Emberify’s 9 Killer Strategies to Get More Views on Instagram in 2022 and Beyond

In the social media world, Instagram is one of the highly-engaged platforms boasting over 2 billion active users and 25 million businesses. However, with its ever-changing algorithm, curating ideal content and generating a high number of views takes a lot of work, especially for amateur Instagrammers. 

Get more views on instagram

The higher the views, the higher will be the reach! Exactly! ‘Views’ is one of the most crucial engagement metrics commonly used to measure the number of times end-users have viewed an Instagram post. 

Views have a powerful impact on the growth of Instagram accounts. And so, individual users, creators, and marketers make every effort to garner tons of views. Furthermore, they buy instagram views to uplift engagement rate organically and move more miles in this competitive landscape. 

Are you also hunting solutions for ‘How to get more views on Instagram’? Fortunately, you are in the right spot! Let’s look at killer strategies you can employ to crack the algorithm, win over the competition, and bag more views promptly. 

1. Keep Up a Distinctive Style 

Be yourself, Be authentic, and give what your audience looks for! Whether you are a sole user or a brand, showing off only the real side of you is a good practice rather than creating a fake image. 

Imagine you own a brand and leverage Instagram for marketing or advertising. On the flip side, set a distinctive theme, tone, and style for you. Ensure you are maintaining the exact details throughout your social media journey. 

  • Optimize your bio 
  • Curate videos in your style
  • Add captions in your brand voice
  • Refine the text that you add everywhere
  • Build a follower base and meet their need in your way.

Whatever you do, adhere to application guidelines and stay consistent in your work to reach your Instagram goals as you expect. Further, try out Emberify to strengthen your presence and spice up your Instagram profile like a pro. 

2. Leverage In-App Features

The crowning part of Instagram is the availability of interactive features that keep users engaged in different ways. Among all of these features, Instagram Stories and Reels have a high capability to bag more views. 

In addition to your regular posts, take advantage of these content formats to connect with a broader audience and bag more views in a minimal time. Apart from the usual features, try out the following ones to make your Instagram profile more interesting, unlike before. 

Instagram Story: A functional feature where you can share an image, video, GIF, or anything that lets your followers stay up-to-date on your day-to-day happenings. Although the posted Story will disappear after 24 hours, it could enrich your profile with loads of followers. When the number of followers increases, it gradually maximizes views on Instagram. 

Instagram Reels: A smart weapon to seek millions of views in minutes! By posting a short-form video that lasts from 15 to 60 seconds, you could reach more eyes than other formats. So kindly make use of it wisely! 

‘Go Live’: Similar to Celebrities and public figures, consider live-streaming videos at regular intervals to build relationships with your audience. This way, you could put together your audience and procure views with less effort. Once you ‘Go live,’ your followers will get notified and join you. 

IGTV Video: An ideal place to share your long-form content that may last up to 60 minutes (1 hour). Share videos in series format to make your audience visit again and again, to retrieve more information from you, thereby amplifying your views rate. 

3. Post at Frequent Intervals

More posts result in more impressions! According to a study, it is determined the Instagram account that often posts, i.e., more than seven times a week, receives high engagement and brings in more followers than others. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for different content formats on Instagram so that your audience awaits more posts from you. For instance, you shall consider the following aspects. 

  • 3 to 5 regular feed posts 
  • 4 to 7 Reels
  • 8 to 10 Stories 
  • 1 to 3 IGTV videos, and so on. 

The factors mentioned above are suitable for you at the initial stages. But make sure you experiment with different frequencies and find the one that helps you gain more views. 

4. Utilize the Power of Hashtags 

Play wisely in your Hashtag game! It’s damn right! A perfect hashtag is capable of increasing impressions and enhancing engagement rate effortlessly. For example, a social media report has stated that an Instagram post with more than nine hashtags fetches better interactions than one with fewer ones. 

Remember that the hashtags you add must be relevant to your niche, the content you post, and the industry your profile belongs to. Some of the hashtag categories that you shall consider while posting on Instagram are:

  • Low Competition (used in <50,000 posts)
  • Medium Competition (used in 50,000 to 1,00,000 posts) 
  • High Competition (used in >1,00,000 posts) 

It is better to blend all these three types of hashtags to get a chance to rank on medium and low competition hashtags. As a result, your post will procure more impressions, thus ensuring high views. 

5. Provoke Audience With CTA

Call-to-Action (CTA) is one of the influential factors that have great potential to turn even audiences into loyal followers. CTA is not just mentioning ‘Like, ‘Share,’ and ‘Comment’ on your videos. Instead, it would help if you optimized your profile with action-taking CTAs wherever they are needed. Some of the major spots where you should be including CTA are 

  • Insta Bio
  • Post Captions
  • Instagram Stories
  • End of the IGTV / Reels video
  • Live Stream Videos and so on. 

Simply posting content on Instagram might be helpful for your target audiences. However, add a CTA that lets your audience perform specific actions that reflect your profile to attain your goal. 

6. Find the Optimal Time to Post 

‘Time’ of uploading content plays a significant role in attracting more views and bringing a big difference in engagement rate. Thinking why? Yes! If you upload a post when your target audiences are online, more people will get to see it. Otherwise, your post will reach only fewer audience and makes it idle. 

To avoid this situation, experiment at different timings to discover when your potential audience is active and what result you achieve. Also, research your niche market and determine how your competitors are winning over this specific factor. 

One time doesn’t fit all! Best timings vary from one day to another. For example, users are more likely to visit Instagram at different times during weekdays and weekends. 

Additional Tip: Schedule your posts in advance so you will experience everything that impacts your growth. 

7. Boost the Best Posts 

Apart from organic methods, Instagram possesses multiple options to maximize its reach and reap its benefits in a specific time. If you find a post is well-performing and needs to reach more audience, then you shall promote it with a particular budget.

First, make sure you use an Instagram Business account, not a personal one. Then, boosting an Instagram post is easy-peasy. All you have to do is find the ‘Promote’ button at the bottom of the post and click on it. Consequently, your post will generate more targeted impressions and let you secure a high number of views like never before. 

8. Pay Attention to Analytics 

Always measure the miles you reached to decide further. Yes! Many social media creators fail to succeed as they don’t monitor the performance of content or campaigns. If you want to be successful on Instagram, always keep an eye on your Analytics to determine your audience behavior, how your content plays, and which strategy works well for you. 

Based on the result, optimize your content plan and marketing strategies and drive forward your Instagram profile on a successful path. Since ‘Views’ is directly related to engagement rate and follower range, keep focusing on all the metrics that impact your growth.

 9. Retain Your Existing Audience 

Audience retention is one of the prominent strategies to obtain a high engagement rate in the future. Imagine losing your existing audience on one side and gaining new followers on the flip side. 

Will it be beneficial for your growth? No never! So, make equal efforts to retain your old audience and gather new ones to acquire many views. Besides, you shall opt out Emberify to widespread your content among a global audience and gain a heap of views in a flash. 

A Quick Run-Down 

To sum up, these are the proven strategies to get more views on Instagram. Of course, gaining views is simpler, but gathering more views is complex! 

‘Views’ is a secret sauce of social media success! So, let your creative juices flow, curate user-generated content, and implement well-thought-out strategies. 

Your ultimate goal must be posting high-quality content that interests your audience and trending content. You will begin to notice excellent organic reach in no time for sure. 

Though Instagram growth is tricky, you can hook more views by blending the strategies mentioned above with more creativity and dedication. 

Cheers to accomplishing your VISION with the vast number of VIEWS on Instagram

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