AVAION Releases Emotively Charged Ballad ‘Hiding’ from Highly Anticipated Debut Album

Thilo Lehnert

Consciously teasing the parameters of electronic music, AVAION’s latest escapade into the subconscious brings the emotively charged ballad ‘Hiding’ to the surface. Signed to Sony Music, the new single is taken from AVAION’s feverishly anticipated debut album in the making.  

In comparison to AVAION’s previous catalogue of complex productions, such as multi-platinum hit ‘Pieces,’ ‘Hiding’ takes a more stripped-back approach, allowing fans to get more up close and personal than ever before with the man himself.  

Sombre piano keys immediately dominate the soundscape, swiftly accompanied by immaculately mastered vocals from AVAION in a clean-cut recording that captures the spectrum of tonal textures in his possession. Beneath the verses longing for liberation from emotional anguish and unease, a consistent drum pad pattern unveils a mellow rhythm, while deep, fluctuating synthesizers reverberate within the ambiance, complementing the piano melody. 

In his own words, AVAION comments: “For me, ‘Hiding’ is the most emotional and melancholic song I have made so far. In it, I process the escape from feelings and the non-recognition of what is really bothering me. It’s a combination of dreamy piano sounds, synthesizers, and atmospheric vocals and, I believe, one of my best creations yet.”  


Hiding’ is the new single from AVAION out now on Sony Music. Listen on Spotify.  

Once again, German electronic artist AVAION extends his feats as an ever-evolving producer and musician in this new single. As the solitary mastermind from songwriting and vocals, to production, AVAION’s ability to present himself in full authenticity, and often daunting vulnerability, is unparalleled. Consequently, he maintains a strong bond with a dedicated community of fans and kindred spirits worldwide, eagerly anticipating his upcoming endeavours. 

As well as an alluring release schedule on the horizon, AVAION heads into a summer packed-out with festival appearances bringing his live DJ sets to the masses. Nature One, Open Beatz and Parookaville are just a selection of the heavy-weight events in store.  

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