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Beats that will get you on your feet and keep your physique

In order to maintain good physique, running is the best exercise one could ever indulge in. You don’t really require any particular equipment for running and it can be done anywhere. No doubt, running is made for music. It has its own tempo, rhythm, pace, where you can speed up or slow down. Music becomes essential and an orchestrate to move forward. If a run is accompanied by best running music, it becomes an amazing and unbeatable combination.   


As there is no compulsion, one can run without music too. But listening to music can motivate you to run as per the beats of your choice. Listen to the beats you have chosen and the ones which you have created while going for a jog. Or you can listen to music made for running. It is hard to segregate what is the best music for running, but we are sure you must agree that great beats move your feet.   

We have created a list of 50 songs ranging from heavy metal to indie rock to hip-hop—represent the motivation, drive, and perseverance required to run, race, and eventually stand victorious in accomplishment.   

A list of a great song that plays just as you hit your stride, well, that’s a feeling we all aspire to. After that, now all you need to do is lace up.   

The list is carefully curated for the runners who are enjoying a long trail run, or maybe going around the tracks in the golden hour just before dusk, wondering what music is good for running.  

Here are some best music for running to fuel your running, from classic jams to recent hits: 

1. Don’t stop me now by Queen  

Freddy Mercury embraces all the supersonic speed of a full-out, smile-on-the-face, and let-the-legs-go first mile in a sunny-day run. The motivating lyric behind the song is Yeah, I’m a rocket ship on my way to Mars // On a collision course which can be sportified on Spotify.   

Listen this song Here

2. ‘Power’ by Kyne West  

Kanye circa 2010 raps about…his own greatness. Consider it your own self-empowerment anthem on a run or jog. I guess every superhero need his theme is the motivating music behind the tracks.

Listen this song Here  

3. “Run Run Run” by Jill Scott  

It’s like having your own cheering section—no matter where you are on the course of running. Claps and horns power this 2015 second wind of a track. Motivated by the lyrics: Gotta hustle and handle my business //I’ll be right back when I’m done. As the name says it is definitely is one of the best running music tracks and is people’s choice.   

The other genre of music that one should consider while running is rock music. The rock song of its kind is still famous among all generations and should be one of the choices to be considered among the best running playlists.  

Listen this song Here

4. We will rock you by Queen is considered to be the best rock running songs.  

One Indian fan exclaims “This song has broken so many benches, desk of my school, during my school days. Love n light from India” showering some love for the song.   

When we’re setting the stage for running playlists, we’d recommend some songs for long and steady runs.  

Listen this song Here 

5. “Mayday” by The Go! Team  

Team, Basketball, Talent show, Netball, Team sport, Because not every run goes as planned.  

The motivating lyric behind Mayday is Make a beeline cos I’m in distress and goes very well with the morning jogging for that of the matter. So, lace up for the beautiful track and consider it among the best running playlist and get your feet going.    

Listen this song Here

6. “Take It On the Run” by REO Speedwagon  

This 1980s heavy-rotation classical hit, very apt for the running playlist, will have you fist-pumping as you sprint through the verses. Don’t forget your sweatband.  

Motivating lyric behind the song is You’re under the gun so you take it on the run really a Running Motivation music which takes you to run and run and run to your gut.   

Listen this song Here

7. “Shoes for Running” by Big Boi feat. B.o.B, Wavves  

The rap song really make your feet move on the tracks. Surf-indie rockers Wavves back up the faster half of Outkast in a goose chase. Whew!! The motivating lyrics behind same is Shoes for running, and I’ll race ya // Sun is coming, it’ll chase ya!! Get your race shoes ready and get groovin’. The lyrics’ Shoes for running’ itself is so pumped up and should be considered under great running songs in many other songs offered in the market. 

Listen this song Here  

Classic Rock running playlist-  

Add these solid classic rock playlists to your running playlist and keep moving to the tracks passionately and best running songs ever for jogging:    

classic rock
  1. “Born to Run “—Bruce Springsteen  
  1. “I Can See for Miles”—Styx  
  1. “Sweet Emotion“—Aerosmith  
  1. Carry on Wayward Son“—Kansas  
  1. Hungry Like the Wolf“—Duran Duran  
  1. “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) “—The Proclaimers  
  1. “Long Train Runnin’”—The Doobie Brothers  
  1. “Rock You Like a Hurricane”—Scorpions  
  1. “Don’t Stop Believing”—Journey  
  1. “Eye of the Tiger”—Survivor  

 Hip hop running songs- 

There’s nothing like a good hip hop track to motivate a badass jogging and run. Aren’t we right? Here’s the list we have created on hip hop running playlist with everything you need to get amped while hitting your stride to the ground. Hip hop tracks should be added to your album and are the perfect running playlists to shed some sweat on the tracks.    

These good running songs for boosting your performance and training at your fullest capacity. May each of your strides hit as hard as Kendrick’s every word with these specially created running music playlists according to people’s choice:   

hip hop
  1. “Whoopty” – CJ  
  1. Moonwalking in Calabasas (feat. Blueface) – Remix” – DDG, Blueface  
  1. “Tyler Herro” – Jack Harlow  
  1. “Still Trappin’ (with King Von)” – Lil Durk, King Von  
  1. “Errbody” – Lil Baby  
  1. “Cry Baby (feat. DaBaby)” – Megan Thee Stallion, DaBaby  
  1. “Laugh Now, Cry Later (feat. Lil Durk)” – Drake, Lil Durk  
  1. “Body” – Megan Thee Stallion   
  1. “Mood (feat. iann dior)” – 24kGoldn   
  1. “POPSTAR (feat. Drake)” – DJ Khalid, Drake  

If you are a road runner and admire speed, you should have best beats in your playlist to shed some serious sweat while you pump up on the roadside on a pedestrian path.   

Why should you listen to music while running is the question. So, listening to music while running can alter your mood, alleviate stress or set you free from boredom or get out of a funk.  

The actual science behind listening to the song while running is: Dopamine (that’s the feel-good chemical that’s released with biological rewards, like eating and sex) is released while you listen to best running playlist from your directory and considerably which are the best pump-up songs forever.   

“The average person takes about 90 strides per minute while running,” says Foster. The purpose of running is to shed calories to the maximum extent and get in shape. There is some fast music which can be useful for running and burning the extra calories from your body which you are aiming to get rid of quite a few times.    

If you’re not extremely picky about all tunes you pound the pavement to, use various channels like YouTube, Spotify, and get a list of songs that are apt for running.   

The feature that creates playlists catering to “Top Hits for Run” or “Fun Run” adjusts the tracks as per your choices and basis the steps per minute your health app and phone detects.   

Yay! Technology! Select and faster the tempo if you are up for an extra push to your running routine regime of 5Kms or 10kms, depending on your decided routine. You can decide the span and customize the playlist of best-running songs of your choice and as per your running regime and make it happen with top tracks for running from your “good running list”.   

Wrapping up with the top 5 funky hits you should be including in your playlist and get going with the tracks-    

1) Bounce Back by Big Sean –   

The beautiful beats of bounce back is definitely a consideration for your jogging playlist.   

Talking about the song, bounce back is produced by: Hitmaka & Smash David and   

Additional Production by: Metro Boomin & Amaire Johnson. The music video by Big Sean performing Bounce Back. Is under Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. 


2) Congratulations ft. Quavo by Post Malone –   

The song is taken from the album Stoney and is very apt when you are thinking to wrap up or going slow with your pace while running. The Music video by Post Malone performing Congratulations ft. Quavo is definitely a pick when you are thinking of limbering down with the pace while on tracks.  

3) Pitbull – Timber ft. Ke$ha –   

This song is one of the best pump-up songs for running. Depending on the running duration, pick up the speed with this song and get it moving like a pro.   

4) Maroon 5 – Payphone ft. Wiz Khalifa   

Uplift your mood and speed up in your daily running regime with by adding this song to your motivational music playlist. If you see the picturization of the song then the escape is disturbing but an apt match to your running regime.   

5) Aserejé (The Ketchup Song) [Spanish Version] – Las Ketchup –   

We really say a hey a ha…. let’s rock and gat you lace tight for these beautiful soft Spanish tracks when you are on the tracks which is definitely an add on to the running workout music and motivational music playlist you are already owning.   

Good workout songs are all about putting you in just the right mood while you are warming up for heavy exercises or pumping your body up for a morning/evening run.   

There are several lists and best running albums segregated on other music platforms that can get your adrenaline pumping before the big race. Or several other tracks to get you really moving during a max set. The slower down music are also enlisted in the tracks that will help you cool-down after a heavy run session. In any of the cases, instead of fussing over a specific playlist for your mood, pump up your run, pick an album or best-running songs ever that you can listen to straight through.  

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