Beyond the Beats: An Intergalactic Encounter with DJs From Mars 

Meet DJs From Mars, the cosmic architects of Electronic Dance Music. With a mash-up attitude that blends every musical genre, their Alien basslines and beats have captivated the world. Boasting 145,000 Instagram followers, 1.5 million Spotify monthly listeners, and 600,000 YouTube subscribers, they’re a global sensation.

DJs From Mars

Their remixes for David Guetta, Black Eyed Peas, and Shakira have garnered support from industry heavyweights like Tiësto and Diplo. Recognized in the DJ MAG TOP 100 DJs since 2013, they’ve toured non-stop across five continents, averaging 100 shows per year.

In 2022, they made waves at TOMORROWLAND MAINSTAGE and Ushuaia in Ibiza, capping it off with an official remix for David Guetta & Bebe Rexha’s “I’m Good (Blue).” Now, in 2023, they’re set to rock TOMORROWLAND again and release new tracks on Spinnin’ Records and Heldeep Records, featuring collaborations with Oliver Heldens, Tujamo, and MATTN. Get ready for another stellar year with DJs From Mars.

In a recent interview with Pooja Kashyap of GrooveNexus, he talks about his unique musical style, collaboration with Hardwell, the new single ‘Loneliness’, touring, and fanbase interactions.

Pooja KashyapYou describe your style as “Bastard Pop – Alien Electro.” How did you come up with this unique blend, and what influences from different musical genres contributed to the creation of your distinctive sound?

DJs From Mars: Yeah, we’ve been listening to every kind of music since we were kids—Hip Hop, Rock, Reggae, Jazz, Classical music, and, of course, every style of electronic music. So, when we produce, we draw inspiration from this vast background of different genres! We always strive to infuse our electro-signature sound into everything, and our influences can range from Beethoven to Metallica and everything in between.

Pooja KashyapYou’ve been active in the music scene since 2004. How has your musical approach evolved over the years, and what key moments or experiences do you believe have shaped your journey?

DJs From Mars: The good thing about producing mashups is that we are not strictly connected to a specific style. So, we were able to incorporate elements of Dubstep, Big Room, Tropical House, and Future House when those sounds were fresh and popular. At the same time, our fans know that we always like to change, so we are free to follow trends and leave them behind when they are no longer exciting for us. In recent months, we have been adding a lot of techno to our productions, but who knows what’s going to happen next!

Key moments of our journey: Probably start touring continuously back in 2010. We didn’t expect that to happen, so when we found ourselves on a flight to Australia, we were like, “Oh, okay, this is getting serious!” From that moment, we took this job very seriously and began doing everything we do at 100%, no, at 200%, because we feel so lucky to live this dream!

Pooja KashyapYour social media presence is impressive, with millions of followers across various platforms. How do you think platforms like Instagram, Spotify, and YouTube have played a role in your global recognition, and how do you engage with your diverse fanbase?

DJs From Mars: Social media was crucial for us! We started the project when the music market was in a big crisis due to illegal MP3 downloads. We thought, ‘Okay, the internet is changing the rules, let’s find a way to play this game at our own convenience!’ So, we began uploading our bootlegs on YouTube. At that time, not many people were producing as many mashups and bootlegs, so we quickly gained popularity worldwide. That’s how it all started, from YouTube.

Now everything is different, but we try to engage with various platforms. Our main channel is now Instagram. We believe it’s the best way to connect with our fans, showcase our everyday lives, spread our music, share news about tours, and receive feedback while staying in touch with fans worldwide.

Pooja KashyapCollaborations with artists like David Guetta, Tiësto, and Oliver Heldens showcase your versatility. How do these collaborations come about, and how do you balance your unique style with the distinctive sounds of other artists?

DJs From Mars: We tried to incorporate the mash-up philosophy into these collaborations. So, when we had a track like – let’s say – “Blue Monday,” we aimed to consider how it could sound from another perspective, much like we do with mashups. Consequently, the result is sometimes unexpected, and that is likely what led to these collaborations. It’s as if we’re providing the track with a new point of view.

Pooja KashyapTouring extensively on all continents is no small feat. Can you share some memorable experiences from your tours and how the diverse global audience has responded to your music?

DJs From Mars: We love touring and playing our tracks because it provides immediate feedback for our music. You can see if it works or not in no time. The downside of touring is spending so many hours in airports, planes, and cars. We would prefer to spend that time producing more music, but at the same time, it’s necessary to test our tracks with a live audience. Additionally, when you jump on stage, you immediately forget about the whole day spent traveling, and you just enjoy the moment! In the end, it’s pure fun!

Pooja Kashyap2022 seems like a monumental year for you, performing at major events like Tomorrowland and collaborating with David Guetta. What were the standout moments for you, and how did these experiences influence your approach to music?

DJs From Mars: Yes, after the pandemic years, 2022 (and 2023) have been the best years of our career, no doubt! Tomorrowland, for every DJ, is an achievement—something you dream of since the first day you start this music journey… and when it finally happens… well, there are no words to describe those moments! Also, the collaboration with David Guetta is still something we can’t believe! He has been an inspiration from day one, so getting to know him, working together, and even sharing the stage with him is totally unreal for us! We are learning a lot from him; he’s very focused, and working with him is super motivating for us.

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Pooja KashyapThe collaboration of Hardwell, DJ from Mars, and Tomcraft to reimagine the iconic track ‘Loneliness’ is exciting. How did this collaboration come about?

DJs From Mars: We always loved the track! Then we met Tomcraft at a festival in Estonia some years ago, and we discussed possible collaborations. After some years, at the beginning of 2023, we thought that with the big techno comeback, it was the perfect time to rework this classic. Tomcraft liked it, so we sent it to Hardwell; he loved it and worked on the final mix. And here we are!

Pooja Kashyap: ‘Loneliness’ was a massive hit in 2002. How did you approach the challenge of reimagining a classic that holds nostalgic value for many fans, and what do you hope to evoke in both longtime and new listeners with this 2023 version?

DJs From Mars: We tried to maintain the original vibe and flavour of the track so that old fans (like us) would not be disappointed. However, since techno is very popular today, we believe that the new generations can appreciate the song even if they don’t know the original. The new techno is very similar to the 90s style – we used to call it “progressive techno” back then – so the operation was a bit tricky, and we needed to be careful. We didn’t want to “overproduce” it, but we also didn’t want to keep the exact same track. So, we worked in a direction that could match both today’s and yesterday’s taste. And we believe we succeeded! But time will tell the truth, haha.

Pooja KashyapWorking with Hardwell on this project is undoubtedly significant. How would you describe the impact of Hardwell’s mainstage sound on the new version of ‘Loneliness,’ and what do you believe he brings to the table in terms of revitalizing this classic track?

 DJs From Mars: He made the final version sound just PERFECT! You know, sometimes when you push the “Power” pedal, you may add some dirt to your track, maybe some distortion, a bit of mess in the whole mix. Well, in this case, Hardwell made the track sound so powerful but also so clean!! It’s unreal how every sound blends to create the whole thing; we were impressed when we heard it for the first time!

And, of course, collaborating with such a big artist is great for us. It’s bringing a lot of attention to our project and attracting fans who didn’t know us before. So, it’s truly a great moment for us.

Pooja KashyapSince ‘Loneliness,’ how do you think your sound has evolved, and what elements do you believe define your signature style in today’s electronic music?

DJs From Mars: We’re heading more into this Techno direction, so we’d call it “Alien Techno,” but this is just something we are exploring in these months. Probably next summer, we will be in a completely different place… We don’t like to give names or labels to music; we just go with the flow and do what we like.

Pooja KashyapWith upcoming releases on Spinnin’ Records and collaborations with artists like Oliver Heldens, what can fans expect from DJs From Mars in the coming months, and how do you keep your sound fresh and innovative?

DJs From Mars: They can expect a lot of new music in 2024. We are listening to so much new and exciting music, so we have tons of ideas and inspirations. We will surprise you!

Pooja KashyapAs you continue to push musical boundaries, what message would you like to convey to your fans who have been on this intergalactic musical journey with you, and what can they look forward to in the future?

DJs From Mars: We can only say THANKS to our fans and followers because our project would be dead without them, really. For an artist, having the love of fans is everything, and we work hard and give our best at 100% to deserve this love. We hope this will continue for a long, long time!

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