TikViral: 5 Foolproof Ideas To Use TikTok For Song Promotion

TikViral 5 Foolproof Ideas To Use TikTok For Song Promotion

The social landscape is constantly evolving. It is challenging to maintain the standards with the trends. However, everyone loves to hear songs. Music fans always will search for the next happening songs or albums. If it is in TikTok, then what may be a more significant advantage?

Similarly, music artists want to get fame through their music albums. Going viral with TikTok depends on your likes, views, shares, and comments on the platform. Have you ever asked someone, Can you buy TikTok shares? Have you ever asked the same question to yourself? If yes, the answer is that getting TikTok shares can amplify your online visibility. So, anybody could opt to buy TikTok shares. 

Why Should Musicians Depend On TikTok For Song Promotion? 

TikTok is one of the great platforms for musicians to release music albums. TikTok provides opportunities for young music artists to discover their talents. As it is a user-friendly platform, young artists can use TikTok and shall showcase their skills to the world. Even you can send your soundtracks to your friends, family members, etc., 

A song is not only popular based on the rhythms and tunes composed by the artists. In a way, it is how the audience perceives it. TikTok is an excellent hub for independent musicians and their songs. If you create a professional account as a musician, then you can get global exposure on TikTok. The above reasons are why musicians can use TikTok to promote their songs. 

5 Ways To Use TikTok For Music Promotion

1. Release Your Song On TikTok

It is impossible to go viral on TikTok without releasing your song on TikTok. You can acquire a vast fanbase when you release your songs. Below are the steps to release your music on TikTok, 

Step 1: Select a music distribution service on the internet. 

Step 2: Select when your songs will be released on TikTok. 

Step 3: Now upload the audio with a video, title, artist name, release date, tags, etc., 

Step 4: TikTok will check and approve your song within five business days. If approved, you can hear it in the TikTok music library. 

Create your track TikTok-friendly. It means that the song track should have a length of 15 seconds. In addition, it needs to be catchy and impressive. More likely, artists can release the teaser of the song track on TikTok. Then, with bright visuals and great lyrics, you can drive the attention of millions of users with your songs. 

3. Mix Of Hashtags

The best thing to do is to mix viral and niche hashtags to make your song viral. For example, you can include hashtags like #MusicForYou, #RapSong, #PopularMusic, etc. If you have a balance in hashtags, then it is easy to reach the target audience. In addition, as people generally search with the help of hashtags, you can make your visibility higher on the discover tab if you use the relevant hashtags. 

4. Create Your Song As A Challenge 

You can create a song challenge by making your song words a hashtag. Then, with a hook step, you can post it on your profile. The people will do the same and send you dance videos, thus making your songs more popular. Furthermore, if you need to upgrade your engagement on TikTok, you can use TikViral and reap better results. 

5. Tie Up With Other Musicians 

TikTok provides an excellent opportunity to connect with other artists if you are an independent musician. You may share your music ideas and shall improvise your tunes on TikTok. It is a great platform to make it possible. You can use the features like duets and stitches and shall tune your songs or music. 

When you perform with the features, watching the audience will be more enjoyable. If you partner with the influencers of your niche, then there you can find an audience with similar interests. So there are high chances they may also like your songs. So it increases your audience base. 

Wrapping Up

To check on your promotion status, you can use TikTok analytics. Here you can get the insights of your audience in a definite way. Moreover, you can try using TikViral to build your online community. With the learnings from the above topics, you can take forward your song promotion on TikTok to reach higher heights. Thanks for reading! Leave your feedback below! 

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