Weeknd gets crazy in his new song “Take My Breath”


The Weeknd’s new hit song will blow up your mind. A bright new era of music has finally dawned by The Weeknd, as the main singer-born Abel Tesfaye just released the “Take My Breath” song music video on YouTube, which really brings a sense of retro vibes of the ’70s and ’80s to disco dance-pop club music.

A new music video has also been released to Compliment the single. The video shows Tesfaye, donning rose-tinted shades and a long leather jacket, walking near the dawning sun. Then in the video, he enters a concrete tunnel to a club, where he saw people dancing and vibing on music grooves and getting high and crazy on oxygen under super-fast and vibrant flashing lights that accompany the pulsing synths of the song. Then A woman decked in silver jewellery, leather, and chains stride up to him with interest, and they dance and vibe together on the floor in the club.

Tesfaye sang on the chorus that “Take my breath away / And make it last forever, babe / Do it now or never, babe,”. “Take my breath away / Nobody does it better, babe / Bring me close to heaven, babe / Take my breath.”

Before the release, the snippets of the song “Take my breath” were released last week in a visual trailer of the song and in one of the promo commercials on August 3 for the field team in the Tokyo Olympics and the U.S. track. Before the screening of The Suicide Squad, the music video of the song “Take my Breath” was also originally set to premiere release in IMAX showings but was pulled down due to the major concerns of the “intense strobe lighting” triggering epilepsy.

In his recent interview with Tesfaye with GQ magazine, Tesfaye told that his new music album would have songs mostly of Jam to party music; he revealed that “It’s the album I’ve always wanted to make.”

The upcoming album of Tesfaye is yet to have a release date announced and a new title to be named. It will follow his earlier release “After Hours”, which was debut release in 2020 and got No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, where it charted for four consecutive weeks.

So, the new song “Take My Breath “is the next hit on billboard charts and will catch billions of streams soon. And we hope the upcoming songs in album will also be best and crazy as always.

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