Top 25 Michael Jackson Songs Ever

There will never be another star as massive as Michael Jackson. To refresh your memories of the megastar, presenting Michael Jackson songs playlist to you.

Top 25 Michael Jackson Songs Ever

Michael Jackson was not just the King of Pop, but he was a worldwide force of great magnitude and mystique. Jackson did the moonwalk for the first time in 1983, performing his hit song “Billie Jean” on a TV special. From then, he became popular for his breakdancing performances.

On the ill-fated June 25, 2009, Jackson died of acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication at his home on North Carolwood Drive, Los Angeles. Paramedics treated Jackson at the scene but pronounced him dead on arrival at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. Physician Conrad Murray found Jackson in his room in a state of lost consciousness and with a weak pulse; he administered CPR to no avail.

According to an analysis released by the Global Language Monitor (GLM), 72 hours after his death, Jackson became the ninth most covered news item in global print and electronic media. Jackson’s death was at number two for the internet and social media.

No doubt he was a legendary entertainer and musician. We hope you enjoy this Michael Jackson hit song playlist below.

Evergreen Michael Jackson Songs

1. Billie Jean

“Billie Jean” was one of the first songs MJ wrote for Thriller, and he and Quincy Jones worked on it until the final mastering stage. “Billie Jean” is five minutes long and has the sleek sweep of disco with a classic-rock sense. Quincy Jones expressed concern about the length of the intro, but Jackson responded, “That’s the jelly; that’s what makes me want to dance.”

2. I want you back

“I Want You Back” is one of the best Michael Jackson songs. It remained a fixture of nearly every performance he gave for the rest of his life. Click the link below to listen to one of the popular songs on the Michael Jackson Songs list.

3. Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough

Michael Jackson Off the Wall’s song was dubbed “my first big chance” by Jackson, and he wasn’t kidding. “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough,” six minutes of joyous pop-funk that whooshed like a jet stream, was both an unstoppable hit and a turning point in Jackson’s creative life.

4. I’ll be there

When the song was recorded, he was only 11 years old; he was singing about emotions he couldn’t possibly have felt, with the power and fire of a man who’d lived several lifetimes. It is one of the best songs on the Michael Jackson songs list.

5. Shake Your Body

The song peaked at No. 7 on the pop chart, belying its profound pop foresight. It is one of Michael Jackson’s top songs. It would be sampled prominently on Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock’s “Get on the Dance Floor,” as well as other hip-hop songs.

6. Smooth Criminal

“Smooth Criminal” is one of the Michael Jackson’s most popular songs. Despite keeping his body straight, Michael is seen leaning at a 45 degree angle from his ankle in this 1987 routine, creating another iconic move. Listen to this Michael Jackson’s thriller song by clicking the link below.

7. Wanna be startin’ somethin’

The opening track on Thriller, originally written during the Off the Wall sessions, was a declaration of radical intent. Using the African chant “ma ma se ma ma sa ma ma ku sa” from international pop hit “Soul Makossa,” Jackson broadened the earlier song’s universal appeal, paying homage to his own roots with a foresighted crate-digging hip-hop savvy.

8. Beat it

This song is a masterpiece, a visionary blend of metal bluster and disco glitz. “Beat it” dominated rock radio, as well as every other station on the dial, debuting at No. 1 just a week after “Billie Jean” ended its seven-week reign at the top. It is one of the best Michael Jackson 80s songs.

9. Black or white

This song is a call to racial unity, and it is one of Jackson’s best songs from the 1990s. It demonstrates how skin colour does not characterise people. You can listen to it right now by clicking the link below.

10. Rock with you

“So much uptempo dance music is threatening, but I liked the coaxing, the gentleness, taking a shy girl and letting her shed her fears rather than forcing them out of her,” Jackson said, describing “Rock with You.” Click the link below.

11. ABC

The percussive breakdown and blaring fuzz guitar that makes the riff more exciting every time it starts, or stops are as sophisticated as anything going on in pop in 1969. “The verses were tongue-twisting,” Michael says, “which is why they were split up between Jermaine and me.”

12. Bad

Michael Jackson’s “Bad” song is one of the popular tracks. The lyrics go like this :

“Well they say the sky’s the limit

And to me that’s really true

But my friend you have seen nothin’

Just wait ’til I get through

Because I’m bad, I’m bad come on”

13. Man in the mirror

Glen Ballard and Siedah Garrett wrote Jackson’s most ambitious, emotional ballad near the end of the “Bad” sessions. To listen to the entire track, click the link below.

14. Workin’ all day and night

From the album ‘Off the Wall” in 1979, this song was such a huge hit. With the standard bluesman’s lament about how hard his woman makes him work, the lyrics give an early indication of MJ’s combative side. Click the link below to listen to the full song.

15. Remember the time

“Remember the Time,” a lush reverie, was Jackson’s best attempt at modernizsing his sound for the hip-hop era. Following his split with Quincy Jones due to creative differences, he began looking for a young producer and landed on Teddy Riley.

16. Human Nature

This song is a huge hit from the album “Thriller.” One of Jackson’s most vulnerable R&B ballads had an unexpected source: the rock band Toto, best known for “Africa” and “Hold the Line.” Thriller featured some members of the band.

17. The love you save

Michael Jackson love song “The love you save” is from the album ‘ABC, 1970’. Following “I Want You Back” and “ABC,” the third of the Jackson 5’s chart-topping hit singles reached Number One in June 1970. To listen to this song, click the link below.

18. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)

“P.Y.T.” was Thriller’s most carefree single, with funky keyboard squiggles and playful slang like “tenderoni.” Quincy Jones wrote it with singer James Ingram after Jones’ wife brought home Pretty Young Things lingerie.

19. Ben

Michael Jackson first song “Ben” is one of the most bizarre number one hits of the seventies. Click to the link below and watch the full song.

20. Will you be there

Michael Jackson ‘Free Willy’ song “Will you be there” was one of the most grandiose recordings. This song begins with a lengthy orchestral prelude performed by the Cleveland Orchestra.

21. Earth Song

You may be wondering what was michael jackson’sMichael Jackson’s last song? It was “Earth song” written by Jackson and produced by Jackson, David Foster and Bill Bottrell. Michael Jackson’s Eearth song lyrics goesgo:

“What about sunrise?
What about rain?
What about all the things
That you said we were to gain? “

22. The Christmas Song

Michael Jackson “The Christmas Song” is the third track from the album ‘Jackson 5’. This album was released in 1970. Listen to this song by clicking the link below.

23. This is it

“This is it” song is co-written by American singer-songwriter Michael Jackson and Canadian singer-songwriter Paul Anka. The song was recorded by the former and featured as a track on the album This Is It (2009), accompanying the 2009 concert documentary Michael Jackson’s This Is It.

24. Farewell my summer love

‘The Farewell My Summer Love’ album featured nine songs from 1973 that had been overdubbed with new, Eighties-style instrumentation. Listen to this beautiful track now.

25. Jam

The opening track “Jam” on ‘Dangerous’ album is shockingly tense and fragmented in terms of rhythmic pleas for universal understanding. The groove has Teddy Riley’s unique sound, but Jackson created most of it.

So, these were some of the best Michael Jackson songs. If you have more, then do let us know in the comments section below.

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