Unlocking Emotions Through Music: AVAION’S  Journey of Melodies, Memories, and Hiding

At the intersection of childhood dreams and electronic rhythms, German multi-instrumentalist and certified AVAION emerged as a prodigious talent. From his earliest days, his musical destiny seemed preordained, with his aspirations taking root as a teenager. A mere twelve years later, his vision crystallized into platinum reality with the debut single “Pieces,” a track that resonated with millions and thrust him into the global electronic music limelight.

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Born into a lineage of musicians, AVAION’s upbringing cultivated a diverse instrumental palette, eventually converging into a love affair with electronic soundscapes. Through the fusion of electronic beats, soulful vocals, and evocative harmonies, he sculpted a genre-defying signature.

His journey traces through intimate milestones, like the soul-baring hit “Pieces” that amassed 180 million streams, to the present where his sonic narrative continues to evolve.

AVAION’s compositions traverse club euphoria and introspective reverie, encapsulating the spectrum of human emotion. As he readies for live performances and future endeavors, his music remains a testament to his personal odyssey and an invitation to share in the mosaic of sound he weaves.

This time, AVAION ventures into the subconscious with the emotionally charged ballad ‘Hiding,’ a departure from his complex productions, offering a stripped-back experience. The song features somber piano keys, AVAION’s masterful vocals, and a blend of mellow rhythms and fluctuating synthesizers that accompany the heartfelt lyrics.

In an exclusive interview with Pooja Kashyap of GrooveNexus, AVAION talks about his unique music style, upcoming debut album and new single, ‘Hiding’.

Pooja Kashyap: Your unique style of music combines elements of future bass and melodic house to create a passionate and hypnotic soundscape? How did you develop this distinctive style, and how do you combine these genres to create your unique sound?

Avaion: I have been making music since I was a child. I learned to play instruments and have always been a big fan of analog and acoustic sounds. Additionally, I developed a passion for synthesizer lasers and electronic sounds. Over the years, I’ve worked on combining all these elements with my own voice in my productions. I believe that the unique combination of these factors is what sets my style apart. The years of experimentation and trying out different approaches have contributed to making my style distinct.

Pooja Kashyap: Coming to your track “Pieces” which has been a huge success with over 130 million streams on Spotify. What inspired you to create this track, and did you expect it to have such a significant impact on the EDM industry?

Avaion: I didn’t expect it. Nope. I created the song in my childhood room. I had a regular job, but music was always my passion, and I had been producing for a while. Whenever I had a spare minute, I would be in my room working on music. It was quite a challenging period in my life, and I wasn’t certain about the direction I was headed. I channeled all those emotions into the song, which I shared the same day I completed it. I played it for my best friend, who responded with, “Yeah, this is something different.” I asked if it was different in a good or bad way, and he assured me it was good. I also played it for my cousin, who was present, and she agreed, saying, “Yeah, this is actually unique. You should send it to your label and release it.” So, we went ahead with it, and I’m really pleased that the world resonated with the emotions I poured into the song, leading to its remarkable success. I’m incredibly grateful for that recognition. We were fortunate to have such a masterpiece out there.

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Pooja Kashyap: “Hiding” is described as one of your most emotional songs. The phrases used implies that the other person is concealing something. Can you share the story behind this track and how your personal experiences influenced its creation?

Avaion: Yeah, I mean, personal experiences are always a huge part of the songs, but I always want to keep a section free for you to create your own story with the song. That’s why I never explicitly tell people, ‘Is the other person my lover? My parents? A good friend?’ It’s never clear, because I want people to have their own interpretation of the song. While I strive to infuse all the emotions and experiences I’ve had into the songs, I also aim to leave room for your personal experiences to turn it into your own song, you know? I think that’s the special ingredient in my songs. ‘HIDING‘ is particularly special because it doesn’t have the super EDM vibe that I usually incorporated into a few songs before. It’s more like a ballad, or something even different. I’m not entirely sure. There are more piano sounds and analog elements, creating a more intimate atmosphere. This is why it was a new experiment for me, but in a positive way. I’m truly proud of the song.

Pooja Kashyap: We love how it conveys the feeling of vulnerability and introspection. It takes a more stripped-back approach. What are the underlying emotions behind it, and how does the repetition “when you hiding” impact the meaning of the song?

Avaion: I’m always creating songs. I complete the production, or I handle the production myself. I play some chords and begin to cultivate a certain feeling that resonates with the overall vibe of the song. When the vibe feels right, I attempt to intertwine melodic ideas from my mind with the vocals, which led to having this chord riff ready on the piano. This particular chord riff was always in my mind, especially the part that goes ‘when you’re hiding, when you’re hiding.’ This became the foundation for the entire song, centered around the concept of concealing emotions.

Moreover, the concept can be interpreted in various ways, whether it pertains to relationships with parents, friends, or partners. I’m not entirely sure. This encompasses the essence of the song—understanding another person’s feelings, whether they choose to hide them or not. The song’s vibe, the lyrical meaning, and all the elements naturally came together, forming a seamless flow. And that’s how the song came into existence. I’m not sure where we left off?”

Pooja Kashyap: As a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, and producer, you are deeply involved in the creative process of your music. Could you take us through the journey of creating one of your tracks, from inception to completion?

Avaion:  Yes, as previously mentioned, my process typically begins with melody—usually through experimenting with chords. I might explore different synthesizers or play around with chord progressions on the piano or guitar. When I stumble upon a chord sequence that resonates strongly and evokes an instant melodic line in my mind for singing, that’s when I recognize its potential. From there, I delve into production, introducing drums and foundational elements to cultivate a specific mood. Towards the final stages, I engage in the creative writing process, crafting lyrics and refining vocal arrangements. This methodology remains consistent across all my songs, adapting to the prevailing mood.

There are instances when creativity flows rapidly, resulting in a complete song within two days. Conversely, there are periods when a song’s completion takes weeks or even months. This timeline is influenced by my mood and meticulousness, as I tend to be particularly discerning about my own voice. This meticulousness, although driven by a certain level of self-critique, serves as a positive catalyst for improvement. By consistently striving to enhance my vocal performance, songwriting, and vocal processing techniques, this is essentially the overarching workflow I adhere to.

Pooja Kashyap: How do you balance all these roles in your music-making process?

Avaion: I don’t adhere to a rigid sense of balance; rather, it’s quite fluid. Given my identity as an artist, both in terms of my work and lifestyle, my creative process inherently embodies an artistic and free-flowing essence.

Pooja Kashyap: Your upcoming debut album has been highly anticipated. Can you give us a glimpse into the themes and emotions that listeners can expect to find in this album?

Avaion: I aim to present my artistic identity through my album, showcasing myself as both a producer and a singer. Many of the songs on the album feature other vocalists, often without people realizing that I’m the song’s producer and singer. This became evident to me when I recently performed at a local festival in my hometown, where friends approached me saying they enjoyed the show and the music but were curious about the singer’s identity. I had to clarify that I was, in fact, the singer.

This scenario made me realize that it’s a unique aspect of my artistry; many are unaware that I sing on almost all of my songs. Some are surprised to learn that I also produce songs myself. This duality prompts questions like, “Who produces your songs? They’re amazing!” I respond with gratitude, acknowledging that I’m the one behind both the vocals and production.

For my upcoming album, I aspire to fully embrace an experimental approach, delving into various genres and styles. I want to share my creative process in depth, emphasizing the production aspect while also including numerous tracks where I’m the vocalist. The album won’t be solely centered on production; it will be a dynamic exploration, a comprehensive journey.

This album serves as a testament to my versatility as an artist. Having complete control over the entire process is a significant advantage. When collaborating with other singers or producers, their emotions inevitably find their way into the song. While this can be positive, it might not always mirror my personal narrative. By working independently, I ensure that my music is an authentic representation of my journey—a more intimate connection with my audience.

Pooja Kashyap: In addition to your musical projects, you have an exciting lineup of festival appearances. We also saw the debut of the Garlic Land festival, where you performed as the main act. Can you share your thoughts on this experience and how it compares to other festivals you’ve been a part of?

Avaion: Yeah, the Garlic Land Festival was an event in my hometown as well. That’s what made it so special – many friends and fans came from this area. It’s like a hometown pride festival, and similarly, the Open Beats festival I performed at this weekend was also a local event.

That’s why there were a lot of people who know me personally; it felt more familiar, almost like a family gathering. The atmosphere was more intimate. I’ve participated in numerous festivals this year, but the ones in my hometown are my favorites. My mom and other family members were there, creating a special connection. Performing in front of so many people is always a pleasure, and the excitement never gets old.

Pooja Kashyap: From learning music through YouTube to achieving platinum status, your journey as an artist has been remarkable. What advice would you give to aspiring musicians who are also learning from online resources and striving to make their mark in the industry?

Avaion: Yeah, I believe many people are unaware that you can actually learn a lot without requiring a big budget. Despite the misconception that music production is an expensive hobby, it doesn’t have to be. I began with a basic old laptop around the age of 12. I initially acquired this laptop for school purposes, but then I downloaded music production software and watched YouTube tutorials. Since YouTube is free, it allowed me to gain knowledge without any cost. I spent time in my room studying all these concepts through YouTube. Later, I purchased small speakers because producing them with headphones is sufficient, in fact, many accomplished DJs and producers in the industry use headphones exclusively.

You don’t necessarily need expensive studio gear, large monitors, or big studios. So, the fact that you can achieve success depends on your determination and willingness to invest effort. Success doesn’t usually come quickly; it’s often a long journey. I’ve been doing this for around 12 or 13 years now, and my journey has had its ups and downs. The past two or three years have been particularly fruitful, but the road was long and challenging. Many people underestimate the commitment required and fail to recognize this reality.

The key is having that willpower and determination.

This might sound cliché, but it’s indeed the truth.

Pooja Kashyap: Can you tell us about the most influential YouTuber or tutorial that played a crucial role in your musical development?

Avaion: There are a lot of YouTubers. There’s one called “Oversampled.” He does a lot of sound design tutorials, specifically in the dubstep genre. I’ve incorporated many skills from this genre and integrated them into my own style of music. This is like a secret trick or tip. Additionally, there’s another YouTube channel called “In the Mix,” run by a guy from the Netherlands. He creates excellent FL Studio tutorials. FL Studio is the program I use, and his tutorials have been incredibly helpful. He is truly skilled. The remarkable thing is that they all provide this content for free, which is astonishing considering the high quality of their content. They have amassed numerous subscribers, which is well-deserved. I’m genuinely pleased about their substantial subscriber base because it’s a testament to their truly excellent and valuable content. It has greatly assisted me throughout the years.

Pooja Kashyap: Hiding our emotions is something many of us do from time to time. Share a situation when you tried to hide your feelings, and how did it affect your interactions with others?

Avaion: I think that in a relationship, the desire to make the other person feel strong and supported is important. Some men hesitate to express their emotions due to fear of vulnerability and getting hurt, which can be a significant issue. Similarly, in social situations, many individuals struggling with mental health challenges avoids sharing their feelings because they fear misunderstanding. People might respond with simplistic advice like ‘just breathe’ or ‘relax,’ not realizing that each person’s experiences are unique. This lack of shared experience extends to feelings of depression and anxiety; those who haven’t gone through it can’t fully grasp the reality. Consequently, many individuals remain silent, feeling misunderstood and leading to unhealthy emotional suppression. I can sense the impact this can have.”

Pooja Kashyap: Emoticons and emojis are like hidden expressions in our messages. If you could create a new emoji to convey a specific emotion, what would it look like, and what emotion would it represent?

Avaion: Imagine two individuals who are like two universes in themselves. They embrace each other because I truly believe that you can encounter someone who is genuinely your soulmate. You can feel it deep within, sensing that both of you encompass the universe, and that’s a beautiful sensation. I wish I could convey this feeling with an emoji.

Pooja Kashyap: “Hiding” is all about emotions and seeking comfort. If you were feeling down and needed to cheer up, what would be your go-to hiding spot or activity to lift your spirits?

Avaion: I’m glad to have my studio and this other room as they are like two of my friends. We rented this place together; it’s like a larger studio complex. They have their room next to mine, and one of my best friends has his room downstairs. Sometimes, when I’ve had too much screen time or I’m feeling a bit off, I like to go to them and say, “Hey, let’s go to the city, walk around, grab a coffee, and chat.” It always lifts my spirits. Good friends and meaningful conversations are truly wonderful.

Watch AVAION’s Latest Single, ‘Hiding’ Here:

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