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India’s fastest growing EDM artist and his journey with Sunburn Festival as an official artist


In conversation with – Ravetek

Let’s start with a very simple question. What inspired you to get into DJing or become a DJ? When did the obsession begin?

Ravetek – I discovered Electronic dance music in 2012 when I started watching DJs playing in clubs. I saw how dance music was uniting everyone, and it doesn’t matter where you come from because in that place we all were one. This is one of the reasons which inspired me to become a DJ.  

The obsession began when I first attended Avicii’s concert at Sunburn Arena Delhi on 8th Jan 2013. I was so obsessed with his set and the way he left the crowd going bonkers with his soulful music. From that movement onwards it was clear to me that this is what I want to do. It became my goal and I started working on it.

What were the thought process and the brainstorming that went behind your stage name ‘Ravetek’? Does it have any connection with your own name?

Ravetek – There was no thought process as such, it’s very simple, we rave and the kind of sound I play is techy. So, I thought of having this name.

You are introduced as one of India’s youngest, finest and fastest-growing DJ & Producer. And, played at the best clubs across the country. So, how and when did these opportunities come knocking at your door?

Ravetek – Yes, for a club DJ to get a chance to open for Legend like Tiesto everything went so fast. Dedication is the key to have the opportunities come knocking at your door. I never gave up and didn’t miss even the small opportunities from the shows. I was playing different companies and promoters noticed my work, and from there I started growing up gradually.

For most artists, originality is preceded by a phase of learning and, often, outdoing others. What was this like for you? Tell us about your development as an artist and discovering your creativity? 

Ravetek – Initially, when I started DJ’ing I had no one to guide me. I did so many mistakes and didn’t know how to shape up my music or my set but, I learned a lot from my mistakes and took guidance from senior DJs and my mentor. When I started interacting with the crowd I got to know that this is what keeps my spirits high and keeps me going. I could actually see it happening, me connecting with the crowd and this is something I learned with time.

Most DJs are known for their unique styles. What is it about you that makes you different from other DJs?

Ravetek – My unique style is that I use a lot of effects to make my live set more happening. And, I do a lot of activities during my set, I choose my playlist accordingly.

You have performed alongside artists like Alan walker, Afrojack, Tiesto, Martin Garrix, Quintino, Krewella, Salvatore Gannaci, Malaa, etc. How and when did you get this opportunity? And, what was your experience performing with them?

Ravetek – One day I got a call from Mayukh Roy who is the artist manager at Percept saying he would like to sign me on his roster. He has followed my work and supported me, and this is how I got all these opportunities. Incredible experience sharing stage with such talented global artists, I have learned a lot about how to work on live sets and visuals.

After what gig or event did the fame pour in? Name that one event or show that put you on the map?

Ravetek – Oh, I still remember 6th October 2018 when Sunburn Festival gave me a chance to perform alongside legendary artist Above & Beyond.

A lot of DJ’s have a specific preference as to what genres they want to specialize in. What are your preferred genres and why did you gravitate towards them specifically?

Ravetek – Well, initially I didn’t know what my genre would be but, recently with time I have discovered that I like house music with underground beats. I especially love the deep house and bass house.

Your 2020 tour has just begun, what do you have to say about that? How stressed or excited are you AT THE MOMENT?

Ravetek – 2020 tours have all new plans as I have got new visuals ready, new music and a couple of international gigs lined up.

When we talk about tours, they are a big deal to any artist. Just curious to know, how long before the actual tour does the planning begin? And, what all goes into planning one?

Ravetek – For every artist, it’s different because it depends if you’re famous or not. And, whether people would like to come to your gig if the promoter gets you to their respective city. Usually, the touring plan is sorted at the starting of the year with advance booking and upcoming bookings, which are then released on the roster every second or third month.

Amongst all the clubs and shows and events that you have played in, rate your top 5? And, tell us why they get to be your top 5?

Sunburn Festival – It’s all about the immense experience and the way you witness all the artists in three days which u dream of. Lots of music & madness.

Vh1 Supersonic club nights are so much fun as you’ll discover underground acts and spectacular line up.

Club – Kitty Su – Delhi always has amazing artists playing with amazing sounds. The club is also the top 100 club of DJ mag.

JBSE Jaipur – Playboyclub, Hyderabad.

Road to Ultra pre-party, Burp Fest – Lucknow

Grub Fest – As good food works like a charm you’ll find good music too with a stellar line-up. So many artist management companies come down for this show so, it’s a good opportunity for an artist to be noticed by them.

Tawang festival – Arunachal Pradesh is one of my favorites because it shows their culture and music.

Who would you say your role model is or DJs you look up to, take inspiration from?

Ravetek – 1) I’ll say is Tiesto, the way he revamped himself moving according to fashion and style of music people are liking nowadays. 2) David Guetta, his documentary “Nothing but the beat” has taught me a lot.

How hard is it become a DJ in India and take it up as a career option?

Ravetek – Well, to be honest, people still see it as a Taboo if u become a Dj in India but, every chapter has its own story. If you’re passionate and serious about it then nothing can stop you from reaching your goal. One must learn from a proper Institue/academy which not only helps them to learn but, also provide them opportunities to have practical experience. Once you start working you’ll eventually make money out of it.

Did you have a plan B if in case this career path didn’t take flight?

Ravetek – For now, I don’t have a plan B. I’m focusing on my music and how to work on my profile. Also, how to give people a new experience if they’re coming to see my set.

If you could choose any artist (living or dead) to collaborate with, who would it be? 

Ravetek – There’s an endless list and I can’t decide just one artist. If I still have to pick then it would be ‘Lost stories’.

One big-end, dream-come-true, music festival is inviting you to set the stage ablaze. Which one would it be? 

Ravetek – Ultra Music Festival – Miami

Ten years down the line where do you see yourself? 

Ravetek – Playing on the mainstage of some major festivals across the globe.

Please recommend two upcoming DJs, of contemporary times, to our readers who, you feel deserve their attention.  

Ravetek – 1 ) Distort
2 ) Skeltron

When not producing music or DJ’ing, where can we find you spending time?   

Ravetek – I like spending time with my family and my cat.

What are some lessons you learned along the way as a DJ/Producer?

Ravetek – Never take things for granted.
Be punctual
Stay positive & humble

Do you have any tips to give to the upcoming DJs and to those who want to take up DJ’ing as a career?

Ravetek – Yes! If you’re willing to opt Dj’ing as a career then study and research about it properly. Most people waste their time and money due to lack of knowledge so feel free to connect with senior DJs and Music Academy faculty.

To know more about Ravetec and his upcoming tours, stay connected with him on: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube  

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