Indian EDM Artists Whose Music Literally Compels You to Hit the Dance Floor

EDM artists and the Indian music industry have gone to the next level of madness, with many artists emerging and making names in the industry. Amid the global pandemic situation and Covid 19 outrageous situation, when the government emphasises digital intervention in every activity, the music industry has too levelled up during this time. EDM music artists have also got a chance to prepare their beats digitally and host virtual shows during this time. Taking the advantage of the pandemic lockdown situation, all the Indian EDM artists, including DJs have started making sizzling tunes and beats while sitting at comfort of their homes. And have prepared some tunes that are ready to fume you through their EDM Drops and virtual Live DJ shows that one can join and take some respite.


The Indian music industry is full of EDM artists who are top-charting in their industry. There is a big list of the Indian DJs and talented EDM music producers who showcase their talent in the mainstream and are often underrated.

The moment we start talking about EDM in India, everything in the conversation starts and ends with selected top Indian DJs, namely Nucleya, Anish Sood, Zaeden, etc. But, what about those artists who make fantastic music but are not visible digitally? There are some underrated Indian EDM artists who are making good music but have never got a chance to showcase it to their fans?

The struggle of underrated Indian EDM artists face is real. They are working equally hard, perhaps more, producing amazing tracks but don’t get much recognition in the industry.

Underrated Indian EDM artists of 2021

Here, we have got you a compiled list of the top underrated Indian EDM artists who are doing well enough to catch the crowd’s attention. They might not be a bright star and known figure in the music industry yet and can be said underrated edm artists, but their well to do skillsets can help them level up in the industry and appropriate artist branding techniques will take them places.

1. Revoic 

Revoic is a Delhi based musician and performer who started his musical journey in 2016. Revoic chose music as an outlet for his emotions and has crafted songs that are simple and evocative. Revoic’s music has transcended the usual genre boundaries and can be appreciated and enjoyed by fans of different styles of music.

Revoic 1024x512 1

Revoic Khogaya Ft. Raveena Paul (Lyrics Video)

Follow Revoic here :

2. Xirex

Xirex is the solo project of Eric Xavier, a New Delhi based DJ and producer. He has performed for Road and Ultra in Chennai, alongside Mykris (Ultra’s Resident DJ) and also at sunburn for Sam Feldt. He is a resident of Delhi and a DJ at Sera Lounge (Chennai). Follow him on Social Media and then you will change your mind for being considering him under most underrated musicians:

Xirex scaled 1


3. Shubham Mehtaa a.k.a. Arsenik

Shubham Mehtaa a.k.a. Arsenik is a Delhi-based artist whose dominant genres are Hip Hop, Trap, House, and Oldschool. He is a part of Arsenik and Scrawals and together they’ve performed at Sunburn Bareilly. He has also performed in Doha at one of the most popular clubs.

Shubham Mehtaa scaled 1

Socials –

4. Swatej Agrawal a.k.a Swattrex

Swattrex is a new find for us, he’s a producer from Delhi, India, and has a growing fanbase throughout his market. His latest long-form project Paradox is a nine-piece exploration of sound that takes the listener on a pretty adventurous ride. If you are a fan of EDM, he’s worth taking a listen too!

Swattrex (Swatej Agrawal) is 22 years old” Delhi, India” based music producer/ DJ. He has released 55 + tracks till now, crossed 41 million + independently streams across all music platforms

From making music in his bedroom in 2016 to performing at the biggest music festivals in 2020 across India, Swattrex is just a normal guy who is following his passion and trying to connect with people through his art.

Swattrex, SO YOU KNOW, Vishar – Gonna Fall V2 (Visualizer) ft. Deeksha Gautam

Swatej Agrawal scaled 1



Delhi-based DJ and music producer duo Ravi Rudra Singh and Inderjeet (Jay) Singh are most underrated musicians of all time busy in making some fabulous music in the EDM industry today. They have opened for artists like Terrazak, Progressive Brothers, Twin Rave, DJ Ray, Garmiani, Switchers, UpsideDown etc. The duo does all the work from designing their graphics to sound design. Their dominant genre of choice is Trap

YOUKNOWME scaled 1


6. DJ Gags

Delhi-based Gagan is mixing and playing for over 13 years now. His dominant genres are Old School, Hip-Hop, Commercial house, Electro house, Reggae, Pop, Retro, Jive, Latino, & Drum n Bass. He has opened for artists like Jay Sean, DJ Aqeel, DJ Suketu, Bombay Rockers, and Hard Kaur. He is known for his outstanding demonstration of techniques such as scratching and beat juggling.

DJ Gags scaled 1


7. Exult Yowl

With more than 14k followers on Facebook, Niloy Tiwari a.k.a. Exult Yowl is a New Delhi-based DJ, music producer, and dancer. An intern with Lost Stories Academy and Grapevine Co. He is an exuberant music artist who has also worked with Sunburn Festival. We are looking forward to his great mixes!

Exult Yowl 07 1024x512 1



BCKSPCE’ is an Electronic Dance Music solo project brought to life by Nishant Rawat – a music composer, producer, remixer and performer/DJ from New Delhi, India. Musically, he is pushing boundaries by breaking the barrier of genres, experimenting with different sounds, genres and producing hybrid dance music. While performing, he loves to experiment genre fusions which brings Adrenaline rush and make a versatile show. BCKSPCE is coming to recognition slow and steady, he desires to represent India at a Global Platform and is ready to unleash a lot more hybrid music projects in future.




9. Burnin

Born Varun Gothwal, BURNIN dropped schooling in 10th standard and commenced his journey to become a rapper and music producer. His endless hard work and practice made people recognize his worth in 2016. He posted videos of tracks and sound design on Facebook. Known for his fresh Grimmey growls and unique drops, he has designed sounds for many celebrated Indian and international music artists and is counted among one of the underrated Indian EDM artists.

Burnin scaled 1


Shikhar Singh is an 18-year-old EDM prodigy, hailing from Delhi. He is supported by the likes of Jaxx & Vega, TWIIG, Joey Dale, Juicy M, R3SPAWN, Yves V, MOTi and several others. He finds inspiration from Husman. With a followership of 1.5k on Facebook, he is definitely one among the underrated Indian EDM artists.

SHKHR scaled 1


These are not in any particular order and is a personal view of the author. All artists are unique in their own techniques and styles and doing their bit to amplify the range of their music. GrooveNexus believes that every talent deserves recognition!

You might as well want to go through the list of comparatively lesser known International EDM artists and top international EDM artists topping the charts in the music industry and who are famous across the globe. Do listen to them and let us know what you guys feel about their mixes.

Till then, keep dancing’, keep groovin’!

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