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How to Get Playlisted on Spotify And Maximize Your Playlist Exposure

As audio streaming has become more prevalent in recent years, it has displaced downloads and physical sales as the dominant form of music consumption. For as long as people have been consuming and discovering music, streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and Deezer have been the predominant choices. 

Listening to the music people like is greatly influenced by the kinds of playlists they create. Learn the art of how to get on Spotify playlist. Millions of followers can be attracted to curated and updated collections. If you lose your spot on a Spotify list or Apple’s selection, the listener numbers can spike. 

Additionally, customized playlists are made possible with apps like Discover Weekly and Release Radar. In addition to branded playlists, there are also playlists selected by record labels, brands, and influencers. Additionally, we allow users to make their playlists (including you!). 

The fact that Spotify tracks a myriad of metrics within the platform is something many artists may not realize since the platform crawls hundreds of music blogs, keeps tabs on social media buzz, and tracks it all in correlation with the listening activity tastemakers on Spotify. Playlists like Fresh Finds can increase the career of independent artists because they can move the needle in their careers. 

Therefore, playlist features could be considered one element of a holistic campaign in which all your efforts are complementary: press and social media mentions feed Spotify components, and vice versa for how to get on Spotify playlist easily. 

Steps that will help you get on a Spotify playlist –  

Here are some simple things you can do to boost your success rate and get on a Spotify playlist. 

1. Plan before the release 

When you’re preparing to release a new song, make sure that identifying relevant playlists you could pitch it to is part of your release process. 

Once you find the playlists that best fit each song, prepare to submit your pitch to the editors. To give the playlist editors time to review your submission, make sure to do this well before the songs drop.  

If you get a new release on a Spotify playlist, users will hear your song right when it comes out. This initial boost in streams increases engagement with your artist profile and gets listeners excited about your future releases.  

2. Use a credible playlisting tool. 

Don’t waste time searching for playlists manually. By subscribing to a playlisting platform, you can quickly identify relevant playlists, access their contact information, and reach out to curators. A playlisting tool will help you make a more innovative and targeted pitch to increase your chances of getting on the playlist you want. 

Since the playlists are already mapped within the tool, you need to search for the right playlists. Some playlisting platforms offer better search capabilities than others. For example, while all media in the market will let you search by genre, only Play list Map allows you to search by a specific artist and help you in getting on Spotify playlists.  

3. Focus on independent curators 

The playlists created by the Spotify editorial team are viral. But this also means the competition to get on them is tough. The group receives flooded with pitches, and it will take them a while to see your message and even more time to listen to your song. 

You’ll have a better chance of getting added to a playlist if you focus on independent curators. While they also go through tons of songs to carefully select which ones they want to include, they are not as inundated with pitches, and you are more likely to get a faster reply from them.  

4. Write a personalized and compelling pitch. 

Once you identify the curator and playlist, make sure to personalize your pitch. Start by introducing yourself and stating the purpose of your message. You mention which playlist you are submitting your music for, as many curators manage several playlists. Then include a description of your music. If you are a brand new artist, it also helps to reference which artists you are similar to so that the curator can further understand your vibe.  

Try to be as efficient and intentional with your words as possible with the pitch; you want the curator to understand your music thoroughly and not skim over any vital information. Finally, please show your appreciation for the curator and thank them for their time.  

5. Increase listener engagement to boost sales 

When more people interact with your music, the Spotify algorithm will favor your profile. So when listeners like or save your songs or even add the pieces to their playlists, the algorithm reads that as increased engagement. This improves the likelihood of your songs being added to popular playlists like Discover Weekly and Release Radar. 

In your social media profiles, add a link to your Spotify profile. It creates easy access for listeners who are already following you to engage with your music within Spotify and that’s the other way for how to release a song on Spotify. Learn about free websites to upload your music online for free.

6. Create a good artist profile 

When the curators read your pitch, one of the first things they’ll do is look at your Spotify profile. Your profile, to look legitimate, needs to include a bio with your artist’s story and images of you. Then add links to your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Wikipedia pages to show your social media following and existing listeners. If you have any upcoming tour dates, add those as well. 

What are Spotify editorial playlists 

 Spotify editorial playlists are the playlists on Spotify that are curated by Spotify’s music experts who are specific genre specialists. Their playlist usually revolves around some themes like genre, sub-genre, mood, or even particular activities like working or running. 

So, what are you waiting for? Follow the above tips and get your music on Spotify playlist and become a known personality among the other competitors who are still learning the art on how to get on Spotify playlist to make it count.  

GrooveNexus has been advocating and giving tutorials to independent artists in knowing how to post a song on Spotify playlist. We help musicians across the world and helping them in establishing name in the industry. Wondering how you will do without a label and add your own songs to Spotify? Worry no more, we have your back out there. 

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