Top 25 Indian Psychedelic Trance Artists and Their Electrifying Music!

We have a long list of talented Indian Psychedelic Trance artists working hard to amplify our emotions with their mesmerizing music, beats and grooves.

Indian Psychedelic Trance Artists

Indian Psychedelic Trance music or Psy Trance has a long history before any other electronica got exposure in India. The 1960s saw the arrival of hippies in Goa, and by the mid of 1970, ’s the first DJs started playing Psychedelic Rock music from bands like Pink Floyd and The Doors. Electronic Dance Music came to Goa in 1980s.

Some of them are stamping their names in Indian classical trance, some of them are pioneers of Psytrance, at the time, Laurent and Fred Disko, popularized the music of Europe in Goa. The DJs in Goa started removing lyrics, combining melodies with unique sounds, and looping beats, in combination with ethereal ethnic bits like flutes, sitars, percussive instruments, etc known as Goa Trance. Gaining global popularity by the 1990s, it spread globally with artists from countries like Netherlands, Russia, Israel, etc., producing Goa Trance music. The combination of psytrance with Indian vocals was winning hearts. By 1992, the Goa Trance sound was being used synonymously with the term Psychedelic Trance. There was this legendary club, called Club Paradiso, set up in 1994, Goa, where psychedelic trance artists like Astral Projection and Infected Mushroom dominated the Indian Psychedelic Trance Music scene, until 2000.

Take a look at these Indian Psytrance festivals rocking the psychedelic scene by psychedelic trance artists of India.

While we already know international names, let’s have a glance at some of our own Indian Psychedelic music producers, and best psychedelic trance artists, in no particular order. We are sure that these are the best Psychedelic artists that India boasts of with the best Psytrance songs. Let’s glance at some of our Indian Psychedelic Music Producers, in no particular order. We are sure that these are the best Psychedelic artists that India boasts of with the best Psytrance songs.

Masses stood up against big psychedelic powers and strolled the streets abroad. It’s a saying that music brings people together. So did it in India too. Psychedelic trance music influenced young Indian musicians and swept the craze in 60’s.

When many young musicians were trying their hands in the music industry, some were dreaming, some really let it go, some psychedelic trance artists succeeded in creating a mimic of the aural trend, hoping for a great welcome and love from the listeners.

Best Indian Psychedelic Trance Artists

Let us take you through the list of young and fresh talents in Indian classical trance and Psychedelic Trance Music who have made brilliant names in the industry-

1. Spinal Fusion

Bilas Rajderkar, alias Spinal Fusion, is a sound engineer, who began music production at the age of seventeen. He is also the proud Label Manager of Indian based psytrance label ‘Profound Records. Ever since he was 10, everything related to music sparked a fire within him. Spinal Fusion is laser-focused on producing the best psychedelic trance songs which are fresh and enthralling.

In a short span of three years, Spinal Fusion has featured as the best psychedelic trance artists in some of the most important events in India, and abroad. Some festivals he has performed at many psychedelic trance festivals such as Boom Festival 2018 (Portugal) , Freqs of Nature Festival (Germany), The Experience Festival (Thailand), Hilltop Fest (Goa), F.L.O.W Festival (Austria), S.U.N Festival (Hungary), Blackmoon Festival (Italy), Shankra Festival (Switzerland), Antaris Project (Germany), Respect Arte-e-Cultura (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Infected Guitars (Portugal).

Spinal fusion’s Chronicle production pulverizes and transforms to exhilarate psychedelic trance music comprised of unique melodies and a hint of progressive and adventitious vocals. Therefore, he deserves to be in the list of the best Indian psytrance artists.

Listen to Spinal Fusion on Soundcloud and YouTube.

Spinal Fusion

2. aGh0Ri TanTriK

Aghori Tantrik, better known as DJ MadBoySid, is a solo dark psytrance project by Sid, who started producing at the age of 14. He is one of the most sought-after Indian Psychedelic Trance artists. Since his beginning in 2003, Sid has released various albums on the global level, namely, Kabrastan (2005), Underground explosion (2008), Rakth Pisasu (2010), and Patala (2014), and many more. Sid also founded a record label in 2005, known as ‘Sonic Tantra Records‘. Powerful driving bass lines, atmospheres that throw you into phenomenal surreal dimensions, and beautifully crafted dark-tune twists define his music. There is a lot of attention paid to the creation of layers of sounds that flow in his style of psychedelic trance music.

Listen to Aghori Tantrik on Soundcloud and YouTube.

aGh0Ri TanTriK

3. Farebi Jalebi

Adip, also Farebi Jalebi, has been producing dramatic psychedelic tunes, since 2008. With his dense bass lines and dripping sounds expressing strong emotions, he certainly has his definition and style when it comes to Psychedelic Trance Music and is treated as one of the best psychedelic trance artists of India. Each track of his has a distinct twang and tells its own mesmeric tale. Together they are spun into dramatic sets with a dash of hysteria. Farebi became a part of the legendary Parvati Records from Denmark, a label that specializes in psychedelic music. Some of his releases are ORESTIS & FRIENDS: GROUP THERAPY (2016), AFTERLIFE (2015), POLITICAL VIOLENCE (2015).

Listen to Farebi Jalebi on Soundcloud and YouTube.

Farebi Jalebi

4. Paraforce

Paraforce (meaning infinite energies unleashed on the masses) is a solo – Dark Psy Trance Project of Varun Anand. He started as a music artist in 2006. Based in Delhi, Varun’s music focuses on real-life actions in the past, present, and future. He visualizes his sounds to make power-packed tracks to give his listeners a gothic and psychedelic trance experience. Paraforce, one of the best psychedelic trance artists in the country, solely wants to express the gothic tales of Malana village and Parvati valley. Now, he is working on Zithrox, another intense and mind-boggling dark Psy project. ‘Shiva Squad Records‘ has signed him. ‘ACE OF SPADE‘ is its latest album. Paraforce has released his songs on solo albums on Soundcloud and YouTube.


5. Gidra

Gidra is a dark psytrance project with progressive thumps and electronic sounds. The lord of ‘rise and fall of tunes’, Thomas was born in Goa. Thomas is producing Psytrance since 2003, as Gidra and as Access Gremlin. Thus, has been since, aiding people experience trip better. Not just in parties or events, you can listen to a plethora of the best psychedelic trance songs during a long drive as well.

Known for his bouncy basslines and nocturnal atmospheric sounds, the idea behind Gidra is to deliver an electronic dance music experience with full-power energy.

Paraforce 1

6. Silent Horror

Jigar Shah, an Indian Psychedelic Trance artist having a prowess of production of very powerful tracks with a distinctive style. His music is characterized by groovy basslines, trippy fx effects, and alien sounds which can teleport your spirit from one dimension to another. He has been in the industry for a long time now. Based out of Pune, he also likes to call his Project Shunya. His debut album named Nemesis (2007) achieved great accolades and thereafter, he successfully accomplished the first ever psychedelic trance album made at sea, Séance. ‘DVSM RECORDS‘ has signed him. Some of the releases are like SPIRITUAL SCIENCE 2 (2016) and many more. Many fans have witnessed his music and beats on psychedelic trance festivals.

Listen to all of his works on Soundcloud and subscribe to him on YouTube.

Silent Horror

7. Braindrop

Hailing from Bangalore, the man behind India’s electronic psychedelic export to the world is Sumith Suresh, a gifted and versatile musician. He’s one of the few Indian Psychedelic Trance Artists to have toured many clubs around the world, since his debut in 2005, playing his psychedelic productions extensively. A blend of futuristic sounds with organic finesse is responsible for numerous unforgettable live performances. He is the proud owner of Omveda Records, Occulta Records, and Occultech Recordings. Braindrop’s latest EP is Vicious Reacor.

Hear his tracks on Soundcloud.


8. Brian Fernandes

Mumbai-based Brian Fernandes is one of the leading Indian Psychedelic Trance artists. Flipknot/Kerosene Club is an experimental dark Psytrance project initiated by him. Flipknot/Kerosene Club has received tremendous success worldwide. He is identified for assembling and detaching sounds, matching and disguising them against the tempo of the beat. Strangely, these sounds have an adverse effect on the people who dance to these when amplified; but some meditated. This has brought great joy and satisfaction to him from his work. ‘PARVATI RECORDS’ has signed Flipknot.

Flipknot music has been released on various VA’s and EP’s. BRAINZCREW VOL.2 (2015) is one such. Listen to these mesmeric sounds on Soundcloud.

Brian Fernandes

9. White Wizard

Sandeep Sharma, AKA White Wizard, from Dalhousie, focuses mainly on nocturnal psychedelic trance music, spreading the trippy vibes across the nation. Project White Wizard, drawing influence from nature, was born to open minds and increase consciousness. His music is heavily based on the magical sounds of forest atmosphere, distorted leads, with some squidgy squelches chunked and chunked in a splash of mean percussion along the groovy bassline. Producer of techno-beats, he has collaborated with several contemporaries of himself, like Farebi Jalebi.


White Wizard

10. Starlab

Started by Bharat Bindal is a native of New Delhi, who has a strong Classical music foundation. Over the years, as a self-taught Bass & Guitar player, he gathered a wealth of musical experience touring and recording with his band for over a decade, ultimately discovering the hypnotic sounds of Psychedelic Trance on the tranquil beaches of Goa.

He joined India’s premier record label ‘Digital Om Productions‘ in 2013. Bharat has also performed at prestigious festivals of Portugal, Thailand, Nepal, and the United States in addition to the several clubs. With his releases topping the charts on Beatport, StarLab has collaborated with celebrated labels such as IONO Music, Techsafari, TesseracTstudio, Digital Om, Sacred Technology. ASTRIX selected him for his VA compilation ‘Book of Changes‘ on Future Music Records.

His music is best described as being deeply atmospheric, mysterious, infused with enchanting chimes designed to create a strong dance floor experience. Consequently, he is in the main lineups at the top festivals, ‘SHANKARA FESTIVAL’ and ‘ANTARIS’.

His latest EP is ‘COSMIC CONTACT‘ under TechSafari Records. His latest single released is ‘TOKYO TELEPORT‘. Some of his releases are, like VA GOA CULTURE VOL 20 (2016), and many more here.

Hear him out on Soundcloud and YouTube.


11. Sonik Scizzor

Began in 2007, he has released over 50 tracks in his record label. Sonik Scizzor a.k.a La has produced some of the best Psy Trance sounds. His music has a different experience with different stories and unique sounds. He is one of the big touring artists who has collaborated with many International Psychedelic Trance artists such as Kindzadza and Zik. He specializes in making psychedelic dance music of varying wavelengths. His latest released album DIFFERENT WORLD has 10 tracks which is released in 2014.

Listen to him on Soundcloud and YouTube.

Sonik Scizzor

12. Janux

Janux has hosted all the big psytrance parties in Bombay, where he was the head of music programming at the legendary Blue Frog. It cemented his reputation as a tastemaker and influencer of music.

Hear him out on Soundcloud.

One of the pioneer DJs of India with multiple avatars, Jehan Johar a.k.a Janux previously selected acts for Blue Frog’s monthly gig calendar and doubled up as a mesmeric Psytrance DJ. Began in 1998, Johar is the unofficial heir of the Goa Trance scene as he actually grew up around the Goan open-air parties with strong hippie vibes. He studied saxophone and has been part of a band. Consequently, presenting himself more as a musician than a DJ.

He has performed at some of the world’s leading festivals like Ozora (2014) in Hungary, Hadra (2014) in France, additionally at Antaris (2015), Hilltop Festival (2014-15) and many more. His killer mixing transforms any party into a powerful actuality with his high-energy spin.

13. Starling

The resident DJ at one of the world’s most spectacular outdoor Psytrance settings, Starling D’souza a.k.a Wicket Chaos a.k.a DJ Starling has also overseen the growth of the genre in Goa. Now in its third decade, he is partnering with his father, Steven D’souza, who started the venue as a simple benches-and-trees mom-and-pop joint. Starling, who began early at the age of 14, has created a monumental stomping ground for psy-fans from across the globe. The annual Hilltop New Year’s bash is one of those things one must tick off their bucket lists. Before that, however, immerse yourself into Starling’s meaty chunks of Goa Trance as fans of the genre say it is – full power.

Hear Hilltop’s first VA compilation by him – ‘The Hilltop Chronicles Vol. 1‘. Hear him on Soundcloud.

dj starling


AUDIOGRAMME, a progressive Psytrance project, a.k.a Vial is the brainchild of Delhi-based Vikrant Rathore. Distinguishing electro-psychedelic sounds and trance define his music. His music is characterized as cutting-edge progressive Psytrance sounds. Vikrant has performed with artists such as Astrix, Astral Projection, Tristan, Avalon, Liquidsoul, Judge Jules, X- Noize, Marcel Woods, Solarstone, PVD, Skazi, G.M.S, Ace Ventura, and many more. He ranked among the top three DJs in India under the psytrance category by MY MYFAV awards.

His new project ‘VIAL’ focuses majorly on producing and playing nocturnal psychedelic music, with complex arrangements and forest elements.

He also played for festivals like VH1 SUPERSONIC MOUNTAIN, SUNBURN, etc., which made his sounds global. Audiogramme is signed under ‘B.A.B.A RECORDS’. Listen to his songs on Soundcloud and subscribe to YouTube.



Chakraview a.k.a Felix is a nocturnal psytrance project by Shaveer Ahmed, based out of Assam. A lawyer otherwise, he is known for alien sounds, groovy basslines, best Psybreaks, and trippy leads. His sets are energetic and atmospheric. Working as a producer under various labels have got him global acclaim. Currently, he is linked with SANGOMA RECORDS, MACKY MAD HOUSE RECORDS, CLOCKTAIL RECORDS, etc.

His debut album ‘ANJUNA TO ASSAM’ was released with COSMOGENESIS RECORDS (UK) in 2010. ‘OPEN YOUR EYES’, his second, with PSYCORE RECORDS, was released in 2011. Even since then, he has been releasing EPs on several labels. Few of his albums are: PARALLEL UNIVERSE (CHILLOM RECORDS) 2011, CONCRETE JUNGLE (NUEROTRANCE RECORDS) 2012, etc. Stream into his songs on Soundcloud, Beatport and YouTube.


16. LAYA

Laya, a Sanskrit word meaning ‘flow’, is a progressive Psytrance project by Aditya Vyas from New Delhi, India. It was 2005 when Aditya was introduced to Psytrance by friends. By 2010, Aditya started producing and teaching himself synthesis. He pursued ‘Audio Engineering’ in 2012 and consequently founded ‘LAYA’ in 2016. His first EP ‘VORTEX’ under Digital Nature Records, hit 26th rank on Beatport’s Top 100 Psytrance releases chart. Bouncy bass-lines, crunchy leads, soothing melodies, and high-quality sound defines his music.

Hear him on Soundcloud.



Initiated by Rahul Davis from New Delhi, Protonix is a progressive Psytrance project. Rahul started DJ’ing as early as 16 years of age and is now one of the best psychedelic trance artists of India. He was also a resident DJ at one of the most happening spots in Delhi. Rahul pursued ‘Audio Engineering’ from ILM in New Delhi.

He designed the music to create an exceptional experience with entangling basslines, mystical, and trippy melodies. He has played at numerous festivals such as ‘MAGICA FESTIVAL (KASOL)’, COKABANA FESTIVAL (KASOL), RANGILA (KASOL), DESERT DANCING (PUSHKAR), and many more.

JUICY NOISE RECORDS (GERMANY) and B. A RECORDS (MEXICO) have signed him. Find him on his official website. Subscribe to him on YouTube and hear him on Mixcloud.


18. Psycz

Psycz is a Goan Psytrance project by Avik Bhattacharyya from Kolkata, India. He began DJ’ing at the age of 19. Soon, Avik started traveling in across India to psytrance festivals exploring the different sub-genres in Indian Psychedelic Trance music. Avik started producing music at 25 and focused on developing his patent style. Mystical-atmospheric melodies, mysterious pads, and trippy fx sounds define his music and is one of the best psychedelic trance artists of India.



Listen to him on Soundcloud or Beatport, and subscribe to him on YouTube.


19. Vaeya

Vaeya or Vaibhav Bhavsar is a Delhi based music producer specializing in Progressive trance genre. His sets range from dark and techy to fun and quirky. He has produced tracks with Rebeat, Fatali Music, Glitchy.Tonic.Records, Twisted Frequency Recordings, Carmi Recordings, Occulta Records, Zenon Records, etc. And is one of the best psychedelic trance artists of India.

Vaeya’s first solo album was ‘Passion Before Priorities’ in 2009. His second album ‘Bipolar’ was released on Germany’s Glitchy. He is presently focusing on his third album and a new live set.

Connect with Vaeya on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and YouTube.

DJ Vaeya DJ Virus

20. Cosmic Brahma

Cosmic Brahma, founded in 2010, is a nocturnal Psytrance project by Abhishek Chakraborty. He began his musical career with DJ’ing in 2003. He was deeply chained with the art of mixing on CDs and turntables. Resident DJ of ‘Explode’ in 2004, Abhishek, till 2009 was organizing parties in Delhi, Banglore, Goa, and Guwahati. His sounds are chosen chiefly to cite the mind-altering stories and lives of real-life people. In his 13 years of journey, he saw himself grow from DJ Abbhy, back in 2009, into Cosmic Brahma. He is one of the best psychedelic trance artists of India.

Cosmic Brahma is known for melodies, crunchy basslines, and best-quality sounds. ‘MACKY MAD HOUSE RECORDS’, ‘TEROFLY RECORDS’, ‘CLOCKTAIL RECORDS’, ‘PHT RECORDS’ etc are some of the record lables he is signed under. Some of his best releases are, namely, CHAITANYAM (2015) STEREOFLY RECORDS, THE CONTACT (2015) STEREOFLY RECORDS, etc. And his latest is INCREADIBLE INDIA, TWILIGHT CHRONICLES (2016) CLOCKTAIL RECORDS, which has 18th rank on Beatport (top 100 Psytrance releases). He has also produced Indian classical trance music to the world.

Listen to his songs here at Soundcloud and subscribe to him on YouTube.

cosmic brahma

21. Liquidnoize

Liquidnoize is a dark-forest Psytrance project by Vinay Menon from Mumbai. He is producing for the last 26 years. Known for his groovy bass-lines, trippy fx sounds, weird scapes, and melodic forest sounds, his music transfers you to the serene atmosphere of forests. He is one of the best psychedelic trance artists of India. ‘RAAG TAAL RECORDS‘ has signed him. Some of the releases are, like, VA SHAMAN SOUND TEMPLE (2007), and many more. Hear him out on Soundcloud.


22. Psyness

Psyness is a hi-tech Psy project by Abhishek Mahadev from Bangalore. Abhishek began to play at parties in 2003, Goa. And started playing techno and electro around the country in 2005, switching to psytrance after a year. First Psytrance gig played at Bangalore, in 2006. He started music production in 2013 and has released several VA’S and EP’S and is known as one of the best psychedelic trance artists of India.

Psyness is known for his trippy squelches and mind blowing hi-tech fx and Psybrakes. Psyness is signed under ‘COSMIC CREW RECORDS’, ‘NAMO RECORDS’, ‘SONIC TANTRA RECORDS’, ‘LAMAT RECORDS’, ‘POPOL-VUH RECORDS’. His various releases are VA GOA FREAKS (POPOL-VUH RECORDS), VA TRANSCENDENTAL ANALYSIS (GALACTIC CREW RECORDS), etc. Hear him on Soundcloud. Subscribe to him on YouTube.


23. VSociety-

Vishal Sinha (VSociety), one of the best psytrance artists, is a Kolkata-based DJ who is recognized as a force in the electronic world. His music is praised for its driving and uplifting tunes. He produced his well-received single with Relative ‘Beyond Reality’, which featured on BEATPORT Top 10, for over 6 weeks. His compilation – Universal Religion 2 ‘The Awakening’ is regarded as a favorite by Trance DJs worldwide. He has been playing all around India & Nepal and known as one of the best psychedelic trance artists of India.

His is a common name at Blue Frog (Mumbai), Shisha (Kolkata), Myx (Kolkata), Church Street Social (Bangalore), Veda (Kolkata), Terra Maya (Guwahati), Club Ace (Bhutan), etc. He has played a live audience of 10,000 people at the 2012 Universal Religion Festival, – 2012, 2014 Hill Top Goa Festival, Sunburn Goa (2012). Currently, VSociety is signed up with ‘Digital Om Productions’ and ‘United Beats’ from the USA. Listen to him on Soundcloud.

VSociety dj

24. Nithin Anand

Although he has not kept a fancy name, he is still a known figure in DJ community. Nitin, one of the best psychedelic trance artists was voted as India’s No. 1 Psytrance DJ by MyfavAwards (2013-2014 and 2015-2016). He plays at clubs and bars across the globe, showing his skills and developing a unique style of his own for 14 years now. Nitin is known for his fine-crafted sets at SUNBURN GOA, NYE-HILLTOP FESTIVAL, UNIVERSAL RELIGION NEPAL, MODEM FESTIVAL-CROATIA and many more. This Bangalore-Goa based artist has shared the stage with top artists such as ACE VENTURA, SPHONGLE, PROMETHEUS, NEELIX, TRISTAN. Hear him on Mixcloud.

Nithin anad

25. Rhythm Dee

Banglore-based Rajesh Dash, better known with his stage name Rydhm Dee, is an online maestro of Indian Psychedelic Trance music. He began his career as a mixing artist in 2014, mixing specifically for YouTube. He continued for two years before performing live for the first time in 2016 and then there was no looking back for the artist. His YouTube channel garnered viewership in millions and made its global presence felt. His channel is World #2 channel to have the maximum number of million views, subscriber-based, for Psychedelic Trance Music. Dee has the best Psytrance albums that he has played in psychedelic trance festivals and earn his name.

Being timed at approximately 1.5-2 hours is the specialty of his music. Yet, about ten of his tracks have crossed the million viewership mark making him one of the best psychedelic trance artists of India. AgniSutra, his latest track has amassed a viewership of more than 5 million. He has earned the loyalty of his foreign audience, significantly in very less time. He has nearly a lakh subscribers on YouTube. This maestro of Indian Psychedelic Trance Music has opened for Burn In Noise. Also played at Circle of Life Music Festival and for ‘Sangachadwam’ which is a dedicated Psychedelic forum. He draws inspiration from artists like Liquid Soul, Astrix, Daniel Lesden, etc. Below are some of his mesmeric sounds. The number of viewership in such a short span makes him different from and best psychedelic trance artist ever.

For more, hear him out on Soundcloud and Youtube.

rhythm dee

Not just their names, but their work is also known worldwide when it comes to Psychedelic Trance Music. Explore the top psytrance tracks that evolved in past years.

We hope you guys thoroughly enjoyed these modern Psychedelic artists and their Psychedelic Trance songs with the best Psytrance drops. For more such Psytrance India stories, stay hooked on to GrooveNexus. And download the Latest Psychedelic trance songs here.

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