5 Best Ways to Monetize SoundCloud

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First, we are going to discuss, what is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is a berlin based online music audio distribution portal and music sharing platform that enables its users to upload, promote, and share music and a DSP enabling listeners to stream audio. All Artists want to make money directly from SoundCloud by monetizing their tracks via SoundCloud monetization. However, it is not that tough. There are many fantastic ways to gain exposure to a better audience, based on niche track. Still, it wasn’t until they added the On SoundCloud monetization option that artists could make money from their own creations. I will help you understand how you can make money on SoundCloud from your track’s streams and show you a few promotion ideas, tips, and tricks to get you going on earning more and more.

SoundCloud Monetization Partner Program

The SoundCloud monetization partner program is nearly same as YouTube’s Partner Program. Artists are paid in their AdSense account when users view or listen to ads while enjoying the music the artists upload. The general idea of this partnership program is that artists are paid for each ad that plays during one of their tracks in the same manner as YouTube’s Partner Program shares revenue to all artists.

The general idea of this partnership program is that artists are paid for each ad that plays during one of their tracks in the same manner as YouTube’s Partner Program shares revenue to all artists. Like SoundCloud and YouTube there are other popular free platforms for artists to upload music online and earn money, for now let’s keep our focus on SoundCloud. 

The 5 tiers of the On SoundCloud monetization program:

In this, a few tiers of service have been created. Each program offer different services and has different costs associated with it, but only one will get you paid for your music:

1. Partner Soundcloud program:

This free account is for beginners. What you get is:

  • No monetizing SoundCloud option
  • 3 hours of free uploads of your tracks
  • Basic stats to start growing your following.
  • You join their Insider group for free tips.

There is no money to be made here directly, but you can work on getting your tracks heard and your name out there.

If someone asks how to make a playlist on SoundCloud? that simple, you can make a personalized playlist of SoundCloud songs by just adding and compiling tracks in the playlist via clicking on ” add to playlist ” button under the “more” option below the track player on website.

You can always get free music on SoundCloud for listening and making your playlist.

The below options are SoundCloud for artists services. If someone asks how to monetize your SoundCloud? then below is your answer. Monetization of SoundCloud has been made easy via the below2 Premium packages.

 2. Pro/Pro Unlimited SoundCloud monetization promotion package:

There is only one difference between Pro and Pro Unlimited. The Pro Unlimited option in SoundCloud offers you an unlimited number of uploads, while Pro offers 6 hours. These are SoundCloud premium services.

The similarities are:

  • The ability to showcase your 5 best tracks by pinning them to the top in list.
  • Geo-based statistics to see where your fans are.
  • Social statistics to see which platforms are used to embed your tracks.

The main difference is cost. Pro costs 357 INR/month or 3128 INR/year. Pro Unlimited, with unlimited track upload space, costs 715 INR/month or 6704 INR/year.

3. Premier SoundCloud monetization music promotion package:

SoundCloud premier monetization has all the features of Pro Unlimited, plus a little more:

  • An account manager who will manage your account and make it better.
  • Exclusive music promotion features for your music and profile.
  • The ability to make money on your SoundCloud music through streams.
  • Distribute one release to all major music services platform and gain SoundCloud plays and streams from all major platforms.
  • Side by side, simultaneously making money on SoundCloud through streams, your account will get huge audience exposure on SoundCloud.

SoundCloud monetization payout depends on the country to country and audience retentions. SoundCloud monetization rate ranges under 0.3 dollars to 3 dollars per 1000 streams.

So, the main question is how does SoundCloud monetization work?

SoundCloud monetization depends on totals number of ads that has been played before any new song you play on SoundCloud. for example, you got 5000 streams and ads are played on 1500 streams. so, artist will get only paid for 1500 rupees.

4. Sell music on SoundCloud with Selfy :

Millions of independent artists use SoundCloud to highlight their talent and grow their fanbase and as a route between their music and therefore the external site ‘Selfy’ they use to sell it on. By adding links to your SoundCloud profile, you will take your fans to your online store, where they will purchase the tracks, they like.

5. Music distribution SoundCloud:

You must distribute all the tracks you wish to monetize with a digital distribution service like repost network, CD baby, believe etc. You need to ensure SoundCloud is ticked in the store’s selection page. It’s up to you whether you distribute to our other partner stores. As with all distributer uploads, you must have the rights to the tracks you’re uploading. For example, if you’re releasing a remix version of any song, you must have permission in written format from the original artist.   

So, these are some main ways to monetize your music on Soundcloud. Major artists around the world are looking for different ways to monetize their music on Soundcloud. SoundCloud is a major streaming platform across the globe with 76 million+ users worldwide.  

In this blog, we have nearly covered all aspects of SoundCloud monetization and artist should also learn how to get more listeners on soundcloud as listeners and streams are most important to monetize your music as without streams artist can’t monetize his music. I hope you got all main information regarding SoundCloud monetization.  

Now, you can easily monetize your SoundCloud and earn money as an independent artist

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