Top 25 House Party Songs for the Ultimate Shindig [UPDATED 2022]

Who doesn’t love house parties? Imagine the aura while speakers are thumping, drinks are flowing, and your friends feel on top of the world while enjoying the songs to the fullest. Live concerts and events are just cliches. In our close circle, online and in-house parties are taking the row up. In-house parties are rising nowadays. Houses are the safest place to party and hang out with friends while playing the best house party songs. Imagine a close circle where music truly comes alive and jive up with the house party songs of all time.


It is fun to plan and host an in-house party. We usually come across many iconic videos that people host in their living rooms and have a lot of fun. The iconic music, fun, and games with close friends help make such parties lively. Amid pandemic, when we all are confined at homes to a more significant extent, some companies have emerged for organizing theme in-house parties for the host.

Weekends are for extreme moods, no doubt. It is either a crazy party or lazing around with friends all day around, doing nothing and not even lifting a finger throughout the day. For us, there is no in-between.

It is a win-win situation for friends and the host if they gather for an in-house party. The one major thing to drive the in-house party is a song. One must have a great song list to play while hosting an in-house party. We have done a little research on the top party songs you can consider adding to make one best party playlist. Here is the list of party songs.

Here are Some of the Top Party Songs of All Time

1. Jimmy Eat World- “The Middle”

Jimmy Eat World’s favorite play, “the middle’’ was steamed in 2001. One of the best house party country songs, as the foursome has done their poppy emo-rock thing that makes everyone bounce along their skivvies that is like it’s the most natural thing in the world. Not everyone in the clip centers on one partier who’d instead not strip down. And that’s the point of anxiety until the end when he finds himself in a bedroom with a like-minded female. Their motto: “Just be yourself.”

2. Alors on Danse – Stromae

“Alors on Danse” is a Belgian song, its translation means “So we dance.” One of the best house party songs will surely bring your guests down to the dance floor for longer. It is one of the best party songs.

3. Beautiful Now – Zedd, Jon Bellion

We might not know why, we might not know how, but this song has never failed to make us dance and is one of the best songs to play at a house party! Even when you are hosting or attending one, you can recommend the same. It is one of the songs for the party.

4. Katy Perry, “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”

The eight-minute extended version of this 2011 ode to debauchery ranks among the best young adult films of the decade. Seriously. Just look at the cameos: Debbie Gibson and Corey Feldman as Katy Perry’s parents, Kenny G as her sax-freak uncle, and Rebecca “Friday” Black as the friend who turns her from orthodonture-damaged ugly duckling to super-hot swan. Even the dudes from Hanson show up and jam on the lawn. John Hughes would be proud. It is one of the best house party songs.

5. Beastie Boys, “Fight for Your Right (to Party)” (1986)

Lots of pies meet lots of faces in this 1986 Beastie Boys classic. If the song was meant to parody the day’s hair metal hits, the video makes being a bonehead American look fun. Once the boisterous Beasties show up, and initially, the boring party becomes a full-on rager, and even the nerdy host gets pulled into the bathroom by a trio of hotties. True patriots Mike D., Ad-Rock, and MCA give us something to believe in in a country overrun with hypocritical authority figures. It is one of the best party songs.

6. Closer – The Chainsmokers

“Closer – The Chainsmokers” has just the party vibe to get your most hesitant friends who don’t want to dance to at least tapping their feet with this new house party song! It is one of the best party songs.

7. Pitbull & Ne-Yo – ‘Time Of Our Lives

Parties can be a pricey affair, and if Pitbull & Ne-Yo’s summer 2015 smash taught us anything, it’s that getting your guests to contribute to your rent payment is the way forward – brings a whole new meaning. It is one of the best party songs.

8. Ke$ha – ‘Tik Tok’

It is one of the best party songs. When the opening line to a song is “Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy,” you know that the video’s going to be just as wild. Expect all the glitter and craziness in epic proportions while you become king of hosts and host a beautiful party accompanied by one of the famous good house party songs.

9. Diddy, “Bad Boy for Life” (2001)

When P. Diddy, as he was calling himself in 2001, pulls up to his new home in Perfectown, USA. After all, the rap mogul has brought booze, big-ass speakers, scantily clad women, and a loud-ass garage band featuring Dave Navarro and Travis Barker. As ‘Bad Boy for Life’ turns out to be one of the excellent house party songs that comes with exciting ingredients and awesome times. In the end, Diddy’s party game is strong enough to make you groove to the awesome beats of the town. Groove to the beats of this one of the best songs for a party.

10. ‘Crazy’ – Gnarls Barkley

Not precisely just a one-hit-wonder, since vocalist Cee Lo Green and producer Danger Mouse have many achievements to their names individually. Crazy by Gnarls Barkley is a track to fall for in any event. But when it comes to parties, they have given us some crazy house party dance songs/ways that make us groove to the extent of our imagination. The green’s soaring, gospel-soaked pipes and Mouse’s silky strings combined came in 2006 in front of the world with irresistibly kinetic effect and energy. It is one of the best party songs.

11. B-52’s, “Love Shack” (1989)

If the place isn’t structurally sound, you are throwing back-to-back grooviest songs to them, making a memorable experience for your guest hopping in. Everything is just okay, even the Tin roof, open terrace, or rusted garage! It’s all about the mood and unlike John Waters, he threw a party at Pee-Wee’s playhouse, and everyone showed up. It is one of the best party songs.

12. LMFAO, “Sorry for Party Rocking” (2011)

The crazy dudes from LMFAO don’t seem sorry about their party if it is rocking or not. Even if neighbors complains and cops hop to your doors, the LA dance-pop duo keeps on raging, just like the other dozens of hyped-up kids dressed up in neon animal prints heading straight to H.A.M. at their houses. As terrible as it would be to live next to these guys, the relentless energy and unrepentant hedonism of their merrymaking is something to behold. Maybe you stop by for a drink or two before begging the power company to cut the power. Groove to the beats of this one of the best songs for a party.

13. Charli XCX, “Take My Hand” (2013)

“Why you gotta go to sleep?” asks a blissfully buzzed, barely upright Charli XCX in this song released in 2013. The British pop star stays on her feet during her way through a smoky, sweaty soiree. It is a place where folks are dancing and hooking up together with their baseball bats hooked to the Television sets. The very next morning, this thing is going to suck, but Charli is still at that stage where she couldn’t care less and keep going with this house party song.

14. Sam Hunt’s “House Party” (2015)

Lyrically, this 2015 country smash is all about party animals. Sam Hunt and his homebody girlfriend. The Hunt takes it to the next level in the video and stages an epic soiree complete with DJs, red Solo cups, and a bunch of other guys who would like their country to be musically spiked with pop, rock, and even hip-hop. The abundant wood paneling makes it look extra authentic.

15. ‘Just Dance’-Lady Gaga

Pre-meat dress, pre-vomit art, and pre-total craziness, Lady Gaga was tame and innocent… One second! Not really! One of the famous for being considered among the best house party playlist, it is okay to pull your friends to the dance floor with not so wild ‘just dance’ and forget everything else vibes to be as wild as you’d imagine.

16. Flo Rida & Robin Thicke – ‘I Don’t Like, It I Love It.’

Let’s be honest, these days, you’re lucky to rent a place larger than a postage stamp – even if Pitbull’s contributing to the rent – so why not take the party in the street? If it works for Flo Rida and Robin Thicke, it works for us! Through a crazy house party with this rocking one.

17. Justin Bieber & Nicki Minaj – ‘Beauty and a Beat’

We’ve got two words for you… Party and Pool.. Grab your bikini, find a waterproof selfie stick and dive into the EPIC party video of your kind. Budge some smugglers and get a peaceful escape with Justin Bieber’s ‘Beauty and a Beat’ and let the party begin.

18. The Cure -‘The Lovecats’

It started with someone hitting milk bottles with a spoon and some cats yowling before the simple and yet devastating bass kicks in along with the jaunty anthem kicks off. We all gather when it comes to excitedly giving each other an eye while Robert Smith sings and some feline-based stuff. Before we all get to join in at the top of lungs with the ‘BABADA BAB BADAB BAAAAAAA…’ bit, whilst dancing how we imagine a cat would.

19. ‘Get Busy’ – Sean Paul

But unlike Mondrian, this Kingston hitmaker achieves something alchemical with the pop-reggae minimalistic band. Every Sean Paul hit follows the same formula; a spare, repetitive riddim collides with that monotone. It also always seems far too chill to concern itself with reaching for any other tricky notes.

20. ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’ – Guns N’ Roses

Serial apostrophe abusers G’n’R had their first proper mega-hit with this heartbreaker song of all time. Kicking off with Slash’s most famous riff, which was written as a joke (LOL, good one Slash!). It flows into five minutes of the pop-rock anthem, fast lightning guitar solos, and Axl’s endless wailing. If you are hosting a party, only play this if you are cent percent down with the air guitar.

21. “Lean On” – Major Lazer and DJ Snake

You know how occasionally we find ourselves doubting that playlist we’ve curated for the party hosting. In such a situation, you know which song to “Lean On.” Yeah!! One of the best house party anthems, how can you say ‘No’ to this one?

22. Milk & Honey – Tropkillaz, Aloe Blacc

Coupled with a drink, “Milk & Honey” will make you the most fantastic host ever of the coolest house party ever with this cool house party song! One of the best songs for a house party, add this to your list now!

23. Taki Taki – DJ Snake, Selena Gomez, Ozuna, Cardi B

Now that we have our guests on the dance floor, how to make sure they stay there? “Taki Taki” is how! Be ready to play this number again on request and then repeat! Because we know everyone will love how one of your guests danced to the “Taki Taki Roomba!”. ‘Taki Taki Roomba’ is everyone’s choice when we all scream and vote in for house party music. It is one of the best party anthems.

24. Bad – Michael Jackson

Once more! That is what we have always heard and said when “Bad by Michael Jackson” ends! Don’t leave your guests hanging! Add this one to your house party playlist and keep them dancing! It is one of the best choices for house party music.

25. Watermelon Sugar- Harry Styles

Harry Styles first debuted his song ‘Watermelon Sugar’ at the end of 2019, weeks before dropping his second album ‘Fine Line’, which was filled with bops such as ‘Falling,’ ‘Lights Up,’ ‘Adore You’ and the summery, feel-good track ‘Golden. ‘The instant hit has stuck around into 2021, and when the highly anticipated beach-themed music video arrived, people were wondering all over again who inspired the cheeky song. It is one of the must have party songs.

So, make your party happen with the above in-top party songs list and become a host that nobody will forget.

Here’s the pro tip for throwing a house party during this pandemic:

When you open or throw a House party, you immediately must look for online friends you can talk to within a single tap. Your friends get notifications whenever you go online, assuming you are hosting a house party or are going to throw a house party. You can create a buzz on your social media account about the party you are throwing. Tell them the plan and what time they can hop into your home for the same. If it is a theme party, tell them well in advance how they can dress up and what they need to wear to get the feel of the theme and enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Don’t forget to make a WhatsApp group to send out quick notifications.

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