Kygo releases Happy Now as a Tribute to the Fallen Star Avicii

Kygo releases Happy Now as a Tribute to the Fallen Star Avicii

The Norwegian DJ, Kygo, is one of the true name-bearers of the Tropical House sound. He brought it to radio and to music festivals around the world. Recently, he released the long impending collaboration track with Avicii “Happy Now”, as a tribute to the fallen star. ‘Happy Now’ has incredible vocals of Sandro Cavazza, accompanied flawlessly by Kygo’s trademark tropical style.

Avicii, the late EDM legend, passed away on 20th April’18 in Muskat, aged 28. Several suicidal injuries inflicted with a broken wine bottle consequently led to his death. It is believed that he was unable to cope up with the work pressure and hence couldn’t find peace anymore. Both Kygo and Sandro Cavazza were close friends of Avicii. Kygo even described him as ‘one of his biggest inspirations’ and added that ‘the reason he started making electronic music was Avicii’.

Kygo has been in the news recently, for his generous donation of $30,000 to the ‘Tomorrow Needs You’ campaign – aimed to help those struggling with depression, self-injury, addiction, and suicidal tendencies. This, along with ‘Happy Now,’ was a sizable tribute to the late star. Stars like Arty also have released tributes to Avicii.

Kygo also paid a touching tribute Avicii during his Coachella set which was scheduled just one day after his death. He ended the set with his favorite Avicii song “Without You,” and had a moment of silence to honor the artist. Despite the tragic incident, Kygo wanted fans to celebrate the fallen legend and his music.

“In honor of Avicii, I want you to dance and sing along and let’s celebrate the life of a true musical genius.”

Kygo said during his Coachella set.

Fans took to Twitter to express their grief after the set.

The Song

‘Happy Now’ debuted earlier this year at iHeartRadio Music Festival. Kygo and Sando Cavazza performed this track together, live for the first time.

The track has the perfect mix of vocals, instrumental parts, catchy chords, and melodious melodies. There is an impressive union of synths, digital, and organic sounds like pianos, giving the track an unusual freshness. ‘Happy Now’ sounds like a flicker of happiness, though with a tinge of a bittersweet element. Be sure to let it move your emotions.

Listen to ‘Happy Now’ via the Spotify, link below.

Another milestone of Kygo and Avicii collaboration is ‘Paradise’. Track below.

Read about how fans broke down during the Tomorrowland tribute to Avicii. Avicii also has several unfinished tracks with stars like Nicky Romeo and Nile Rodgers. Their fate is unknown as of now. Let’s all hope that none of his unfinished tracks go shelved and gets to see the light of release.

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