Definitely for a shine, Weeknd’s upcoming album teaser: ‘the dawn is coming’

'the dawn is coming'

A fantastic new day for legendary singer The Weeknd has dawned. On Sunday (August 1), 2021, the singer, The Weeknd whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, posted a tweet, “Fuck it… IT STARTS TONIGHT,” and then started a nearly two-minute trailer for his new song, the title of song of which has yet to be announced.  

The song video moves in pan mode over an ocean horizon to the blazing red-orange sky as pulsing music synth playing in the background. Specks of light fly ahead, and the rising sun can be seen getting bigger when the camera goes closer. In the end, the weeknd sings by saying, “Take my hand.” A teaser boost mixed with enthusiastic beats for Olympic 2021 participants.   

Earlier this year 2021 in May, Weeknd gave hints in Billboard 2021 Music Awards, winning 10 awards. He shared that a new aura of music is coming soon. After winning the Top Hot 100 song award for his major hit “Blinding Lights”, Abel stated that the After Hours are done and the dawn is coming. Not to mention, it was an indication to his latest album release “THE DAWN IS COMING”.  

And voila! The teaser is released on 1st August 2021 via his tweet.   

In his latest interview with a well-renowned magazine, he stated his coming album is one he always wanted to make. Here’s the teaser you might not want to miss.

He further stated that in 2021 Grammy Awards, he didn’t receive a single nomination despite having a banner year. His song was probably not good enough for the recording academy’s standards and will continue to boycott the awards in the future and focus on music. 

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