6 Ways To Promote Your Music Video On YouTube


YouTube boasts over 2 billion users worldwide, watching millions of videos regularly. So, it would not be wrong to hint that YouTube is an ultra-popular platform for promoting music videos. But ensure your music video is of the highest quality by using a YouTube video editor to make it.

But the question here is how do you promote your music video on YouTube? Well, the process is quite simple. You can completely rely on videos if you want to establish a more meaningful and quicker connection between your music video and its viewers.

The best thing about promoting your music video on YouTube is you get paid every time someone watches the video. And do not forget that different online video editing tools can place your video in a better position for engagement, views, and potential royalties.

That being said, here are six different ways of promoting your music video on YouTube:

1. Use YouTube Video Ads for Increasing the Visibility of Your Music Video

This is one of the most obvious ways of promoting a music video directly on YouTube. That’s because YouTube video ads are quite ubiquitous on this platform. They are super-customizable, and you can easily place them in varied spots.

  • You can have them appear directly on the home page of the platform, 
  • broadcast them before/after or during the music video; 
  • Create them so that they are visible only on mobile devices or include the right keywords in the ads, so they appear when the users search on YouTube.

But make sure to choose the music video you are looking to promote on YouTube, the target audience, the budget per view or per cost per click, and the ad format and location before creating a YouTube ad.

Also, you have the flexibility to experiment with varied YouTube ad formats and keep following up on them to understand the one that works best when promoting your music video.

2. Work on Creating a Great Visual

Many individuals wonder about the right way to get noticed on YouTube to create a music video or sing. These individuals create top-quality music and upload the same on YouTube. Unfortunately, their music videos do not garner a lot of attention.

Wondering why? That’s because these people do not consider that YouTube is a major visual platform. This means that simply uploading your music art for the entire video will not work.

You need to create a top-quality video that the listeners would love to watch. No, you do not need a huge budget for this purpose. Even home videos can go viral if they are correctly made.

You can use basic equipment and a YouTube video editor to shoot your video. This will make it easier for you to create professional-looking videos in a matter of a few seconds only.

3. Add Your Music Video to Playlists on YouTube

YouTube playlists are one of the most excellent choices for growing the subscriptions and the views of your music video. That’s because the majority of the individuals watch YouTube playlists bringing in more views for your music video.

Here the trick is adding the music video to the related playlists of musicians or genres. You even have the option of creating your very own playlist where you can add almost any video that you want.

Try including your music video in as many playlists as possible. This is one of the best ways of enjoying free promotion for your music video.

4. Go for the Verification of Your YouTube Channel

Verification is something hard to achieve on platforms like Instagram and Shopify, but that’s not the case on YouTube. Channel verification has a major impact on YouTube. A verified YouTube channel is good at attracting more attention and in giving the user exclusive advantages like:

  • Offering access to in-depth statistics
  • Allowing users to promote their videos
  • Improving channel SEO

However, there’s a small issue with YouTube verification. If you want to get your YouTube channel verified for music video promotion, you need to post a minimum of three videos. Once you do this, you can approach the support team at YouTube and request the verification.

5. Pay Attention to YouTube SEO

Search engine optimization is the secret to grabbing visibility and organic traffic on the search engines. SEO also plays a vital role in making your music video popular on YouTube.

The main idea behind YouTube SEO is to make your channel easy to find. This entails using the most relatable keywords to your music video in the tags, descriptions, and title of the video.

In addition to this, you must also write detailed descriptions to inform the viewers more about your music video. Furthermore, include the right keywords in the description of your channel as well. One word of caution here is you must avoid naming your music video that matches the names of existing music videos on YouTube.

6. Offer Different Content Variety on Your YouTube Channel

Since you are an artist, it is pretty likely that you will use your YouTube channel for posting and promoting music videos. Nevertheless, there are many other ways of highlighting your music video on YouTube.

The viewers enjoy learning a lot about the lives of the artists and the creators. This reflects the popularity of the vlogs on this platform. So, you can entirely depend on the other video format on the platform if you have the inclination and the time to promote your music video.

You can use behind-the-scene videos and vlogs for building a real group around your musical assignment. It is this extra content that you provide to the viewers that contributes to the narrative that is so very crucial in increasing the visibility and the reach of your music video. It will also help you in retaining fans.


YouTube is one of the most excellent platforms for gaining exposure for your music video. Nevertheless, you need to promote your music video to get the highest views instantly. As far as possible, try using the free or the most affordable ways of promoting your music video. The best idea here is to use a YouTube video editor for this purpose.

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