Magnetic Fields 2018 – Such a Crowd Puller!

Magnetic Fields 2018

The Magnetic Fields Festival is nothing short of a visual dream, a unique marriage of contemporary culture and Rajasthani heritage. It brings in a potful of international artists from across the globe, each bringing to plate their distinctive style of music, far removed from the colorful folk tunes of Rajasthan. But for that very reason, because of the contrast, the ambiance of Alsisar Mahal is so out of the world.

Introduced by Abhimanyu Alsisar (read more about the Indian prince), the 16th scion of the Alsisar royalty, in the year 2014, the Magnetic Fields just wrapped up its 6th edition. It is India’s premier contemporary arts and music festival that takes place in Alsisar Mahal. This Mahal is a gorgeous palace in a remote Rajasthani village. During the magical musical carnival, that commenced on 14th – 16th December, in 2018, the magnificent Alsisar Mahal was transformed into the throbbing, pulsating venue. It celebrated the best of the international underground music as well as folk music.

The 6th edition of the festival was an unparalleled experience that offered secret parties, scenic sunset and sunrise sessions in a palace with stellar artists and a bunch of other awesome things. The festival’s line-up consisted of some of the best electronic music artists, including the likes of Bicep, Midland, Kamaal Williams, Denis Sulta, Shanti Celeste, Moxie, DJ Fresh, DBridge, Daphni, Caribou, Henry Wu, DJ Seinfeld, Cora Novoa. Magnetic Fields 2018 witnessed some of freshest Indian sounds accompanied by exciting underground international stars alongside a cultural programme of local legends. Take a look at the whole line-up.

Magnetic Sanctuary included a plethora of workshops like progressive muscle relaxation, tea whispering, yoga, massage, and even aromatherapy. One got to enjoy all these activities without having to pay any extra charge. If not these, then one may grab a beanbag and listen to some interesting discussions and stories at Magnetic Words took place in the basement bar of the palace. And to add to this, was a flea market stocked with crafts and some quirky stuff.

Magnetic Fields 2018 was an intimate world filled with adventures, new experiences, and memories to be cherished for a lifetime. Like always, this year too the festival pushed future-facing sounds from India and around the world. Magnetic Fields is all about curating exciting music and introducing new concepts and experiences to the audience. From jazz, folk music, spaces like Magnetic Words (storytelling) to Magnetic Sanctuary (wellness),  the diversity is what made Magnetic Fields amongst the world’s best boutique festivals.




Budx South Stage is the main stage in collaboration with Budweiser. It is where Magnetic Fielders kickstarted their day of revelry, lounging and dancing on the grassy, sun-dappled lawns of the palace. As the warm rays of the December sun made way for the evening chill, the BUDx South Stage this year came alive with sounds and songs of artists such as Kamaal Williams, Nabihah Iqbal, IMUR, Paraphoniks, Chrome Sparks, Cora Novoa, Monsoon Search Party and many more.


It’s the place where Magnetic Fielders kickstart the night and dance in the heart of the palace. A true amalgamation of ancient and modern culture was brought to life through the music of Helena Hauff, Palms Trax, Hunee & Antal, Floating Points, DJ Koze, Four Tet, Roman Flügel, Jayda G, Sassy J, Ben UFO and many more.


It lets you bask in the sun’s healing beams and let your limbs soak in the heat of the sand as you move to the beats. With foot tapping music played by Nabihah Iqbal (DJ set), Boxout Soundsystem, Kristy Harper, BFR SoundSystem, its vision brought to life.

As a whole, Magnetic Fields was an astounding experience. One would be hard-pressed to find a festival as complete, unique, and well put-up as Magnetic Fields. It’s a festival that continues to offer its audience more than what they expect. As a bonus, it does a stellar job of putting India on the bucket-list even for international music lovers.

With plenty of food at your service along with some interesting shops and installations, there was never a dull moment. At night, people gathered around bonfires and bonded along.

For all those who fancy a royal life, Magnetic Fields Festival is the one for you. It gives you an opportunity to live amongst the scions of former kings and experience royalty.

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