The 15 Best Music Producers of All Time

Behind Every Great Album is a Truly Best Music Producer.

The most compelling powers in music are the ones behind the soundboard playing with different tracks and levels to ensure a song or album comes out perfectly.


For all the credit a band or artist gets for delivering a widely praised record, the main thrust behind the record is regularly the producer. The best music producers are the pioneers; the risk-takers; the visionaries that bring thoughts and engrave them into musical history.

We have chosen the very best 13 music producers ever who have impacted the world, especially the music we play on Smooth consistently:

1. Rick Rubin

Rick Rubin is also known as an ‘innovator.’ He helped hip-hop during the 1980s, helping to establish Def Jam Records and working with artists like Run DMC, the Beastie Boys, and Public Enemy.

His capacity to consider some fresh possibilities has seen him produce for probably the greatest names in music – from Tom Petty and Metallica to Kanye West and the Dixie Chicks.

Rick Rubin 2

2. Dr Dre

Dr. Dre is one of the few figures in music whose work as a producer is similarly pretty much as eminent as their past creative vocation.

His initial work with N.W.A solo rap alone makes him quite possibly the most fundamental artist of the last 30 years. In any case, more recently, he’s become better known for his business acumen.

Dr Dre

3. Sir George Martin

For anyone who doesn’t know, Sir George Martin masterminded the Beatles’ rise to global stardom, producing such notable albums as Rubber Soul, Revolver, and St. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

It’s unbelievable to believe that he was disappointed by The Beatles when they previously auditioned for him!

Sir George Martin

4. Nile Rodgers

How do we write a blog about the best music producers without referencing the one and only Nile Rodgers?

Rodgers, the prime supporter of Chic, has a few vast numbers on his CV. He has put down and produced records selling more than 500 million albums and 75 million singles worldwide, working close by Bernard Edwards to create classic Chic hits like Everybody Dance.

Nile Rodgers

5. Quincy Jones

As far as credentials go, Quincy Jones positively has a few as a producer. During his early career, he’s gotten 79 Grammy Award nominations and won 28 for his creative work. And he produced Michael Jackson’s collections Off The Wall, Thriller, and Bad – no big deal.

Showing that he’s a genuine person regarding melodic creation, Jones has also produced scores for films, including Banning, In Cold Blood, and The Italian Job. He is the most famous music producer of all time.

Quincy Jones

6. Martin Hannett

Ask anybody abreast of the Manchester music scene about Martin Hannett, and he will be proclaimed a symbol. Hannett produced albums for Joy Division, Happy Mondays, New Order, and John Cooper Clarke during his career.

It is trusted that, without Hannett’s capacities as a producer, Joy Division would have been simply one more late 70’s post-punk band. In any case, as it ended up, Hannett’s utilization of joined circling innovation and drum sounds blended in with synthesizers gave the group songs their iconic dark undertones.

Martin Hannett 1

7. John Leckie

One more producer familiar with Manchester music heads is John Leckie.

John Leckie is the best music producer. He started his profession during the 70s, working with amazing artists like John Lennon, George Harrison, and Syd Barrett, before turning into the balance engineer for Pink Floyd’s albums Meddle, and Wish You Were Here.

He became inseparable from Manchester in later years after producing the Stone Roses’ iconic self-debut debut collection in 1989.

John Leckie 1 1

8. Steve Albini

Steve Albini has many strings to his bow (or guitar). As well, just like a clever guitarist himself, he’s likewise a famous music producer, sound specialist, and music writer.

Albini has worked with artists like Nirvana, Pixies, the Breeders, and PJ Harvey during his recording profession.

His experience and dependability of his artists are exemplary – although the specific number is uncertain, Albini trusts he’s chipped away at a few thousand collections all through his career.

Steve Albini

9. Linda Perry

If anybody focuses on music, it’s Linda Perry. She is a famous female American music producer in the music industry.

Perry was the lead singer and lyricist for American alternative rock group 4 Non-Blondes – strangely, the group just at any point delivered one studio collection: Bigger, Better, Faster, More!

After leaving the group in 1994, Perry formed two record labels, creating melodies for Pink, Christina Aguilera, and Gwen Stefani.

Linda Perry

10. Susan Rogers

Growing up in Southern California, Susan Rogers’ interest in music first peaked when she stepped into the bright lights of Hollywood in the ’70s.

While working as an assistant at the University of Sound Arts, she was progressively encircled by ‘musical types.’ Her collaborations with these individuals later inspired her to become a sound specialist and record producer.

Rogers’ most remarkable accomplishment as a producer is, without a doubt, working as a specialist for Prince during the 80s.

Susan Rogers

11. Brian Eno

Brian Eno shot to fame as one of the establishing individuals from glam rock group Roxy Music and proceeded to have a recognized performance solo career. Regardless, he is the best music producer and most popular for his creative recording strategies as a music producer and is viewed as one of the establishing individuals from moderate rock music.

Brian Eno 1

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12. Sam Phillips

Although he is no longer with us, rock ‘n’ roll would not have evolved into today’s genre without Sam Phillips. When he opened Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1950, he had not envisioned its integral role in redefining contemporary music.

Phillips found and created numerous country and blues performers from his studio – Sun Records was the first organization to record Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, and Jerry Lee Lewis. To be sure, Phillips is frequently credited with sending off Presley’s career and bringing African American-motivated music to a more extensive crowd.

Sam Phillips 1

13. Berry Gordy

Berry Gordy is famous and the best pop music producer of all time in the music industry. The scale of Berry Gordy’s accomplishments as a producer is more generally referred to as a classification than a business. In his most out-of-this-world, he could never have imagined fantasies of what lay ahead when he established Motown in Detroit in 1959.

His Tamla sound, a sort of soul with a distinct pop influence, became inseparable from the most influential African American names in music.

Berry Gordy 1

14. Trevor Horn

As head of The Buggles, Trevor Horn proceeded to become quite possibly the most sought-after producer of the 1980s and beyond.

He has produced a mind-blowing measure of famous songs and collections from all sorts of genres, including ABC’s Lexicon of Love, Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Welcome to the Pleasuredome, Band Aid’s ‘Do They Know it’s Christmas’, Seal’s ‘Kiss from a Rose’, and releases by Tina Turner, Pet Shop Boys, Robbie Williams, Rod Stewart, and many others.

Trevor Horn

15. Phil Spector

Phil Spector developed the notable Wall of Sound, a music creation equation that he used throughout the 1960s and 1970s and has been replicated by numerous artists ever since.

He is recognized as one of the most compelling figures in popular music history and avoided public life from the 1980s until the 2000s when he was convicted of second-degree murder.

Phil Spector


We hope now you know the best music producers of all time. Write in the comment how you liked this post, and which one is your favorite? You can also pick the beatmaker vs music producer for yourself.

If you find this blog helpful, you can read more about how to become a music producer and electronic dance music producers list.

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