Common reasons why artists fail with social media & how to overcome it


Social media platforms have a history of changing the shape of and future of any artist. People whom you might have known, people who used to lurk in the unfamiliar gallows of obscurity, and people who were dying to get an inch of fame – they are becoming social media influencers now. But it is not as easy as it seems. Despite many efforts, artists fail on social media. Either they are not doing it properly or they just take it so lightly and are unaware of the importance of same.  

Every other artist is on social media these days. And those who aren’t on social media, their fame have perished within single nightfall. Going forward in this article, we will be telling you the most basic mistakes that an artist do on social media, and how could he overcome that mistake. 

So, if you are an artist, get ready to increase your fame and followers right after this brief guide. Let’s begin with some of the main reasons why artists fail on social media. What are the mistakes they make in order to make name in the industry and then take it too leniently, knowingly or unknowingly.   

Notable reasons why artists Fail on social media 

1. Not Focused and consistent with the posts 

Make sure every post you make has a purpose. That does not mean every post has to be solemn, but it does have to have a reason. Posting for the sake of posting has several negative consequences. For one thing, it tests the patience of your viewers. Artists are not consistent with the daily posts they are doing on their social media channels and that might be one of the reasons why artists fail on social media platforms.  

How To Overcome It: Make Sure to post meaningful content so that you could give a glimpse of your life to your fans. 

2. Advertising Too Much 

No one enjoys the sense of being exploited as a cheap instrument to make someone else rich, and that is precisely what may happen if your platform or channel suddenly gets overrun with advertising. Take it from your personnel experience. Do you like watching ads every time you hop into your social media channels? We are not denying the fact that running ads on social media gives you more brand visibility. But do it strategically. Over stuffing of advertisements is very tiring and nagging. You can manage your social media pages with the help of an agency or alone depending on your requirement. Get a guide on social media marketing for musician here.   

How To Overcome It: Make sure that your website isn’t heavily stuffed with digital advertising.  

3. Not Posting Too Much 

If you don’t publish on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms regularly enough, your work may not rank as high in search results, resulting in fewer people seeing it. Then there’s the issue of audience alienation. Posting regularly and helps you to make an impact on the fanbase and audiences on social media. Therefore, not posting too much is a big no-no for a music artist. If you are wondering why do artists need social media presence, then, hop into the game of the music industry.  

How To Overcome It: Keep your posts between “too much” and “too little”. 

4. Pixelated Photos 

Having fuzzy, unprofessional-looking images is one of the most major ways to turn off followers on any platform and in any media and is not a flop idea for making presence on social media as an artist. This is extremely harmful in the iPhone Age. So you should be ready with fantastic equipment. 

How To Overcome It: Take a phone with a good camera. If your budget doesn’t allow you to go for iPhone, then go for Pixel 4a and make your way in creating best social media profile for an artist.  

5. Giving Up Easily 

Far too frequently, individuals establish a page, are frustrated that they don’t become a social media celebrity or have a ton of followers and activity overnight, grow bored, and then abandon it to gather cyber dust in some corner of the Internet. Social media is the game of patience. Seek help from professionals on social media services for a musician.  

The greatest approach to learning is to observe someone who is successful and understand why others fail. Learn about the main mistakes that artists make online and begin focusing on methods that will boost your fan base and art sales. With a proper channelized and consistent approach, social media can be a realistic approach for artists and one has to do a A/B testing to judge the best social media sites for artists for a longer run.  

Make sure to sell your unique and original work on social media platforms in order to be trolled and leave social media accounts.  Learn the tips to use social media marketing for self-branding as a musician.  


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