The 10 Best Australian Music Blogs in 2023 and Beyond

Need some new music content in your life? Introducing our rundown of the 10 best Australian music blogs right now. Being a publisher ourselves, we love a spot of music newscasting. Perusing is one of life’s extraordinary joys, and there are not many better places to do that than across the best Australian music blogs.

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Learning to listen to new music is now simpler than it has ever been, thanks to streaming services that provide algorithms and playlists that cater to nearly every need in terms of musical discovery. But what about the music blogs that are based in Australia?

So, we are listing down the 10 biggest Australian music blogs that could expand your music list!

1. Acid Stag

Acid Stag

Acid Stag is a dance music blog that consistently publishes high-quality reviews, playlists, and interviews. Acid Stag covers all things dance music. They also host a radio programme that is only available on Spotify and Apple Music, in which they play anything from modern club songs to underground club rattlers, among other things. 

We must, however, commend them for not just promoting renowned musicians, but also for bringing exciting young talent to the forefront of the industry as well.

2. Baked Goods

Baked Goods

Baked Goods is without a doubt one of the most interesting blogs on our list, bringing a diverse range of interviews, concert information, and exclusive live sessions to its readers. The site shines a light on some of Australia’s top musicians from the fields of pop, rap, R&B, and indie music. 

Baked goods have grown from its humble beginnings in mid-2016 to become a leading source for breaking news and interviews with bands and musicians across a wide range of genres, garnering more than 2 million views to date.

3. Project U

Project U

Project U are the pop music expert in the Australian music blogging community. Featuring radio tastemaker Nic Kelly as the presenter, the Project U crew has also begun hosting a weekly podcast in which they talk about, analyse, and showcase the majority of important releases that have come out throughout the week.

When it comes to pop music, even those who are not normally fans of the genre will likely like what Project U has to offer, since the group has very strong ideas about which songs are hot and which ones aren’t. You may find them providing excellent coverage at a variety of concerts and festivals, as they have a special affinity for promoting up-and-coming crossover pop musicians. We believe that reading this blog will alter your perception of pop music.

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4. Pilerats


Pilerats, a Perth-based Australian music blog, not only have all of your west coast music needs covered but they’re also a tastemaker destination that specialises in uncovering the very best in electronic, rap, and indie music through music reviews and in-depth artist features, all of which are backed by some seriously talented writers. 

Pilerats are passionate about promoting Australian music, and they have even created their own ‘Sounds From’ series playlists, which include their favourite new sounds from each major city in Australia. They also hold some pretty fantastic events, which frequently include performances by the artists that they’re breaking. If you’re ever in Perth, you should check them out.

5. Balcony TV

Balcony TV

Balcony TV, which was established around 12 years ago, has constantly shown footage of numerous bands and singer/songwriters playing on balconies. Even though it seems ludicrous to think about it, this YouTube channel has amassed uncountable views since its inception in 2006, and has included prominent performers such as Jessie J, Mumford & Sons, and even a young Ed Sheeran before he became famous! 

Each act that appears on BalconyTV is assigned to a certain city, and the winning act is determined by the number of “likes” they get. The greater the number of votes they get, the higher their top position on the charts.

6. Best Before

Best Before

Sydney-based outlet Best Before welcomes you on-the-minute news regarding gigs, new releases and surveys. The group involved an energetic gathering of photographers, journalists and students are keeping it directly up Aussie, with a myriad of interviews, feature articles, live streams and video clips centering around the nation’s most exciting new demonstrations. Best Before are without a doubt obsessed with live music, so you can depend on them to bring to you all the significant gig information in Sydney, whether you’re into indie rock, rap, pop or dance music.

7. Stoney Roads

Stoney Roads

Stoney Roads are eminent dance music specialists professionals and one of Australia’s premier music blogs, displaying new music, news, interviews and mixtapes. However they’ve since been arranging the occasional party, putting out compilations of Aussie music discoveries and basically developing into a tastemaker record label. What stands apart the most is their fair and genuine approach; you can see that these folks do it for the love of electronic music.

8. The Interns

The Interns

The Interns are another pop-cultural hub that puts a spotlight on sharing the most recent new music from enormous name artists directly down to the ones that you should have on your radar. Assuming you’re after a quick music fix, their ’10 Songs You Need to Hear This Week’ series is a week after week wrap-up of a lot of new releases that are hot off the press – as a rule release each Friday, on schedule for the end of the week.

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9. Purple Sneakers

Purple Sneakers

Another Australian electronic music blog commending their eleventh year on the inter-webs is Purple Sneakers. Purple Sneakers are one of the original few remaining blogs from the renowned bloghaus time, a period of the indie-club music that has molded the popularity of electronic music in Australia over the past few years.

10. Howl and Echoes

Howl and Echoes

Howl and Echoes are no new face blog, they’ve been covering new music and music news for a couple of years now. Inspite of the blog not being refreshed daily, they’re the exact meaning of a blogger, with two or three pleasantly edible posts consistently. You’ll get a portion of the greater music news stories, yet a finely tuned collection of new music coverage.


What these Australian music blogs offer you is the possibility to understand what’s behind the songs: they give bits of knowledge about the way of life and procedures that characterize a particular genre, permitting you to arrive at a more profound comprehension of the music you are passionate about. If you did, you should begin diving into the huge archives these music blogs have!

If you find this blog helpful, you can read more about things to avoid when pitching music to bloggers and the best music distribution services.

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