7 Best Music Streaming Services for 2022

Google made a big announcement this year.   

Google started the process of shutting down Google Play Music in October last year, 2020. Google has informed users and emailed them about closer of Google Play Music data by February 24, 2021. It includes the purchases, music library with uploads, and anything purchased from Google Play Music. The email notification to users to save their data in advance before it is completely deleted and there will be no way to recover it in the future. In the row, Google has been rolling out several new features of YouTube to encourage users to make a switch.  

The big news by Google on 24th Feb 2021 of deleting Google Play Music Data this year finally. Although major music streaming services still exist in the market, the tricky part is which one to plump for. Here, we have got you the list of music streaming services with their features and reasons why to buy them.    

Songs in your palm –   

There are Millions of songs in the world which you can listen to, in your palm that you can listen to. There’s no storage woes for the same and you don’t even have to pay for it. Yes, many free music apps are available that you can stream in that too on your phone screen. The only tricky part is deciding which streaming service to plump for. Do not fret, we’re here to help.   

Most of the major music streaming services have a free tier (barring Tidal, Qobuz and Apple Music). While these free music services inevitably includes advertisements and have more limited functionality than their paid-for stablemates, they’re still pretty awesome to use and will keep your ears stuck to the ground. You’ll often find one, two, or even three months free (or almost free) deals on your chosen streaming service’s paid-for tiers to try the sonic goods before you buy.   

GrooveNexus always nudge you towards better quality paid streams if you’re only an occasional listener and have a particular taste. But, free online streaming services could make more sense than paying for something you barely use. We’ve rounded up the best free online streaming services, you can explore as per your taste. But the question rounds up here is – what/which is the best music streaming service that we can stream on? 

So, if you are looking for an alternative following the news of Google Play Music’s death on 24th February this year, we’ve got you the list. Here you go –   

Number one in the row is –   

1. Spotify  

Spotify still tops the game, though there are plenty of hi-res music streaming in competition around. It is the most popular music streaming services we’ve seen so far. With a Quality of free tier: Up to 160kbps and 70 million+ library size, Spotify works best on iOS and Android apps, desktop app, web player, smart TV apps, connected speaker support, or cars. The best-known free streaming service is also the best when it comes to listening to music. While you will have to put up with adverts, you’ll have to listen to most playlists on shuffle mode if you don’t want to pay. There are still plenty of features to go gala for like: decent sound quality, around 75 million songs.   

It is predicted to be 90 million by the end of 2021 if its library keeps growing at the same rate. Offline listening, podcasts, bags, etc. Spotify works on almost any device imaginable.   

If you want free music streaming, Spotify should be your first port of call.  

Reasons to Buy Spotify –   

  • Plenty of ways to find new music  
  • It is easy to use  
  • Can be streamed on a lot of platforms  
  • Limitations-   
  • Not the best sounding  
  • No lossless audio  

2. Deezer  

Deezer is an extensive catalogue that makes this free service a compelling prospect. The free tier has a library size of 56 million, consists of 128kbps and works on iOS and Android apps, desktop apps, and web players. 

Reasons to Buy  

  • Choices  
  • Good podcasts  
  • Simple to use  

3. Amazon Prime Music  

One of the best streaming services you must explore. With a library size of 2 million, it supports 256kbps quality and available on iOS and Android apps, Echo and Fire TV devices. There are plenty of reasons to go for Amazon Prime music, if it is not cheapest music streaming services, but affordable so far.    

One must buy Amazon Prime Music for many reasons –   

  • You get 2 million songs for free  
  • No adverts  
  • Compatible with Alexa  

4. YouTube Music  

YouTube is the giant’s video-sharing free music streaming service, which is surprisingly decent and most popular among video makers. With a capacity of 128kbps, it works well on iOS and Android apps, web player and whatnot.   

Launched in 2015, YouTube Music is the video-sharing site’s attempt to take on Spotify. Just like Spotify, it offers a free tier with some skippable and non-skippable adverts. As you would expect, but not as many as you would fear for. It has a clean layout, and its music video section is unrivalled with a considerable catalogue to choose from. Worth the listen YouTube tops the chart and is top music streaming services in world.   

Reasons to stream in YouTube is it is the best free music streaming service so far.  

  • Uncluttered  
  • Plenty of rareties  
  • Lots of videos  

5. TuneIn Radio  

Well, we all have listen to radio sometimes back. Are you a Radio lover? Tune in to TuneIn. We bet you won’t be disappointed. It streams well on iOS and Android apps, cars, wearables, web player, smart speakers, smart TVs, games consoles and many more.   

Reasons to Buy  

  • Wide spread of content  
  • Big name stations  

6. BBC Sounds  

BBC Sounds is the new app to replace iPlayer Radio. It consists of 48-320kbps and works well on iOS and Android apps, web player, internet radios, smart speakers, Virgin Media, YouView  

Reasons to Buy  

  • Diverse content  
  • Excellent radio stations  
  • Useful features  

7. SoundCloud  

If your taste is more of the beaten track, SoundCloud could be for you. It consists of a library sized 200 million and has a free tier quality of 64kbps. It works well on platforms like iOS and Android apps, web player. A stage well suited for emerging artists and has a great UI for users. It is a home for many emerging artists offering offers over 120 million tracks, mixes, podcasts, though we can’t vouch for the quality of each (that’s the trouble with ‘up-and-coming’ artists).  

On the upside you can connect with friends or artists directly, make playlists, and get curated track lists as per your taste. Whereas the downside is that, just like many other free services, you do have to put up with advertisements in between your music streaming. It is one of the biggest music streaming services so far gaining popularity among people and music lovers. It is one of the most used music streaming services recognized globally.  

If you tire of the mainstream, perhaps it’s time to take a trip to SoundCloud.  

Reasons to Buy  

  • Great for emerging artists  
  • 120 million+ tracks  
  • Great UI  

Learn about how to monetize your soundCloud

Having all the major streaming platforms, it’s your move now-   

Thankfully, you don’t need to wade through the number of services suitable best for your listening skill. GrooveNexus suggests the list of best music streaming services compared with their specifications and reasons to have one in your list. We still insist on checking out the additional chart of features and reviews to discover which streaming music services are best suited for your music listening tastes.

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