A List of 28 Best Christmas Songs of All Time

As winter blankets the world in a serene quiet, the festive season bursts forth with vibrant melodies that echo the joy and magic of Christmas. Picture yourself with a steaming cup of hot chocolate, wrapped in a cozy blanket, humming along to the timeless tunes that have become synonymous with this enchanting time of the year. Whether you find yourself lost in the bustling streets of New York or immersed in the wizarding wonders of Hogwarts with Harry Potter, the true spirit of Christmas comes alive through the enchanting strains of Christmas songs.

Best Christmas Songs

As the winter blues settle in, what better way to dispel the colorlessness of the season than by immersing yourself in the festive gala of Christmas music? In this rhythmic journey, we’ve curated a list of __ Christmas songs that are undeniably the best of all time. From classic carols to contemporary hits, this playlist is your key to rocking around the Christmas tree and savouring the magic of the season. So, let the tunes transport you to a not-so-silent night.

  1. All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey

The most iconic Christmas song of all time, launched in 1994 and enduring across decades, has proven its enduring charm. This ageless masterpiece consistently makes a triumphant comeback each holiday season, dominating music charts and securing Mariah Carey millions in annual royalties. With its lively tempo, infectious melody, and rhythmic beats, this timeless classic evokes a palpable sense of growing excitement. If there’s one thing for certain, this song is bound to have you bobbing your head and grooving along to its irresistible rhythm.

2. “Merry Christmas” by Ed Sheeran & Elton John

Ed Sheeran and Elton John team up in the festive spirit for “Merry Christmas” — a dynamic duo that transcends generations. It’s amazing how a touch of holiday magic can bring together such incredible artists.

3. Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande

Released in 2014, this charming pop tune adds a modern twist to traditional Christmas classics. If there’s a song that will have you bouncing around in bed, reminiscent of its official music video, it’s definitely this one. Perfect for those seeking cheer during lonely moments, this song radiates warmth and hope. The delightful melody and instrumentation of “Santa Tell Me” is crafted to elevate your spirits and fill you with joy.

4. “DJ Play a Christmas Song” by Cher

Cher’s “DJ Play a Christmas Song” stands out as potentially the highlight of her 2023 Christmas album, claiming the top spot on the Billboard holiday charts for a compelling reason!

5. “Christmas Tree Farm” by Taylor Swift

There’s truly no better year for a Swiftie Christmas! Deck the halls with lots of Taylor, I say.

6. “O Come All Ye Faithful” by Carrie Underwood

Celebrate a Swiftie Christmas like never before with Taylor Swift’s “Christmas Tree Farm”! Deck the halls abundantly with Taylor’s festive tunes, I say.

7. “Snowman” by Sia

“Yes, let’s hit the North Pole and live happily
Please don’t cry no tears now, it’s Christmas baby” No crying, snowman it’s Christmas!

8. “Big Bulbs” by Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings

Wrapped in a big bow of holiday cheer, this song encapsulates the festive spirit. Among our editors’ all-time favorite Christmas albums, “It’s A Holiday Soul Party” (2015) was a tough choice to narrow down to a single track for this list. But here it is – our chosen one!

9.“I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” by Jackson

Jackson 5’s rendition of “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” brings a funky twist that will get everyone dancing and singing along, adding an extra layer of fun to Jimmy Boyd’s already great original version

10. “Merry Christmas Darling” by The Carpenters

“Merry Christmas Darling” by The Carpenters Released by The Carpenters in 1970, this track claimed the top spot on the Billboard Christmas singles charts for three consecutive years.

11. “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” by Band Aid

“Do They Know It’s Christmas?” by Band Aid Recorded by the British supergroup Band Aid, this Christmas song served as a benefit single to address famine in Ethiopia. It showcases mega stars such as Duran Duran, Phil Collins, Sting, and Boy George.

12. “The Twelve Days of Christmas” by John Denver & The Muppets

“The Twelve Days of Christmas” by John Denver & The Muppets The Muppets’ rendition of this traditional 1700s Christmas carol has evolved into a timeless classic in its own charming way.

13. “When My Heart Finds Christmas” by Harry Connick Jr.

“When My Heart Finds Christmas” by Harry Connick Jr. This track is among the original compositions featured on Harry Connick Jr.’s Christmas album bearing the same name, a record that achieved triple platinum status.

14. Oh Santa by Mariah Carey (ft Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson)

Oh Santa by Mariah Carey (ft Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson), combines three vocal powerhouses, stunning vocalization, whistle notes, impeccable harmonies, and a hearty dose of Christmas cheer, and you get this rendition of “Oh Santa!” originally by Mariah Carey. The surprise appearance of the other two featured artists, Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson, left people in awe, and they certainly delivered with remarkable finesse! This upbeat tune not only captivates your ears with powerful vocals but also encapsulates the festive spirit. Christmas is all about celebrating with loved ones, and what better way than indulging in the harmonious blend of three phenomenal artists, creating a sense of joyous togetherness!

15. 8 Days of Christmas by Destiny’s Child

When it comes to Christmas tunes, you can’t go wrong with the Queen herself, Beyoncé, and her sultry voice. Missing out on this 2001 Christmas song by Destiny’s Child—comprising Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams—would be a travesty. The holiday season brings the anticipation of presents, whether from Santa or (cough) Not Santa! (cough). Regardless, we all yearn to be spoiled, and this upbeat R&B track encourages you to live like royalty, embracing all the tokens of affection you rightfully deserve. So, don your crowns, embrace your worth, and groove to this song and the Christmas spirit!

16. A Typical Idol’s Christmas by BTS

In the realm of international artists, having a Christmas song, whether an original or cover, is almost a rite of passage. Thus, it’s no surprise that global superstars BTS have their own festive contribution. Released in 2013, alongside classics like “Christmas in Hollis,” this hip-hop track takes a unique turn both in subject matter and vibes. Diverging from the usual romantic Christmas themes, this song resonates with those who continue to hustle through the holiday season. Reflecting on past Christmases, it addresses the ongoing journey of progress, yet the grind persists, making it just another typical day. With its laid-back vibe, this track is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

17. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town by Jackson 5

No playlist can claim completeness without at least a touch of the Jackson 5 magic. Released in 1970, this song emerged as a standout single from the acclaimed “Jackson 5 Christmas Album,” often hailed as the best Christmas album ever. So, if this track has found its way onto your playlist, be sure to explore the rest, especially another gem from the same album, “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.” Sung by a 12-year-old Michael Jackson, this fast-tempo R&B delight perfectly captures the infectious excitement of our inner children. In the days leading up to Christmas, the certainty that Santa Claus was on his way with gifts fueled our anticipation, conveniently overlooking any past mischievous deeds. It’s this childlike joy that truly makes Christmas special, after all.

18. Santa Baby by Kylie Minogue

Venturing into a different musical genre, Kylie Minogue, in 2000, delivered an Alternative/Indie Christmas song that stands out. If the Jackson 5 captured the excitement of childhood, this song gracefully transitions into the realm of adulthood, using “adult wishes” as its muse. Because, really, if wishes were to materialize, who wouldn’t ask for convertibles, yachts, Tiffany jewelry, and a million-dollar check? While the track adopts a seductive singing style, it resonates with the relatable desire for presents that adults might wish for while assuring Santa of their year-round good behavior. In a departure from the typical romanticized Christmas themes, the melody of the song suggests a different tone. Pay close attention to the lyrics, as you might find yourself appreciating them more than expected!

19. Underneath the Tree by Kelly Clarkson

This song stands out as the quintessential upbeat Christmas anthem of 2013, infusing a pop and jazzy flair with the accompaniment of bells and saxophone. Emitting an ‘optimistic’ vibe, this lively tune celebrates the joy of companionship, asserting that it’s more fulfilling than the allure of presents. So, would you lean towards a million-dollar check, as crooned by Kylie Minogue, or the warmth of ‘togetherness,’ as serenaded by Kelly Clarkson? Well, that’s a contemplation for another moment. Yet, in all fairness, as listeners, we deserve a song that seamlessly blends both elements. While we anticipate such a track, Kelly Clarkson, with her incredible vocals, delivers the wholesome delight of “Underneath the Tree.”

20. Mistletoe by Justin Bieber

This song is a celebration of romanticizing the Christmas spirit. For those unfamiliar with the nuances of romance, the tradition of lovers kissing under the mistletoe during Christmas has deep roots. Occasionally, even non-lovers, if caught beneath its boughs, might opt for a consensual peck. So, what happens when you blend a 17-year-old Justin Bieber in 2011 with a romantic soul? You get a boy sharing a kiss with the girl he fancies under the mistletoe, momentarily forgetting to pen his list of presents for Santa. Engaging in festivities and playing in the snow, this soft, melodic pop song might tug a little at the heartstrings of those flying solo during the season, but it remains a delightful tune sung by a captivating voice.

21. What Christmas Means To Me by Stevie Wonder

Yet another ode to ‘kissing under the mistletoe’ by Stevie Wonder arrives, firmly dispelling any notions of a lack of romance in our lives. However, for Stevie Wonder, Christmas is not just about the mistletoe; it’s an encompassing celebration involving snow, ice, and the sweet melodies of carols. Picture this: a nighttime rendezvous with your beloved, a backdrop of enchanting melodies, the ground adorned with a blanket of snow and ice, and the two of you sharing a special moment beneath the mistletoe, culminating in a tender kiss. Ah, what a hopelessly romantic atmosphere! Dating back to 1967, this Funky/Soul masterpiece radiates love and warmth, thanks to the enchanting magic of the mistletoe, of course.

22. Lonely This Christmas by M.U.D

If Justin Bieber and Stevie Wonder, with their mistletoe serenades, left you feeling a tad lonesome, fret not; you’re not as solitary as you might think! “Lonely This Christmas” by glam rock band Mud, released in 1975, has the power to make you yearn for a lover you might not even have. Let’s go a step further and say it might evoke a sense of loneliness and longing even if your beloved is right by your side. Sung by lead vocalist Les Gray in the style of Elvis Presley, this Alternative/Indie gem tugs at your heartstrings, hitting you right in the feels. So, take a deep breath and brace yourself for the emotional beauty of this song. The infectious ‘Bom-Bom-Bom-Bom’ in the background adds a sense of completeness to the track, making it an essential addition to any Christmas playlist.

23. Blue Christmas by Elvis Presley

Suggesting a song sung in the stylistic vein of Elvis Presley, such as “Lonely This Christmas,” without acknowledging the man himself would be a disservice. Commercially released in 1967, the story behind this song involves Elvis, who, reluctant to be associated with it, purportedly attempted to sabotage it intentionally by delivering the main vocals in a ‘choppy’ manner. If only we could all achieve success despite our intentional mistakes. Alas, we are not all Elvis Presley. This track, firmly rooted in the genre of rock and roll with a touch of rhythm and blues, has solidified itself as a soulful holiday classic in the iconic voice of Elvis.

24. It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas by Michael Buble

Unveiled in 2011, this song encapsulates the fundamental allure of Christmas. The Christmas tree stands adorned, stockings are hung in anticipation of being filled with gifts, toys, and candies. It’s not just the actual day of Christmas but the moments leading up to it that enhance its beauty. Amidst all the festive preparations, the most enchanting sight remains the arrival of your beloved, as that embodies the true essence of Christmas. Michael Bublé’s seasonal cover stands as a perennial favorite, resurging on charts every Christmas season. When this track graces the airwaves, you can be sure that the season is undeniably transforming into a Christmas wonderland, even if the presence of a lover is mis

25. Christmas Tree by V (Of BTS)

This gentle ballad, accompanied by a tender acoustic guitar melody, aims to wrap you in a soft and cozy embrace. Unveiled in 2021, this song takes on the role of the official soundtrack for the Korean romantic comedy-drama ‘Our Beloved Summer.’ This Christmas, why not treat yourself not only to the enchanting notes of this melody but also indulge in a K-drama experience? It’s no secret that Korea has earned a reputation for producing some of the finest dramas and movies globally. In fact, you might encounter familiar faces from the Oscar-winning movie ‘Parasite’ within the realms of this drama. So, rest assured, ‘Our Beloved Summer’ is poised to meet expectations, complemented by the equally beautiful vocals of Kim Taehyung, also known as V of B.T.S.

26. Last Christmas by Wham!

This pop anthem is the perfect shower-singing Christmas track. Here’s a fun fact: Despite its 1984 release, it didn’t claim the top charts until 2017. Originating in 1986, this song has endured as one of the most iconic Christmas tunes in history. It delves into the emotions of a heartbreak from last Christmas, yearning for a more meaningful love in the present season. One might question why the pursuit of true love seems to intensify exclusively during Christmas. It’s almost as if the mistletoe, Stevie Wonder, and various artists are collectively promoting this romantic Christmas narrative. Yet, amid the beauty of the season, love often stirs, resonating with those who find it to be the most enchanting time of the year. Staying true to the essence of this captivating song, if you’re aiming to find your special someone this year, consider echoing the sentiments of Ariana Grande’s “Santa Tell Me” – “Santa, tell me if you’re really there. Don’t let me fall in love again if he won’t be here next year.”

27. Merry Christmas Baby by Ike and Tina Turner

“MERRY CHRISTMAS BABY” – IKE AND TINA TURNER If you’re in need of a truly uplifting Christmas song, look no further than this one. There’s something magical about being called “pretty baby” repeatedly, and this soulful R&B gem released in 1990 is the perfect dose of holiday cheer you need. So, as you’re looking mighty fine, playing some good music, and feeling good about yourself, let the chorus of “Pretty baby” be the cheerful anthem that lifts your spirits this festive season!

28. Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want to Fight Tonight) by Ramones

Unleashed in 1989, this punk rock anthem offers a unique perspective on the romantic side of Christmas. While others are busy kissing under the mistletoe or seeking and celebrating love, this song caters to couples finding themselves in the midst of Christmas quarrels. Unlike the heartbreak of “Last Christmas,” the message here is clear: Christmas is not the time to be breaking each other’s hearts. Instead, embrace each other during this festive season and love to the fullest. Don’t forget to give this song a good listen as well!


This curated list of Christmas songs embodies the essence of the season. Each melody, a testament to the diverse emotions and experiences associated with Christmas, invites you to partake in the joy, love, and magic that make this time of the year truly special. So, let the festive tunes accompany you on this magical journey, creating the perfect soundtrack for your holiday season.

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