ (Marlon Flohr and Ralph van Hilst) entered into the Top 100 DJs poll for the first time in, 2016. They have established their position as one of the leading lights of the EDM world. Their tracks cover the entire gamut of EDM, from pop-tinged bangers to reggae-rousing club weapons. They’ve collaborated with EDM wunderkind KSHMR for the bombastic ‘Extreme’ — featuring vocals from Sidnie Tipton — that’s all blissful flutes, catchy chords, and luscious vocals. In 2016, they rocked the stage with their popular tracks.


Abhijit MartiniAndMore 1000x538 1

Abijit Ganguly, addressed the most mundane Indian issues like buying condoms, parents, the pressure of getting married, etc. through his humor in the most unapologetic way possible. In 2018, he made the audience pass out with laughter.


Lost Stories started their journey in 2009 and rose to prominence when Tiesto singed their tracks, since then its been a roller coaster ride. They have always been fortunate to be backed by all the famous DJ out there. Armin Van Buuren supported their track with multiple plays on his ASOT shows.

Engifest has something in their bucket for everyone! There won’t be a single minute where you will feel bored. In between the events, you can explore the beautifully decorated campus. There is a separate informal events lounge which consists of Paintball, Pool, Air Hockey, Poker, Lazer tag, Street soccer, and also all sorts of  video games arranged just for you. Also, don’t miss out on music playing at the backdrop, from Punjabi hit songs to mashups and Billboard hits. Another attraction is the EDM party by GrooveNexus on all three days of the fest.

You may REGISTER HERE for early bird passes to make a hassle-free entry at Dance Music party at Engifest 2019 powered by GrooveNexus. To enter the college premises, you must carry a valid ID card. Additionally, Engifest 2019 is going to make you go breathless with DJ Quintino. Witness him performing live, in an act powered by GrooveNexus, on 17th February 2019.

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