Latest Superhit Bhojpuri Holi Songs

Latest Superhit Bhojpuri Holi Songs

Play a random English song, a Hindi song, and then a Bhojpuri song, and the entire mood and vibe of the party changes. Be it a birthday party, wedding, or college party, Bhojpuri songs have to be the showstopper, at least in some of the northern and western parts of India. Such is the beat and rhythm of Bhojpuri songs that it brings dead or boring parties to life.

Bhojpuri Holi Songs To Make Your Holi More Colourful

Holi, the festival of colours cannot be celebrated without Bhojpuri songs playing at a high volume with DJ remixes. Here is the list of some of the top 10 Bhojpuri songs to make your Holi more colourful: 

1. Ranglas Salwarwa 

“Ranglas Salwarwa” is the latest Bhojpuri Holi song published on February 21, 2023, by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited. This dance to the music Bhojpuri Holi tune is composed and produced by Priyanshu Singh. 

2. Gaal Me Gulaal 

 From the Bhojpuri Holi album “Gaal Me Gulaal”, this song is “Gaal Me Gulaal” is a famous Bhojpuri Holi song by Khesari Lal Yadav and Neha Raj, released in February 2023. The song sings of colours and fun lyricised by Pawan Pandey and Rahul Yadav. Check the link below for listening to this amazing Holi track:

3. Holi Me Chiyar Ke 

“Holi Me Chiyar Ke” is from the album named “Holi Me Chiyar Ke,” released in January 2023. This song is sung by Khesari Lal Yadav and Neha Raj. Click on the link and enjoy the latest Bhojpuri Holi song:

4. Holi Me Temperature High Rahata 

Voiced by Ritesh Pandey, “Holi Me Temperature High Rahata” was released in February 2023. This is a Bhojpuri Holi song starring Bhojpuri actress Kajal. 

5. Holi Ke Maja 

“Holi Ke Maja” is a Bhojpuri Holi song launched in 2022 and sung by well-known Bhojpuri singer Pawan Singh. Click the link below to enjoy the music:

6. Avadhpuri Me Phaag 

“Avadhpuri Me Phaag” is a legendary and iconic folk Bhojpuri Holi Song from the Bhojpuri song album “Phagua Express” by Manoj Tiwari.

7. Rang Dalala Pe Bhagelu Kaahe 

“Rang Dalala Pe Kaahe Bhagelu” is a hit Bhojpuri Holi song released in 2019 by Shatrughan Kumar Yadav, professionally famous as Khesari Lal Yadav. Check the link below and keep grooving to this Bhojpuri Holi song. 

8. Bura Na Mano Holi Hai 

“Bura Na Mano Holi Hai” is a Bhojpuri Holi Song released in 2016 sung by Ravi Kishan, the popular face of Bhojpuri cinemas. The famous actor is an energy powerhouse and has been featured in numerous Bhojpuri albums. This song will make you stand from your place and dance to the tunes of this Bhojpuri Holi song. 

9. Saa Ra Raa Ra Rang Barse 

“Saa Ra Raa Rang Barse” is a Bhojpuri Holi DJ song by the most popular personality in the Bhojpuri cinema world, Manoj Tiwari. The famous actor and singer has released a number of hit Bhojpuri Holi song albums, and this song, “Saa Ra Ra Ra Ra Rang Barse,” ranks on top. Enjoy this superhit Holi remix song:

10. Phonewa Se Happy Holi Bol Dihatu

The song “Phonewa Se Happy Holi Bol Dihatu” is from the album “Falana Bo Dharail Ho Holiya Me,” released in 2019 by Pawan Singh. The Bhojpuri Holi Song, directed by Chhote Baba (Basahi), is a DJ remix of the original version. 

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