Best 10 DJ Mixers for all Budget 2023 (Review)

The mixer is one of the essential elements of any DJ setup. It is, literally, the centerpiece of any DJ booth – the thing that allows tracks to be mixed and manipulated. Essentially, the mixer separates the DJ setup from the home music system. In this guide, we’re going to help you find the best DJ mixers at various price points.


Mixers can come in various forms, given the flexibility of modern DJ setups. They can be virtual tools built into the UI of your DJ software. Alternatively, you can use the built-in ‘real’ mixer as an element of the DJ controller – acting as both a software control surface and audio interface. Since they are so important, it is worth considering the best DJ mixer, what you need, and what you can get for your budget.

A vital characteristic of every DJ setup is a mixer. Mixers are the heart and soul of every DJ booth, allowing records to be controlled and mixed. In essence, the mixer distinguishes a DJ system from a residential audio system. We’re here to help you locate the greatest DJ mixers in the market, no matter what your budget may be.

Best DJ Mixer for Beginners 2022

1. Allen & Heath Xone 96

The A&H Xone:96 mixer is a staple among house and techno DJs. After years of silence, the firm finally updated in 2018. Thankfully, this design refines rather than completely overhauls its predecessor’s design.

It’s constructed like a tank and has excellent EQs and filters. The 96 is the best DJ mixer board and adds an onboard audio interface, increased send/return capabilities, and control over the booth output.


  • Launch Price: £1,429/$1,763Channels: 6 (+ 2 send/return channels)
  • I/O: 4x Line In, 4x Phono In, 1x XLR Master Out, 1x TRS Booth Out, 1x RCA Out, 4x Headphone Out, 2x TRS Send, 4x TRS Return, MIDI OutDigital
  • Compatibility: 2x USB
  • Effects: EQ, Filters, Crunch Distortion
Allen Heath

2. Pioneer DJ DJM-V10

DJ hubs with 6+ channels and enough capability to suit even the most creative user have emerged in recent years. Despite their market dominance, Pioneer DJ came late to the party, introducing the DJM-V10 in response to the Xone:96 and original Model 1 from Play differently.

The V10, like previous mixers, is a high-end device focused on audio quality and configuration versatility. Isolator EQs, per-channel compression, and touchscreen effects are highlights.


  • Launch price: $3,299/£2,899/€3,399
  • Channels: 6 (+3 send/return channels)
  • I/O: 6 digital (coaxial) inputs, 6 line (RCA) inputs, 4 phono (RCA) inputs, 2 master out ( XLR, RCA), 1 booth out (1/4 inch TRS jack), 4 headphone monitor outputs (1/4 inch Jack, mini-jack), 1 Rec output (RCA), 1 digital output (AES/EBU)
  • Digital compatibility: 3x USB connection. Fully customizable MIDI capabilities. DVS Ready (Recordbox, Serato, Quad)
  • Effects: 14 beat FX, 4-band channel EQ, low and high-pass filters, four delay/reverb sends.
Pioneer DJ DJM V10

3. Play differently Model 1.4

Richie Hawtin has dabbled in several aspects of music technology throughout the years. His Play differently DJ brand was launched in 2014 with former Allen & Heath designer Andy Rigby-Jones.

The company’s debut product, the Model 1 mixer, was a high-end 6-channel mixer intended for daring DJs. Model 1 is impressive, but we prefer its more contemporary, streamlined version, the Model 1.4.


  • Launch Price: $2,299/£1,950/€2,222Channels: 4 (+ 2 send/return channels)
  • I/O: 4x RCA Input (featuring two high-performance preamps), 2x Stereo Return Input (Jack), Main Out (XLR)), 2x stereo aux outputs, 2x Cue system with a headphone output, Mixer linking, Front panel record output
  • Digital Compatibility: D-Sub digital connectivity
  • Effects: Analog overdrive, Master high and low-pass filters, Precise Sculpt EQ, Per -Channel Scoop EQ, high and low contour filters per channel.
Play differently Model 1.4

4. Rane MP2015

Some DJs swear by rotary mixers, but not all. Using rotaries instead of faders to blend tracks promotes a slower mixing technique. Consequently, deeper house and techno DJs use equipment like these, which aren’t ideal for scratching. Rane MP 2015 is the best for home DJ studios.

Rotary mixers are often associated with high-quality audio, and Rane’s newest does not disappoint. You can also manage each track’s frequency using isolation, EQs, and filters, which are excellent for lengthy, smooth mixes.


  • Launch Price: £2,339/$2,899
  • Channels: 4 (+ 1 Send/Return Channel) I/O: 6x RCA In, 1x Combo Mic In, 2x XLR Out, 5x Coaxial In, 1x RCA Out, 2x Headphone Out, 1x Coaxial Out, 1x RCA Send Out, 1x RCA Return in
  • Digital Compatibility: 2x USB, Serato Scratch Ready
  • Effects: EQ, Filters
Rane MP2015

5. Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2

Pioneer’s DJM series is perhaps the most widely used DJ gear in clubs worldwide. As seen by the DJM-1000, Pioneer has years of expertise creating superior pro-level DJ gear, which many DJs prefer over Allen & Heath or Rane mixers.

The 900NXS2’s feature set is impressive. Reverbs, flangers, beat repeats and the company’s signature ‘Sound Color FX’ give a spectrum of dramatic transition and build-up sounds. Everything is covered here, from channel EQs and filters to twin USB ports and mic inputs.


  • Launch Price: £1,659/$2,047
  • Channels: 4 (+ 1 send/return channel)
  • I/O: 4x Line In, 4x Phono In, 4x Coaxial In, 2x Mic In, 1x RCA Out, 1x XLR Out, 1x TRS Booth Out 2x Headphone Out, 1x RCA Rec Out, 1x Coaxial Out
  • Digital Compatibility: 3x USB Port, Record box DVS Ready
  • Effects: 6x Sound Color FX, 14x Beat FX with Frequency Selector, EQ, Filters
Pioneer DJ DJM 900NXS2

6. Rane Seventy-Two

Rane’s Two Channel Mixer does a great job bridging the gap between traditional and digital DJ technology. It is essentially a combined analog mixer and controller for the Serato DJ Pro. It has multiple inputs for the ‘real’ deck and CDJ combined with dual USB connections that allow seamless transfer for two Serato DJs.

This mixer is targeted explicitly for scratch DJs, featuring a magnetic fader and crossfader, MPC-style performance pads ideal for sampling and cue point jumping within the Serato. It also has a central touchscreen that provides direct access to each Cerato deck’s waveform. Overall, this is a very impressive mixer, if rather chunky and not particularly cheap.


  • Launch Price: £1,699/$2,096
  • Channels: 2I/O: 2x Line In, 2x Phono In, 2x Mic In, 1x RCA Session, 1x TRS Footswitch In, 2x XLR Main Out, 2x TRS Booth Out, 1x RCA Session Out, 2x Headphones Out
  • Digital Compatibility: 4x USB, Serato DJ Pro / Serato Scratch Ready Designed for
  • Effects: EQ, Filters, Touch Effects
Rane Seventy Two

7. Pioneer DJ DJM-250MK2

Pioneer DJ is the best DJ mixer for beginners and – arguably – the biggest name in professional DJ gear these days. While their mixers do not enjoy the exact status of ubiquity, their high-end offerings are still a ubiquitous sight at major clubs and festivals. Their CDJs are effectively standard issues for clubs worldwide. For the beginner DJ, a significant bonus of this two-channel mixer is that it offers the same look and feel as those pro machines at a more affordable price. Pioneer DJ mixer best buy for beginners.


  • Launch Price: £328/$405
  • Channels: 2 / **
  • I/O: ** 3x Line In, 2x Phono In, 1x Mic In, 2x Master Out (RCA/XLR), 2x Headphones Out
  • Digital Compatibility: 1x USB, Recordbox DVS Ready
  • Effects: EQ, Filters

8. Allen & Heath Xone:23

A&H’s Axon range represents some of the best DJ mixers around and chooses many pro and amateur DJs. This simplest two-channel model is great as a simple and reasonable entry point into that range.

Allen & Heath Xone:23 is an excellent DJ mixer with the best sound quality, and the quality EQ and detailed central filter are great tools for carving out tracks. Adding send/return connections to add extraneous impact is a nice touch at this price point as well.


  • Launch Price: £228/$299Channels: 2
  • I/O: 2x Line In, 2x Phono In, 1x Mic In, 1x XLR Master Out, 1x Send Out, 1x Return In, 2x Headphone Out, 1x Booth Out, 1x Record Out
  • Digital Compatibility: none
  • Effects: EQ, Filters
Allen Heath Xone 1

9. Numark M6 USB

While Numark may not be a leader in this area as Pioneer DJ or Allen & Heath, they are a brand with a long legacy in the DJ market. Regarding the features you get for your money, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better deal than the company’s M6 USB.

Numark M6 USB is the best budget DJ mixer. As the name implies, a rear-panel USB port allows a connection to a computer to stream and record audio. You get four total mixer channels here, each with three-band EQ, plus mic input, all for less than £200/$250 at street price.


  • Launch Price: £170/$210
  • Channels: 4I/O: 4x Line In, 2x Phono In, 2x Mic In, 2x Master Out (RCA/XLR), 1x Booth Out, 1x Record Out
  • Digital Compatibility: 1x USB
  • Effects: EQ
Numark M6 USB

10. Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2

As its name implies, NI’s DJ Mixer is built with its Traktor software in mind. Like the Rane Sevens above, it has balanced analog inputs connected to hardware players with MIDI controls, primarily focused on using the sampling and remix deck functions within the Quad.

The Z2 Quad is scratch-ready to convert existing turntables or CDJs into a digital DJing setup. Those who want to expand things on the digital side can hook up with Ni’s X1 and F1 controllers for added control.


  • Launch Price: £629/$776Channels: 2 (+ 2 Virtual Remix Decks)
  • I/O: 2x Phono In, 2x Mic In, 2x Main Out (RCA/XLR), 1x Booth Out, 1x Aux-In, 1x Mic In, 2x Headphone Out
  • Digital Compatibility: 3x USB, Designed for Quad Scratch
  • Effects: Control over EQ, Filters, Quad Effects
Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2


The best DJ mixer app and the best beginner DJ mixer. You can locate but not pick among the top DJ mixers. No of your skill level, these top DJ mixers are worth checking out and considering for your DJ setup. You can also go for the best DJ software to help you do more editing. Keep checking back for updates on the most significant instruments and audio gear! These DJ mixer reviews should assist you in deciding on your next DJ mixer buy.

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