5 Things to Avoid When Pitching Music to Bloggers


As an artist or a band, to create a piece of great music is like the soul of a body. But even after creating the best of yours, it is still very important to get coverage from music blogs for your career growth and brand reach.

Pitching music to bloggers can be tough in such a competitive field, even a simple mistake can easily land you in the spam box. Most of the bands/ artists receive fewer responses and decide to go on their own.

To publish your music to the masses right approach to reach out to the right bloggers is essential. Even if you make a move and reach out to the bloggers, make sure they are from the industry and have relatable followers. Even if you have made a beautiful and soulful song it does not get recognised among masses, it may be due to wrong approach or irrelevant set of people the music is released to or maybe you have chosen a wrong bunch of bloggers to help you seed in your music to audience. Reasons could be many, but the most common ones are:

Top 5 Wrong Practices that you must be Doing and Should avoid While Pitching to Bloggers:

1. Not reading the blog’s submission guidelines

The best and fastest way you can find to land your pitching in the trash or even deleted it directly is not following the blog’s submission rules. That is why it is very essential to follow the given guidelines on the contact page. If the outlet wants you to submit the pitch with a specific format of the subject line, description, etc., adhere to the guidelines. If the outlet clearly states that they need a SoundCloud link, don’t send them a Spotify link and vice versa. If the outlet is not accepting the music videos or albums, there’s no point in sending them. The decided set of format can reject the submission.

2. Doing Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) to mass outlets

Second reason could be the way for your pitching. It can be rejected if you are not following the rules. In case you blindly send a generic message to many outlets or music bloggers, you probably lose the chance of getting any coverage from the publisher, especially when you are a new band and not an established brand in the market.

So, it is essential to draft personalized mail for the outlet and not send generic pitching. You can mention some of the things that you liked on their recently published blogs (Which you should read) and how your band or music is relevant to them. This is also the best practice to get your submission achieve the success they deserve, as this will also enthuse them in their work and give acknowledgment to the publisher’s hard work.

3. Submitting the old music

Even while keeping the above two things right, there is one more point which you must keep in mind, which is the shelf life of music. Never send a piece of music that is over a year or even a few months old, if you do so you will be only a laughingstock. Remember that the first few weeks are the golden period for pitching your music and getting good coverage.

4. Sending too many attachments

Publicist usually has hundreds of emails to check, so never include too many attachments as they will occupy the unnecessary space for the blogger. Moreover, having too many attachments will only make your pitching ugly and less professional. The best practice is to provide a single link to all the necessary items that you have to share, along with the music link. It will make the pitch crisp and appealing to the publicist.

5. Not doing follow up.

Many bands/artists after pitching music and not getting any response, assume that the outlet is not at all interested in his/ her music. As we have been stressing that outlets have thousands of emails to deal with, so it is easily ignored even after following all the guidelines and rules, so you need to follow up politely. Read the already published blogs and send the mail adoring the current blog and how your music is relevant to him.

To conclude the aforementioned activities you might be doing wrong while pitching your song to music bloggers.

It is important to remember that pitching to bloggers is not bragging about your music, band, or greatness. Remember that you are competing with thousands of other emails dropping in the bloggers’ inbox daily.

So, to get that competitive estate on the website, you have to walk an extra mile to realize the bloggers’ problems and make their work easy. If you are also a music artist and blogger or aspiring to be one? we have created a complete guide of SEO specifically designed for music artists having easy checklists and many other useful SEO guidelines you need.

We hope you liked the article and now understands how to pitch a song. If yes, now you are ready to make your best impact on the publishers, give us feedback and you can also collaborate with us through our contact us page.

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