The Ultimate Video Production Equipment Checklist

The creation of original video content by aspiring Internet stars and amateur producers has been going on for more than a decade now since YouTube was founded and quickly became the most popular platform for sharing all forms of video material. Using the right video production equipment is necessary for posting any type of video.


These days, we are provided with lots of options that generate professional results even at a low to mid-range price point. With the best equipment, pretty much anyone can make a high-quality video.

It’s safe to say that learning music video production isn’t all that different from cinematic travel vlogs, short films, and other types of video content that non-professional creators usually produce. The only difference is that a music video will require more sound-related equipment aside from the essential filming gear that’s common in cinematography—particularly if the artist will be singing live.

In today’s extremely competitive video-focused environment, the best video always wins the competition. We will investigate the essential music video equipments in this article! Here is the video production equipment List:

Most Important Video Production Equipments

Whether you are an amateur musician or an aspiring music artist, video production equipments will help you a lot in your musical journey. Let’s get started!

1. Camera

One of the most important video production equipment, Camera is the first thing you will need to shoot a video. To create engaging content, you will need the best camera for music videos. And if you have done any research on video production equipment or videography, you are probably aware that there is a plethora of differing viewpoints available.

The camera on your smartphone may undoubtedly be used for filmmaking purposes. Video cameras for music videos should be professional. Mobile camera will not provide you with the same degree of quality as a full-frame mirrorless video camera of professional caliber. However, it is more easily available, and the video quality is always improving.


2. Highly Portable Camera

If you already own a DSLR or a mirrorless video camera for music videos, what is the point of purchasing another device? Because you never know when a flash of inspiration or a window of opportunity may appear. It is one of the essential videography equipment for beginners.

If you are committed to video, you should be able to record it at any point in time. You can shoot, edit, and submit your video in a couple of minutes using a phone or tiny camera that has good video-recording capabilities, as well. It is video production equipment for beginners.

Highly Portable Camera

3. Tripod

There is no substitute for a tripod, regardless of how powerful your camera’s stabilization is. Unless you’re going for the kind of music video that is only shot from one angle, in which case you can simply place your camera on a table or any flat surface, it is essential to stabilize your camera with a device such as a tripod, monopod, or a gimbal stabilizer.

If you are shooting with one of the best camera for music videos a zoom lens, even the tiniest vibrations might be noticeable. Even a simple camera may be transformed into a far more effective video production tool when mounted on a tripod. With any camera, using a tripod will significantly enhance the video quality. Many people have music video videographers, but you can be budget friendly by using these equipments.


4. External Microphone

While some video cameras, camcorders, and phones have excellent audio pickups, most of them fall short in this regard. Furthermore, if you are using a smaller device, the audio quality will most certainly be poor. The built-in mic in your music video recording camera will record sound, but you may still want an external microphone to be able to record sounds and vocals from a greater distance. It is essential music video equipment.

It is not the intention of these devices to capture high-quality audio recordings. Aside from being more convenient, external microphones is an audio video equipment and dramatically increase the quality of your audio. You should be particularly careful while shooting video classes or courses.

External Microphone

5. Video Lighting Kit

Music Video lighting may make a significant impact on the overall quality of your video production. The lightning kit is one of the important music video equipment. If you have ever seen a video in which an interviewee is badly lit, you will understand how distracting it may be. The many forms of light, foreground and background lighting, shadows, and equipment must all be taken into consideration.

Lighting 1

6. Interchangeable lens

If your camera allows you to use interchangeable lenses, make sure to choose a lens that is optimized for cinematography. These are called cine lenses, and they are specifically designed to meet the needs and requirements of videographers and filmmakers. It is one of the important music videos equipments in video shooting equipment kit.

Unlike fixed lenses, interchangeable lenses offer a wide variety of image-capture choices. There are inherent advantages in each design whether it has fixed or interchangeable lens, and it is very possible that one of these types of cameras suits your image-making style better than the other. So, it’s up to you which suits you best for your video.

Interchangeable Lenses

7. Digital audio recorder

A digital audio recorder is a vital component of a system used to capture vocalizations but selecting one can be challenging. Most of the commercially obtainable equipment is designed for recording music and the human voice with close and common subjects.

When choosing a digital audio recorder, a lock button is an especially useful feature. It usually works as a switch, and when engaged it makes sure your performer or operator won’t accidentally hit any buttons or change any settings that could affect the audio output.

Digital Audio Recorder

8. External camera monitor

A camera monitor (or external monitor) is a monitor that attaches externally to a digital camera to assist with photography and cinematography. Camera monitors typically have larger displays than the built-in monitors on consumer cameras and are also usually brighter and able to reproduce color better.

An external camera monitor may seem like an unnecessary added expense, but it will ultimately prove extremely valuable by improving your workflow and helping you catch errors, issues, or mistakes. It will also help ensure that the entire music video production team knows what’s going on and is on the same page.

External Camera Monitor

9. Headphones

In a music video shoot, headphones play an important part in sound monitoring. It may not be too important if the band will be lip-syncing along with the music that will be added in later, but headphones, specifically those designed for monitoring, are a must-have for ensuring sound quality and audio consistency of live music video performances.

Earbuds are easier to lose and more complicated to take on and off as needed. Also, they don’t cut external sound as effectively as over-ear headphones, so you won’t get as sharp an idea of how your audio sounds. Select the right pair of monitoring headphones now, and you’ll be able to continue to use them long into the future as your video production skills grow and improve.

Headphones 1 1

10. Music Player

Whatever music player you choose, make sure it has easy-to-access controls so you can quickly stop and start the music, rewind, or fast forward as needed. Accessible commands will save time spent fumbling with confusing menus, too. It’s also essential to select a model that you can easily pair with or plug into external speakers, so everyone on set can hear the music.

When preparing your music player for your shot, make sure you don’t overload it with many songs or tracks that you don’t need. You’ll always look more professional if you can quickly and easily cue up the music you want without searching through thousands of files.

Music Player


So, these were some of the important music video equipments to include in shooting any music video. They are in the mid-range budget. So that not only professionals, amateur or aspiring musicians can also shoot videos in budget with this type of music video equipments. Create engaging content with a lot of creativity by using music videos equipments.

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