Clubhouse App Review- Everything you Need to Know

Clubhouse voice app review

What is the clubhouse app?

Imagine you get a mobile app on your phone that lets you listen to live conversations happening between a bunch of people. Something that might sound awkward or creepy but spicy, people want to be heard by you. They may be famous stars and artists or can be non-celebrities discussing with each other, or at least knowledgeable or interesting (no guarantee, however). And there will be chances that you may be given the opportunity to join their live chat. Think of it as an audio conferencing-live chat social network. Welcome to Clubhouse App!

The Clubhouse app launch.

The clubhouse app is an audio-conferencing app launched (at the time of COVID in the US!) in March 2020. In the meantime, it became a big deal in very less time because of its invite-only exclusivity, much like a real-world club membership. Clubhouse app stocks went high in few days because of its major hype between youth. It was a really tiny group and community in those early days, mainly consisting of venture capitalists and business persons. After all, the main mastermind company behind the Clubhouse app —”Alpha Exploration Co.” —received 12-million-dollar funding from Andreessen Horowitz after two months of its release. It was quickly reached $100 million—and it only had 1,500 users at that time.

welcome to clubhouse

How get this audio-conferencing Clubhouse app?

The clubhouse is currently available for download on Android and iOS. It released on iOS last year, and the company started a US-only Android rollout in early May. It is now available on Android worldwide. Downloads of the Android version of clubhouse crossed more than 1 million in less than just two weeks.

Can I use the Clubhouse app on the iPad?

Sure, but it’s not properly optimized for iPad OS. So, you’ll be using the clubhouse app in a small window, zoomed-in 2x size, or looking at it in a weird. It should work okay on an Android tablet, however.

How to sign in Clubhouse App?

You can’t directly sign up for this app. you will need a clubhouse app invite from an existing Clubhouse user to access this app. Every new user gets two invites in his clubhouse ID, and they earn more invites as they use the app more regularly. Ask your friends directly if they have any invites for you. You could even buy an invite on eBay and other sites or try a “pay-it-forward” invite chain but be aware of invite scams going on social media.

How to sign in Clubhouse App

The App icon controversy

The Clubhouse app doesn’t have an official logo icon for their app. It has opted for an always-rotating white-and-black portrait of a male and female person as to its icon on a smartphone main app screen. Each person is an original real-life user of Clubhouse. Usually, it’s a person who has had a very important impact on the clubhouse platform or it can be someone. Clubhouse believes that it has a deep understanding of what is going on. Each icon lasts for a few weeks and gets changed with a new icon with a major app update.

Some have praised Clubhouse for its awesome design choice as breaking up the main monotony, but others mainly think that it just makes it really hard to find the clubhouse app on your phone when the icon changes after the new update.

Data taken for clubhouse app access.

You have to give Clubhouse your primary phone number and your real name based on your real ID (in theory). You can easily register the eventual new username you want for the service before you even get an invite to the clubhouse app. The person inviting you on the app simply needs your phone number so that he can send you an invite. You’ll get a link via SMS text on your phone, telling you to visit the official website joinclubhouse.com/app and sign in with that phone number.

If you don’t want to set up a profile from scratch, you can link your Twitter account to your Clubhouse app ID. it’ll even get in your existing Twitter profile picture. The clubhouse also pushes you to link your contacts with the app, making it easier to find more people to follow on the app. Don’t bother if you don’t have any contact list full of social media influencers. Once you’re logged in to the app, verify your email address with the app to have it as the main method for reconnecting if there’s an issue in the Clubhouse app.

Data taken for clubhouse app access

What am I going to listen to on Clubhouse voice app?

When you finally get access to the app, the clubhouse app offers multiple pages full of conversational clubhouse chat topics to follow, from music, sports to technology to world current affairs to faith to “hustle” and on and on. In each, you’ll find many people interested in the same thing that you are in, and you can follow them too if you want. The more similar topics and people you follow on clubhouse, the more likely you will get suggestions for multiple rooms that fits your desires.

Clubhouse voice app

Mobile mode availability in Clubhouse app

Clubhouse app is great app that helps you to connect and socialize with people and make some good network of similar interest and mindset. Clubhouse app is not a web-based application as of now. It can only be used on smart phones. The company’s only main website is joinclubhouse.com.

Nowdays many social media apps are intrend betwwen youth liks Rizzle app, trell , Moj etc but If you are looking to connect with people and increase your network, download it from apple app store and android play store and get going.

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