How to Create Wikipedia Page for Artists?

Wikipedia is an ever-evolving, user-generated encyclopedia that allows you to add content, including pages, articles, and general knowledge. If you are interested in creating a Wikipedia page for your music brand or any other business, you should know upfront that creating a Wikipedia page is notoriously challenging. Wondering how to create a Wikipedia page for artists? Read this blog further to know more. This challenge becomes an achievable goal by learning how to become more visible online and what type of content can be added to the page about your business. Also, before creating a Wikipedia page you need to get some online visibility.   

How to Create a Wikipedia Page

Whether on your website, blog, or social media, online content like music PR can be a powerful tool to increase online visibility. This helps in getting approval for a Wikipedia Page. There are many benefits of press release for a musician apart from getting a Wikipedia page. If you are wondering how to create a Wikipedia page for artists and its benefits, then you have landed at the right place.    

Benefits of creating a Wikipedia page  

A Wikipedia page gives excellent exposure to a musician. Many artists like musicians build their Wikipedia pages for more visibility online. Creating a page gets your name and biography online and gives you credibility. To use Wikipedia for your benefit, you must create a highly researched article and format it properly before posting.  

Check out some of the benefits of having a Wikipedia page:  

  • Your Wikipedia page can make a significant improvement to your brand’s reputation.  
  • It enhances the level of respect, authenticity, and credibility of your persona, business, or brand.   
  • By creating a Wikipedia page, you can see a positive rise in sales.  
  • It improves online visibility and helps you to appear in more search engines.  
  • It is an effective marketing tool for personal branding.   
  • If you are an artist,  a Wikipedia page will help you get more online visibility. 

If you want to get approved by Wikipedia, then we would recommend these steps given below.

Steps to Create a Wikipedia Page for a Musician:  

1. Say ‘YES’ to research first

Before thinking about creating a Wikipedia page, learn about the Wikipedia community and how it works. It will help you ensure that your page will not get deleted after you have submitted it for review. If you wonder how to create a Wikipedia page, you must have an account first. To make changes to existing Wikipedia pages, articles and create new content, you must be a registered user.    

You can create your own account by the following steps:   

  • To register on Wikipedia, you need to complete a ‘create an account’ form. 
Do your research first
  • After completing this step, you will learn how to create a Wikipedia page for a person.

2. Verify a page doesn’t already exist

Perhaps you have created a page on a particular niche topic; you must ensure that no one has tackled that area. Use the search bar to explore any relatable pages as per your topic.  

  All material included in Wikipedia mainspace, including everything in articles, pages, lists, must be verifiable. Verifiability, no original research, and a neutral point of view are some of Wikipedia’s core content policies for any page. Their editing team works together to determine content, so editors should understand all three key points.    

3. Check Notability

If you are wondering how to create my Wikipedia page? Notability is a test for editors to determine whether a topic is substantial or relevant enough to need a unique article. Then you must check your topic’s notability before creating a Wikipedia page for yourself. You can get help from general PR campaigns to become more visible online. Many artists use press release distribution services for artists to get more exposure and online visibility. If you are more visible, you are likely to be notable on Wikipedia.   

In general, a topic needs to meet two specific qualifications to be worthy of a stand-alone page: general notability and subject-specific notability. To pass this test, the information on the page must be reliable and from independent sources. However, editors can still opt to merge related topics, eliminating the need for a stand-alone page. 

4. Create an outline and write a draft

After gathering reliable sources, build an outline for your page. Break your information into sections that can be indexed through the table of contents that accompany every page. 

Create an outline and write a draft

5. Add citations

Take your time as you write your Wikipedia page. While Wikipedia pages can do a lot more to benefit your marketing efforts, keep in mind that the true intent of Wikipedia is encyclopedic and impartial.  Add Citations: By incorporating citations to your page, you can earn the searchers’ trust. Before you start creating a Wikipedia page, Wikipedia shares a disclaimer:  

“The topic of an article must already be covered in reliable sources that are independent of the subject. These include journals, books, newspapers, magazines, and websites with a reputation for fact-checking. Social media, press releases, or corporate/professional profiles do not qualify.”   

Add Citations

6. Submit your article for a review

After writing and proofreading your page, submit your article for review or consideration on Wikipedia. As mentioned earlier, publishing on Wikipedia is notoriously challenging. This process can take a few days or even weeks to get the go-ahead from Wikipedia.    

You may have your page or article rejected a few times to gain approval finally.  This takes time, patience, and continuous effort. If you gain approval, don’t think your job is done! You must update your page regularly for better traction and relevant information to searchers.   

If you are confused about creating a biography page on Wikipedia, you can follow the same steps as mentioned above. You can change the topic for a biography page. Anyone who wants to create a Wikipedia page can use the steps mentioned above irrespective of their genre or type.   

Existing in a fiercely competitive industry is tough. The music industry presents a great example of how businesses must continually transform and adapt to change. Many music artists look for ways to be popular and reach out to more audiences. Wikipedia is the most visited online encyclopedia. However, considering its outreach, the current status reaches millions of people. No doubt, Wikipedia is the rightful platform that can give you a push start and ensures to stabilize and flourish your search engine foundation as an artist. 

Important Things to Consider Before Creating a Wikipedia Page for a Musician 

If you are wondering how to create a Wikipedia page for a musician or band, then you can consider these steps to get approved on Wikipedia:   

  1. Be Balanced: It is essential to keep in mind that Wikipedia is not meant for promotional purposes. If you treat your page that way, it will most likely get deleted on Wikipedia. You cannot say that your band is the best. Instead, you can say that your band is widely regarded as an important contributor to rock parties.   
  1. Don’t write it yourself: Wikipedia wants unbiased articles. Ask your fans or friends to contribute to your page on Wikipedia. That means if your team member or your manager or record label guy writes the article, it will probably get deleted. Generally, a regular Wikipedia contributor will have a much better chance of getting approved on Wikipedia.   
  1. Begin with a PR campaign: The more online visibility you will have on news articles, the more likely you seem to be notable on Wikipedia. It is easier to get approved on Wikipedia if you have been popular online by the PR campaigns. Ensure you have an error-free website that is up-to-date and offers complete information on your company.    
  1. Include references: Do research and find references for your band online. If you’ve been written about in popular newspapers, magazines, and blogs – this will help immensely. Ensure that you use these references in your article before submitting your article for review on Wikipedia.   

Have you tried submitting to Wikipedia? Follow these tips above and try to create your own Wikipedia page.   

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