The 5 Best DJ Record Pools for DJs in 2023

As a DJ these days, there are many options to download music for your work, but not all of them are a good idea.


By using a record pool, DJs save themselves hours of research as they usually have to search through each track at once, which can often be very difficult for DJs who want to play a wide variety of various genres.

You can stream it, buy, use free music and even produce your own music, but the outcome can be time-consuming, low quality, expensive, and even illegal. And that is why the DJs’ typical choice to get their music is through DJ record pools.

What is a DJ Record Pool

A DJ Record Pool is a service that DJs use to get access to songs that they can use in their mixes for anything from clubs to bars or anywhere.

The way it works is the DJ signs up for the service, and at a monthly or a yearly fee, they get access to download and use all the music on the record pool website, this includes new releases, remixes, DJ-friendly intro, dirty or clean versions, and more.

Is This for Everyone

From their name, you can understand that the DJ records pools are made for DJs. Some pools are stricter in their rules than others and claim that you need to be a working and professional DJ.

Comparing the DJ record pools to other methods, like buying the music, would depend on how many songs you want to buy. The average monthly cost of the digital music pools is 30$, some pools give you unlimited downloads, so if you know you would spend more on purchasing music directly, you should go with the digital DJ pool option and save money. Another advantage of digital music pools is that you download songs and don’t need to use a cloud or a network-based service which can be a problem in places without internet connectivity.

Another reason a DJ pool can be an excellent investment is getting exclusive and new material, which is an essential part of the DJ. This part became more challenging with the digital music age.

How to Choose the Right DJ Pool

Every pool works differently, and before you choose a pool, don’t consider only the price, but check how many downloads you can make and what best DJ software you choose.

Whether the pool promotes your genre, what type of music it focuses on, and whether the library contains classics or throwbacks?

Are the songs with the music video or without a video?

Is there a mobile app that allows you to preview songs on the go?

Some pools have preview limits, so be aware.

How many times a month does the library get updates?

What is the quality of the tracks? (Some pools would focus on the quantity over quality)

If you play on a good club system, the quality is noticed, so 320kbps is much better than less. Also, before you choose a specific DJ pool, check reviews and what others say about them. After you answer those questions according to your needs, you can check the selection of the DJ pools offered online and make a more intelligent decision.

Top 5 Best DJ Record Pools in 2023

We have completely explored and tried the best DJ pools available, surveying them for melodic substance, kind variety, and general highlights to give you simply amazing results. 

Here is our top 5 list of DJ record pools: 


Price: $25 Per Month Intro Plan / $35 Billed Yearly Unlimited Pro Plan

ZIPDJ markets themselves as “the main digital DJ Pool music you really want,” and as we would see it, they are right on target. Even though they are on the higher finish of the spending plan range, we think ZIPDJ offers many benefits for cash.

For instance, their back inventory is monstrous, and they offer limitless music downloads, so you will not need to pressure over running out of tracks at any point. Furthermore, they add and update music every day, and that implies you are gaining admittance to the most recent tracks inside a wide assortment of kinds when they are free. 


2. Crate Connect

Price: $22 Per Month / $55 For 90 Days / $99 For 180 Days

Crate Connect is a top-notch record pool that offers DJs incredible worth in return for a month-to-month DJ music subscription. For $22 every month ($5 off all bundles utilizing Audio Captain Coupon), Crate Connect gives you admittance to the north of 70 distinct sorts from a library stacked brimming with tracks, running as far back as thirty years old. Likewise, they don’t eliminate any tracks from their list after a specific measure of time, so you can hope to track down a wide range of works of art.

Crate Connect

3. Heavy Hits

Price: $7.99 First Month / $24.99 Per Month After / $250 Per Year

Heavy Hits is one of a pool of records for hip jump and R&B DJs with a scope of special highlights, especially tune-based kinds. While most dance music sets, for example, house and techno, are worked around tunes combined as one, big hits perceive the significance of a track’s BPM as well as key and song.

In view of this, hip-bounce DJs need to incorporate data connected with agreeably blended tracks not found in other DJ pools, permitting them to match keys to various tracks utilizing the Camelot wheel.

Heavy Hits

4. DJCity

Price: $10 First Month / $30 Per Month / $150 Per 6-Months

DjCity is one of the world’s driving membership-based computerized record pools for DJs.

Established in 2000, it is one of the most seasoned and most popular record pools in the   industry, with a large number of members from all over the world. It chiefly centers around giving DJ admittance to a huge library of restrictive music, most recent deliveries, and tracks. 

You are  ensured to find tracks that fit your style as all the music recorded on the stage is from the most well-known classifications like hip-jump, house, pop, trap, and R&B. 


5. BPM Supreme

Price: $9.99 First Month / $19.99 Per Month Standard / $29.99 Per Month Premium

BPM Supreme is another notable record pool in the DJ world, and understandably. As would be natural for them, “BPM Supreme gives all the music you want in one devoted source,” which is why they have the best record pool in the business, since that is what they do.

When you buy into their $19.99 each month membership, you will approach every one of the most recent new deliveries as well as a huge number of soundtracks and video records that you can.

Presently, after the best DJ record pool, you might be asking why not convert Mp3’s from YouTube. Here is the reason?

BPM Supreme

Why Not Converting Mp3’s From YouTube

As I mentioned above, you should not use YouTube because of the new exclusive songs you could get from the DJ pools. Furthermore, you risk a lousy quality song that can sound bad on the expansive club systems by converting a piece from YouTube.

Another thing you would be exposed to is the legal risk, and although this risk can be rare, it can be brutal for your career and cost you money.

On the off chance that this answer was not clear to you, I recommend you looking into music copyrights, yet before this, first, you should know how to become a good DJ.


Assuming you are a DJ consistently and looking for a simpler method for improving quality of music and saving time searching for a piece of new, mixable music, you should investigate some DJ Record Pools. Thus, these are the main five DJ record pools for DJs. You can settle on more sane and better choices regarding which free DJj Pools to utilize with the data above.

If you find this blog helpful, you can read more about the best DJ mixers and how to get Djing gigs?

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