Rizzle Short Videos App Review

Rizzle App Review

What is Rizzle app?

Rizzle is a highly innovative 60-seconds short video application for interactions and talk shows founded by Vidya Narayanan in 2019. An app that makes short videos and is user friendly is all that one needs. Rizzle app lets you interact with people from around the world. It is one of the most innovative short videos app as it is quite easy to create, edit and share your videos within seconds. Rizzle app lets you start your own mini-series or talk shows and you can also become the host of different channels to showcase multiple personalities and generate binge-worthy content.

With its in-built editing tools, amazing features and a hue library of music and sounds of hit numbers, Rizzle short videos can be made pretty easily and quickly. You can record short series, different unique transitions, various lip-syncing videos, dance and music videos, and cinematic vlogs all with the Rizzle app for artists of all kinds. This is an app to make short videos of any niche that you would like, you can talk about sports, do make-up and styling videos, make prank videos and so on.

Key Features of the Rizzle app

1. Titan

The titan feature on Rizzle short videos app lets you make funny memes with its exclusiveness. You can magnify or shrink yourself, become as big as a giant or as small as an insect with no separate editing required. You can make and down these short videos as many as you like.

Rizzle Short Videos

2. Filters and visual Effects

You can use as many filters as you want with numerous beautiful effects and make stunningly dramatic videos. The rizzle app for short videos also lets you share your content on Instagram reels to reach a much wider audience.

Filters and visual Effects

3. Green screen and PIP

This unique feature of green screen can let you put any background that you want in your video without any hassle. Whether you want a background of a beach or if your short videos need a background of Eiffel tower or the busy streets of New York, Rizzle has it all Rizzling. You can add photos from your own phone gallery and reference your videos, docu-series, opinions, news videos, and more other content with Picture-in-Picture feature popularly known as PIP.

Green screen and PIP

4. Music tracks and sound effects

You can create infinite numbers of videos and include background score and sound effects to make your content more engaging. You can use any of the songs from the vast music library of Rizzle app with 50K+ songs and many more coming soon. Sound effects of all genres and categories can be found in this app: thriller, comedy, romance horror, drama and many more. You can also request your favorite creators to create content on your favorite music tracks and sound effects with FanQuests!

Music tracks and sound effects

5. Rizzle series

Consume any amount of content in the form of short series in various languages and genres al for free on the Rizzle app. Users can write, create direct and even start their own series and create beautiful content on the short videos app.

Rizzle series

6. Rizzle Studios

Polish your skills and fulfil your passion with the free online classes in acting, dancing, music, comedy writing, storytelling, directing and a lot more on the rizzle studios feature. This feature lets you learn from seasoned and experienced instructors and industry professionals and some of the best content creators.

Monetization model of Rizzle App

This app has made their monetization model in comprehensive way. Users can monetize their videos via a Premium Channel audience sponsorship. Users will have to post a minimum of 30 quality videos within a month to claim their ‘Premium Channel’ status.

These premium channels can then be sponsored by other users who are using a subscription model. Details of the prices are:

  • Silver level- $0.99 every 3 months
  • Gold level- $0.99 every month
  • Platinum level- $2.99 every month

Another way to win monetary rewards and prizes is by participating in various contests in the app itself. Users can get a chance to be featured on the Rizzle’s wall of fame by participating in various contests and winning them. The app also has a patent-pending feature (which is not just like the Duet feature of TikTok) and create viral and jaw-dropping videos. You do not get any earnings for views as on other platforms like YouTube, here only sponsorships can get you monetary rewards.

Monetization model of Rizzle App

How to download and sign in?

You can download the app from app store or google paly store for free. The app size is around 15 mb. Once you are finished installing you have to create your channel via your google account on the app and get started. The app has released its newest version 5.0 and the latest update was on 23rd June, 2021.


Rizzle is an app that gives you a great opportunity to create videos, edit them and share them for free. Communicate with your audience and become a famous content creator with this short video making platform. The app also has no comments policy to make sure the creators are not trolled brutally like on the other social media platforms. Only video responses are allowed in this app which is a great policy to lessen online bullying and trolling. Video moderation is another feature that ensures that viewers have a safe experience on the app.

You can also promote your YouTube channel here and increase your fanbase. The app also has a money withdrawal policy to withdraw the money you earn or win in your PayPal account only if it is more than 5 dollars. Overall, this is a great app for newcomers looking to create content and want to earn money.

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