Clubhouse and its advantages for musicians

Clubhouse and its advantages for musicians

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a social media audio-only platform app that is used to create audio conferencing in public and private chat rooms. Clubhouse is growing massively between youth and gaining huge attention for its audio chat room feature.

When Covid began at the start of 2020, Paul Davison and Rohan Seth designed an app to connect people via audio conferencing chat rooms, exchange ideas and thoughts, make private audio-conferencing rooms, and connect with new people worldwide. This means you just have to open the app, find a conferencing call that suits your interest and thoughts, and listen in the group. You can also join the group conference if you want to get involved in the conversation.

Why people love Clubhouse?

Everyone loves about this app because you need to be invited by someone to be on the app. Not everyone can get access in the app. After getting an invitation in the app, you can join and get into many audio groups.

You can hear many groups discussing ted talks, master class level conversations between music industry people. While one room could have an ongoing DJ session, another might have a comedian session going on. Some groups might have famous influencers discussing their favorite music or another might have cooks discussing dishes.

Clubhouse is a group of community members interested in various sectors and sharing their opinions and thoughts on their respective interests. It’s a beautiful platform for musicians looking to connect, making groups, discussing music, panel discussion on a topic, talking about music-making, record labels head, and many more.

Best use of Clubhouse for a musician-

There are different advantages of Clubhouse to grow as a musician.

Get followers and huge audience with a perfect bio:

A perfect bio tells everything about you that everyone wants to know from you. It is important to get new people to your social media pages as soon as possible. Start with a clear picture and an informative bio and finish it off with all your social media handles. A defined bio that tells about your interests and work done can attract many like-minded people and is helpful in expanding the interaction.

Get invited and connect with people with similar interest:

First, you can find artists and bands you are into and check if they are on Clubhouse audio app. You can follow their fellow fans who listens to their music. So, if you follow them and if they like your profile, you will easily get them in your room by inviting them and showcasing your creations, music, art or prose, taking opinions, and interacting with them. By doing so, they will become your regular listener and it will help you to increase your fanbase among Clubhouse community.

Build your own community and increase your fanbase and visibility on Clubhouse:

After joining Clubhouse, start interacting in different groups and then start making your own room and group. This is where you get more people to your room and start getting more followers and more interaction towards you. Join the conversation and grow exponentially on Clubhouse by following these organic activities. Start inviting your friends, family members and get them into the conversation.

Exposure and networking in the music industry artists:

There are many music industry opportunities for artists on Clubhouse. One can get their music to a larger audience and potential people who want to work with you in future. In other words, it helps make music industry connection. Artist can participate in different music session and join bigger rooms and showcase their talents.

Advice / Help from music industry professionals :

Clubhouse is a great way to get advice and help from experienced artists and music professionals from the industry. It gives you an option to find and join multiple rooms for example, music industry session, Music mode on Clubhouse, Clubhouse music streaming group, Music industry professionals panel discussion, etc. A musician and artist can join any of the groups or similar pages/rooms. They can get involved in conversations, clear their doubts, take feedbacks on the creations and improvise. Clubhouse, being a social networking voice app, gives you an option to interact and enhance and share your knowledge with your connections. Not just that, family rooms are made for light conversations.


Being a musician, Clubhouse can help an artist in many ways. Clubhouse made things easy for artists to showcase their talent and build a fanbase according to their niche. Clubhouse will be going to be the best social media app in 2021 for sure. All you need is a smart phone with good internet connectivity and interest to join the Clubhouse.

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