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Top 15 Famous Indian Classical Songs to Add to Your Playlist

Bollywood music is well-known not just in India but throughout the world. To a great extent, Bollywood music owes its presence, advancement, sustenance, and longevity to the classical song tradition, from which it has intensely acquired, especially during the initial few years of its evolution.

15 Indian Evergreen Classical Songs

Classical-based songs bloomed in Bollywood during a period that saw an incredible renaissance of musical compositions in Hindi Cinema, especially during the 1950s, and simultaneously, made a pattern that proceeded straight up to the mid-eighties. This period saw a few extraordinary numbers, which enlivened an entire age of Bollywood performers to embrace classical songs and prompted what many times referred to as the ‘Golden Era’ of Bollywood Music. Simultaneously, it likewise made numerous legends whose works are famous even today.

1. Laga Chunari Mein Daag

This number has an extremely amazing case to be viewed as the best ever classical song throughout the entire existence of Bollywood. It is made in Raga Bhairavi, a classical music organization of Hindustani music, usually utilized by music writers of Bollywood.

2. Ketaki, Gulab, Juhi

This song is interesting, because it united two young artists who were bound to accomplish unbelievable acclaim in traditional vocal music. Pt. Bhimsen Joshi, one of the best Indian traditional artists, joins Mannade, perhaps the best vocalist of Hindustani classical music, in what should be a competitor of best-ever classical vocal “jugalbandi” (partnership) of Bollywood.

3. Poochho Na Kaise Maine Rain Bitayee

One more incredible classical version from the extraordinary expert, Mannade, this time in Raga Ahir Bhairav, another composition of Hindustani Classical music. This song is in two sections; the first is sung by S. D. Batish, which is likewise an enjoyment to listen to. The music for this song is composed by the great S. D. Burman Sahab, while its lyrics are written by Shailendra.

4. Tu Ganga ki Mauj Mein

This incredible number is nearly sung flawlessly by Mohammed Rafi, arguably one of the singers of Bollywood, in Raga Bhairavi (tal Dadra). It was formed by Naushad, an all-time favorite, with lyrics by Shakeel Badayuni.

5. Kaali Ghodi Dwar Khadi

This number is perhaps the best exposition in Raga KAFI, a composition of Hindustani classical songs. It unites the genius of Yesudas, the main artist, with the simplicity of Raga Kafi bringing about an exceptionally basic but entrancing number.

6. Baiyan Na Dharo

One of the famous songs considering Raga Charukesi, a composition of Hindustani classical song, sung flawlessly by Lata Mangeshkar. The music for this number was formed by Madan Mohan, who generally saved his best for Lata Didi, who was additionally close to the pinnacle of her singing ability at the time.

7. Jaag Dard-E-Ishk Jaag

An incredible duet, considering Raga Bageshwari (taal Dadra), which has likewise been extremely well known among the Bollywood music composers of the 1950s and sixties. Sung by Hemant Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar, two extraordinary voices of Bollywood.

8. Nache Man Mora

One more all-time incredible interpretation from an extraordinary artist, from the film “Meri Surat Teri Ankhen,” a milestone for classical songs in Bollywood. Music composer Sachin Dev Burman, the unsurpassed most prominent music composer of Bollywood, produced a Raga that has been among the well-known ones in Bollywood.

9. Insaaf ka Mandir Hai Yeh

A great number, that is not just a near-perfect rendition of a song based on the Hindustani classical song, but one which conveys a lot, making use of the different effects of classical compositions. It is based on Raga Bhairavi and sung by Mohammad Rafi – evidence of why Rafi is considered by many as the greatest ever singer of Bollywood.

10. Dil Hoom Hoom Kare

Bhupen Hazarika has not been associated with numerous Bollywood films, but this song will be sufficient enough to convey his heritage. He will constantly be associated with this song, essentially till there are individuals who follow classical-based music created in Bollywood.

11. Mere Dholna Sun/Ami Je Tomar

This song is sung by my number one Bengali magnificence and extraordinary female artist of our times, Shreya Ghoshal. There are countless different songs by Shreya Ghoshal that we can consider number one, however, this song is loaded with classical beats, and a big part of the song is sargam.

12. Javeda Jindagi- Tose Naina Laage Piya Saanware

The best thing about this tune is its music. The running water sound mixed with an alaap in the start of the tune contacts your spirit. It is a brief tune and all the time while listening to it, you will feel yourself in a trance.

13. Kun Faya

Of the relative multitude of Sufi tunes in Bollywood that are sung in a group, Kun Faya is the best concerto everyone at any point tuned in. Filled with a variety of Sur on each Antara, types of various scales after each two-three lines, and the deep music of A. R. Rahman, every one of these made this melody glorious. Kun Faya is a classical song that everyone knows. Kun Faya Kun is one of the most famous classical music tunes.

14. Tere Bina Beswadi-Beswadi Ratiya

We can review the initial feeling when we listen to this song for the first time. It was the main line of the lyrics, ‘tere bina beswadi ratiyaa’, signifies, ‘sweetheart, evenings are only dull without you.’ Wow! What an imagination!

15. Hamri Atariya Pe Aaja Re Sawariya Dekha-Dekhi Tanik Hoi Jaye

The film, Dedh Ishqiya is a diamond as is the song referenced previously. Hamri Atariya is essentially a Thumri song, first sung by Mallika-e-ghazal, probably the best vocalist of Hindustani traditional music, Begum Akhtar.


These are well-known numbers created by adhering to the classical Raga and sung flawlessly by some of the best in the business. These ten songs are not recorded in a specific request or rank, and we would like to know which one you think about the best among them, so remember to mark your decision.

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