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Nashville based, Nathan Brumley, is a singer-songwriter who started exploring the extent of his talent early. Influenced by 70’s rock bands, like The Doors and Beatles, Nathan has an array of tracks credited to his name.
His music clearly reminds of piano banging crooners like David Gray, Ben Folds Five, and Gavin Degraw.

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In 2000, he won Embassy Music’s national songwriting contest which subsequently led to his move to the music mecca of the South Nashville, TN.

Previously, Nathan Brumley had two publishing deals with Embassy Music and Brandon Hills Publishing. He has completed his 5th full-length album. He is currently the second-place winner in the USA Songwriting Competition. Nathan was also voted one in the best 14 acts of the Southeast by Discmakers 2007.

Nathan Brumley’s rock compilation album called “Where You Move Me”, was rated #17 in the college market in 2009. His films include
Ugly Betty, Life Unexpected, and Palisades Pool Party.

Additionally, Nathan writes for the Songs Of Love Organization which writes customized songs for kids with terminal illnesses. He has had three songs picked up by Warner Brothers Telepictures Music and was the ‘Artist of the month’ with them in March 2009. In the same month, he had a hold with “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Now, without further ado, let’s go ahead and have a candid session getting to know the star upfront and personal.

Q:  You started songwriting/ singing at the tender age of 11. How did you realize that you were born for music? Tell us about your development as an artist and discovering your creativity?

At the age of five, my parents realized that I enjoyed playing the piano, and they put me in lessons from age 5 to age 16. At age 11, I got my first miniature studio where I started multi-tracking songs. I started writing lyrics at the age of 11 as well.

Everything revolved around the piano in terms of melody writing. I also did a lot of reading; so I finally started putting the lyrics with music at about age 15. Also, at the same age, my dad got me a gig of making background music for commercials on our local television stations; therefore, I was able to have an outlet for my songs in the studio.

I started getting into playing and singing live and eventually got a one-song publishing and record deal in Nashville, Tennessee, in Christian pop music.

Q: Did you aspire to a musician since young or you had other goals apart from music?

I haven’t had any other goals but music. I never really played sports and didn’t have a whole lot of other extracurricular activities, so I poured a lot of my childhood and all my adult life into developing songs.

Q:  What is that about music or sound that drew you towards itself?

I’ve always been the type of person to hear complete songs in my head. The hardest part about what I do is trying to achieve what I hear in my head and exactly how I listen to it in the studio.

The challenge in the studio is not necessarily getting the melody down but trying to get the right sounds and feel of the songs that you hear inside your head. This is the challenge that continually draws me to music and quite frankly, my obsession with music.

Q:  We know that after you moved to Tennessee, you did production work for film and TV. Has that experience influenced your music in that aftermath? Tell us about your experience in the film/TV line.

My experience in film and television has taught me to work very fast as deadlines can sometimes be within 24 hours of a cue that comes up. It has also taught me to be creative in almost any space. A lot of writers or producers need to be outside to draw inspiration from something beautiful, but I can pretty much write from any place and don’t necessarily need to be inspired by nature or anything outside. I’ve been fortunate to have songs on MTV, the Discovery Channel, the Oxygen Channel, the Hallmark Channel, and many others.

Lately, I’ve been doing some songs for the show The Young and the Restless, but I’ve also had cuts on many MTV reality shows, and background music for several shows across mainstream programming.

Q: What has been the greatest or the most memorable experience for you, so far?

 Probably when I got my first record deal. I always doubted my voice but still believed in my abilities. So, it was a great moment when a company in Nashville, Tennessee USA offered me the deal.


Q:  A pianist and a drummer, is there another hidden talent that Nathan Brumley possesses? The world would want to know.

 I actually am an accomplished leather artist. I’ve made purses, saddles, belts, knife holders, wallets, and many other articles with hand-tooled/sewn genuine leather parts.

Q: If you could choose any artist (living or dead) to collaborate with, who would it be?

 Has to be Freddy Mercury of Queen who is now deceased. I admired his piano and vocal ability. His songwriting was on a whole other level for his time as well.

Q: What is the one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?

Closer by the Chainsmokers. That track has a nice vibe and an unforgettable melody that so many singers and producers alike have tried to emulate.

Q: One big-end, dream-come-true music festival/concert is inviting you to set the stage ablaze. Which one would it be?

There are so many good ones that it is tough to answer this. I have always been more of a recluse, so I rarely make it past my computer where I record live to-do shows. But, I would definitely love to be a part of one!

Q: Ten years down the line, where do you see Nathan Brumley?

Maybe mentoring young writers or artists in a camp setting where I can team up with other music industry folks and help young talent get a jump start. Many artists and writers today think that it is easy to create music that can make them millions, but it has become very hard for home producers and writers to make a living.

20 years since my first deal, I have NEVER been able to pay my bills with my music income alone. That is how hard it is. I have always had to work full time plus to make a living; music has hardly contributed to my income. However, I will always continue writing and recording new music.

Q: Please recommend two upcoming voices, of contemporary times, to our readers who, you feel, deserve their attention.

I have enjoyed the vocals of my friend Joshua Swerin out of Washington, USA, and Elisha Giampaolo out of Canada. I have had the chance to work alongside these two singers and share in the struggles and the joys of the industry.

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Q: Out of all the songs that you have voiced till date, which one is your favorite?

 I honestly do such a high volume of music that it would be hard to choose. Just in the EDM field I have been a part of over 3000 collaborations and have around ten albums in Christian music, an Indie Rock album, many volumes of Pop and Rock songs for film and TV, and even an array of classical and orchestral songs. So, I have a lot of favorites.

Q: When not surrounded by music, where can we find Nathan?

 I enjoy the outdoors. Camping, going to a farm, heading to the mountains, or anywhere away from the crowd. Additionally, I am a full-time fitness trainer, so I deal with people 8-10 hours per day. Plus, I am driving for 2-3 hours, and I enjoy the silence in nature, this has to be my favorite time.

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