How to get DJ Gigs- 10 Easy Ways

First, we will study DJing gigs.


DJing as a career has numerous specific perks that maximum different jobs now no longer have. Not the best, it offers quite a bit of flexibility on the subject of the timetable and other matters including the reality which you do now no longer want to put on a uniform, however, additionally, it’s an excellent manner to satisfy new buddies who have the same hobbies as you. Not to mention: due to the fact you’re technically self-employed, you’ve got drastically more significant manipulation over your earnings than different top professions, making it a fantastic preference for individuals who are satisfied with running over forty hours a week.

How to get DJ Gigs in 2023

Considering the DJ atmosphere in 2020 and 2021, you won’t be alone if your calendar never looks like 2019, even if your calendar has been better than last year.

With the NYE now entirely in the rear-view mirror, this could be a good excuse to review your marketing strategy and maximize any opportunities that come your way this year.

Here are 10 top tips that might help!

1. Diversify your Act

It’s entirely possible that, as a DJ, you have a niche you lean into. This can be the type of music you play, the equipment you use, or the kind of venue you usually play in – such as a funk and soul DJ or a club DJ. If you specialize as a DJ, 2022 could be the year to broaden your appeal – can you offer any other types of work?

For example: If you are a club DJ, can you try giving chill sets at trendy places to secure booking a day in advance? If you’re a funk and soul expert, perhaps you might consider doing an all-vinyl set using similar music? If you usually DJ at weddings or celebrations, can you check to be booked for public places and events?

This is unlikely to be a simple process. However, you can pick up more DJing gigs in 2022 by offering a variety of packages to a broader range of customers and branching out into your musical style.

2. Look into International DJing Gigs

If you’ve been primarily UK-based in the past, 2022 could probably be the year you’re looking to get some bookings overseas.

Traveling internationally for work is still limited before the pandemic by COVID travel regulations, yet it is possible to secure lucrative bookings in other countries for private and public events. Building a profile on an international event directory like Gig Heaven could be the key to ensuring more work overseas in 2022.

3. Update your Branding

If your marketing materials look a little tired, 2022 may be the perfect time to build a brand. Having good promo material will help in garnering more bookings this year. This can include viewing biographical information on your website, taking new press shots, completing tasks, or even some new physical marketing material such as business cards or pop-up banners.

4. Maintain a Robust Online Presence

Maintaining a robust online presence is one of the most vital matters that any DJ ought to have in mind if he desires to make a dwelling off this enterprise. In reality, that is possibly the top essential tip in this list, and it could genuinely make or destroy any DJ. First, you want to create an account with all social media accounts.

5. Niche Drop

Overall, the area of interest production is about locating untapped possibilities to satisfy demand, and while achieved correctly, it is an entirely beneficial manner to do enterprise. When it involves getting more excellent DJing gigs, it can be first-rate to cognizance on a selected market. And once I suggest the need, I mean the desired flavor and the digital track scene.

6. List with an Entertainment Agency or Directory

If you’re reserving most of your bookings yourself, 2022 may be the year you change it. Signing up with an entertainment agency can get you more work, even if a commission is charged from your fee. Joining an entertainment directory allows you to create a profile yourself and communicate directly with potential customers.

Before going into any of these, it can be beneficial to see what promotional material they will need, such as EPKs, press shots, or music press releases.

7. Working And Interacting with the DJ Network

I recommend getting publicity within the neighborhood DJ network to get more significant promotions and gigs. You want to begin and help your neighborhood DJ event virtually. Ideally, when you have different DJ buddies, you want to help them. There are various way to learn DJing; you can quickly learn how to become a DJ.

8. Collaborate as a Whole Lot as Possible

One of the first-rate methods to community and win more excellent DJing gigs on this enterprise is collaborating as much as possible. Whether you are a veteran or just have some months of experience, the first-rate thing you could do for a DJ profession is to satisfy people, proportion ideas, and collaborate in a mix. You’re greater likely to meet membership managers, promoters, and others who assist you in climbing the ladder of success. This can be the maximum apparent trace in this list. However, it is also one of the most useful ways.

9. Check-in with Previous Clients

A polite email to past customers (just checking in for the new year) can help keep you front and center on their minds when planning any event. Not to spam or harass anyone, but a friendly reminder of what’s available to you (perhaps an offer or update you’re planning for the year) to top-up your booking for 2022. You can also look at your quoting process and see a way to improve it.

10. Concentrate on your Look

One of the matters DJs frequently forget about on the subject of advertising and marketing is its look. I’m assured that the higher the DJ appears and dresses, the more excellent gigs can be planned.

From individuals who visit the venue to the membership supervisor, everyone knows that the membership scene may be very superficial. Your attraction and usual look will strongly impact how human beings perceive you.


So, this is a way how to get DJing gigs. Although it is not easy to become a DJ, you should have the common qualities of a Dj to become a DJ. You can create an image or personality that sets you apart from the crowd to get your chances in the gig. This is again linked to self-promotion, but also a bit different, as it can be as newfangled or artistic as you like and gives you plenty of room to have fun and express yourself.

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