10 Best Piano Styles You Can Learn to Play

When learning to play the piano, a student will come across a variety of piano styles. There are different piano styles that you can learn to play. We have compiled a list of the best piano styles you can learn to play.


You will undoubtedly find a variety of the best digital piano styles when researching new piano music. To consider yourself a piano master, you must have the ability to play a wide variety of styles.

These different encounters will permit you to gain a full range of skills to play the piano and create hybrids of several styles.

Leaning into new styles of music can be thrilling and a change from your regular piano playing. This is a terrific way to spark interest in your piano if you find yourself in a rut. You can also learn to play the piano on various tuition websites such as Tutor Hunt.

Piano Playing Styles Techniques

Having the ability to play various piano music will help you become a better overall piano player.

Read the different piano styles to learn more and see which jumps out at you the most. After knowing about each, you should have an idea of what interests you the most.

Top 10 Types of Piano Styles

1. Rhythm and Blues

This style of piano music is played in combination with blues, jazz, and gospel. The emphasis is on the rhythm, highlighted by its name. They usually have a powerful sense of syncopation, which involves the placement of unstressed beats under stressed beats. Playing Rhythm and Blues Piano Music makes it possible for you to master the tempo and rhythm. Many modern piano styles are based on Rhythm and Blues.

The 12-bar blues is a simple chord pattern used in many blues compositions. The blues rely heavily on the major and minor pentatonic scales, with an extra note thrown in for good measure. The blues scale is made by adding a flatted fifth to the minor pentatonic.

The I, IV, and V chords of a scale are used to lay the groundwork for melodies and solos. Rock piano, for example, arose from the blues and then took on a life of its thanks to the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis, Michael McDonald, Elton John, Billy Joel, and others.

2. Classical Piano

Classical music is the most diverse genre of piano music. It is considered one of the oldest genres and is credited with laying the foundation for music education. Playing classical music successfully requires several skills and techniques: piano theory, patience, and an understanding of a diverse set of skills.

It is often the first instrument that students learn since it requires them to have an excellent technique and a thorough understanding of music theory. It is challenging to acquire and expert other piano genres without first understanding classical piano techniques. This is because most of the music derives from the classical style. Types of piano music you can play on the classical piano are Canon in D, Prelude No.1 in C, Sonata in C Major, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Moonlight Sonata, Für Elise and many others.

Classical Piano

3. Jazz Piano

The year 1918 marked the official beginning of American jazz, which has remained one of the most popular genres of piano music to this day. Pianists such as Scott Joplin, Jelly Roll Morton, and Fats Waller are examples of pianists who had a huge impact on the jazz scene development in New York, Chicago, and New Orleans.

Improvisation is essential to play jazz piano music successfully. Jazz piano styles are great music to study and sharpen a variety of skills. Other styles have relied on chords and improvisation techniques to master jazz piano music, demonstrating the influence of jazz on piano music. The different forms of the notes are another heavily borrowed aspect from jazz.

Jazz Piano

4. Gospel Piano

Gospel piano is often compared to other genres such as the blues, jazz, and R&B. It highlights some prolonged chords, like the 11th, and has a swinging vibe associated with jazz and R&B, among other genres.

Variations in the raga, such as the 11th, allow unique sounds and feelings to be produced while playing. Gospel music may sound simple, but they are complex piece of music. They emphasize the importance of jazz-like syncopation and create a spiritual and light experience.

Even though gospel songs are simple, their musical complexity is sometimes concealed because they are highly complicated. When it comes to gospel music, syncopation is heavily emphasized since it adds to the overall spiritual atmosphere of the song.

Gospel Piano

5. Musical Theater Piano

In musical theatre, the piano plays an important part. Piano players indeed play a significant role in the creation and success of the musical theatre. Because every musical theatre show is distinctive, accompanists for musical theatre must be excellent sight-readers and adaptable musicians. ns.

Those who work as musical theatre pianists may find employment in pit bands for plays and accompanists for vocalists during auditions, among other opportunities. If you are looking for inspiration, listen to some of the classic Broadway composers and lyricists such as the legendary Rodgers & Hammerstein, Rodgers & Hart, and George Gershwin.

Musical Theater Piano

6. The Upright Piano

The Upright is the tallest of the vertical pianos, measuring 50 x 60 inches and an estimated width of about 58 inches. It has an extraordinarily rich tone and has stood the test of time as an exceptionally durable piano.

If any of your grandparents own or have a piano, it is the one that is in their house. It is called “Grandma’s Piano”. It keeps a loud sound for many years if it is maintained properly.

There are many several styles and sizes of upright pianos on the market. You will find that some are very short, and some are quite tall. Most of the time, people choose to buy upright piano styles somewhere in the mid-range of available sizes. These pianos are slightly more affordable than grand pianos, but they are still costly.

The Upright Piano

7. Grand Pianos

Owning a real grand piano is a special privilege for those who do. Many people save their money for years to buy this type of piano. These tools are exquisitely crafted, and their price tag will match that fantastic craftsmanship. It is a luxury item; However, it is one that a pianist will make effective use of. These great pianos are perfect for live performance and composition, so an inspiring musician will own one of these. Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata is one of the popular piano music, and many musicians have built their careers as a solo act, on this piano.

Grand Pianos

8. Country and Western

Country and Western music have their roots in the blues. These styles stem from early folk songs handwritten by members of lower society. Main aspects of country and western songs include the use of simple chord progressions covered by the melody.

As shown, there are many different piano styles. Just select the one that lifts your mood and start the adventure of revealing a new piece of piano music history. Trying new styles when playing the piano is always an exciting decision.

9. Pop Rock Piano

In the early 50s, the piano was incorporated into many popular pop and rock songs. In the 70s, the keyboard was heavily introduced because of its quiet electrical sounds.

Becoming a contemporary rock/pop pianist and composer is not an easy task, but it is one of the most gratifying pianists.

Pop/rock is one of the highest-paid piano genres. As a pianist, you’ll probably get some of the highest-paying work, including cover bands, wedding gigs, session recordings, and touring performances.

With this pop-rock piano style, you are free to check out new sounds, as the charts are always changing. In addition, having the ability to both plays the piano and sing, look great in performances. The Beatles – Hey Jude is another popular piano music which you can play on a pop-rock piano.

Pop Rock Piano

10. Liturgical Piano

Liturgical music was invented as a part of religious ceremonies ranging from Catholic to Protestant to Jewish.

Almost every religion has its own unique music which plays an important and meaningful role in its culture.

These piano music genres have been passed down from one generation to another, and today musicians are still performing and composing the latest music for religious services, performances, and recordings.

The piano can serve in all kinds of religious music. Many pianists begin religious services professionally to make a living as a musician.

Liturgical Piano


If you have little space, it’s probably worth considering going for clavier or Beautiful. Whatever your preference in piano, there are many options to choose from. Equipment has evolved in many ways, and you should now get a better idea of the several types and sizes.

So, these are the different styles of pianos music. Learn top proven piano practice tips and avoid the biggest mistakes.

You can also visit the best websites for free sheet music and learn about piano worldwide.

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