How many of these epic music videos do you remember?

Iconic music videos

We may watch hundreds of music videos in a year but there some special music videos which leave their mark on you long after they’ve released. Below is a curated list of such music videos which may be old but never outdated.

List of epic music videos

1. Gangnam Styles- PSY

Who doesn’t remember the iconic Gangnam Style Step? With its release in 2012, this video broke all records and remained on the “Most watched music videos” list for straight five years. With the title referring to a specific neighborhood in Seoul and lyrics in a not so familiar language, the song still became a sensation, all thanks to its iconic video, which unveiled a new dance that took over the world. The global chart domination of the song paved the way and introduced a huge population to the KPOP industry.

2. Waka Waka(This time for Africa) by Shakira

As the official song for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the video features football players from across the globe and the African band Freshly Ground. Though there was another World Cup Song by Shakira in 2014, it’s impossible to beat something this energetic, happy and Colourful. With billions of youtube views, it is hard to deny knowing the classic step on the chorus.

3. Despacito- Louis Fonsi

Whether you love it or hate it, you surely know this one. Despacito’s release in 2017 earned the distinction of most-streamed song and a spot at the top of the Billboard charts. The intoxicating melody and lyrics undeniably deserved the recognition. With over seven billion views on youtube, the song has thousands of remixes, with Justin Beiber’s version being the most popular. Despite being in a language not so familiar, Despacito broke all barriers through its music.

4. Why this Kolaveri Di- Dhanush

This song was written for Tamil movie three and was initially released on youtube in November 2011. Since then, took the internet and the world like a storm. The song tells the story of a boy rejected by his girlfriend, trying to understand the reason for his heartbreak. The song was a massive hit and had multiple remakes and parodies. The songwriters would’ve never guessed the international recognition it would get and the success it would become. Interestingly the writing, composition and singing took only thirty-one minutes. Though over a decade old, the song remains uptight.

5. I’m a barbie girl- Aqua

You will be lying if you deny singing this song at least once in the shower. The 1997 smash song remains afresh with its funky and upbeat music. The song ranked number seven on billboard’s top 100 becoming the fastest growing debut from any group. With its release, the song quickly converted into a pop-cultural phenomenon. Despite the heavy backlash due to its misogynistic lyrics, the song was hard to avoid and remains afresh even after more than two decades.


It’s never been easier to cue up videos for your favourite party music or pop songs from the comfort of your computer or phone (and nothing is stopping you from hitting the repeat button again and over). These videos, in our opinion, are the pinnacle of the art form—the best music videos of all time—at least so far.

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