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Rydhm Dee
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  • Genre: PsyTrance, Psychedelic Trance
  • Location: Bengaluru


In a short span of 4 years, his YouTube channel has crossed over 1,05,000 subscribers, and now it’s one of the most popular channels of the world in the PsyTrance space. His YouTube channel has already passed over 25 million+ views. To name a few of his favorite mixes, Agni Sutra, Antaranga, Red Moon, and more recently Aural Psyence. He also has an excellent following on SoundCloud and MixCloud. Outside India, his music is trending in countries like Germany, France, USA, and Brazil. Artists like Astrix, Tristan, Ajja, Spinal Fusion, Sonic Species, any many such musicians inspire his music. He feels proud to have opened for "Burn in Noise" Day festival (Bangalore-SkyDeck), played at "Circle of Life" festival Part1 & 2 (Pebble, Bangalore), Sangachadhwam Night (Pebble, Bangalore), closing set for "SUNRISE Carnival, NYE 2018" (Chikamaglur, India), and many other gigs across India. 

Music: RD specializes in the Happy Full-On PsyTrance space where he ensures people enjoy every beat of his music. With a strong liking for melody with heavy baselines, one thing common in all his sets is the 'journey'. At the end of this journey, he brings a smile on the faces of every patron.


Some of his most popular DJ sets on YouTube are:

  • AGNI SUTRA - 5.3+ Million views
  • COSMIC ENERGY - 2.7+ Million views
  • PSYMPHONY  - 2.3+ Million views.
  • PSYBERATION - 2.2+ Million views
  • EUPHORIA - 2+ Million views

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