JinSoul LOONA: Biography, Profile & Many More

Stage Name: JinSoul (진솔) 
Birth Name: Jeong Jin – sol (정진솔) 
Hometown: Chuncheon 
Country: South Korea 
Position: Rapper, Vocalist, Visual 
Birthday: June 13, 1997 
Age:   26
Zodiac Sign: Gemini 
Nationality: Korean 
Height: 165 cm (5’5″) 
Weight: 47 kg (103.6 lbs) 
Blood Type:  B
Sub-Unit: ODD EYE CIRCLE, Not Friends Unit 
MODHAUS: Mar 17, 2023-present 
BLOCKBERRYCREATIVE: Mar 22, 2016-Jan 13, 2023 
Debut: June 26, 2017 
Debut to 1st win: 990 days 
Training period: 2015-2016 
Education: Kukje University of Arts 
Representative Colour: Blue

JinSoul Trivia: 

This blog is on JinSoul Loona Biography, the seventh revealed member of Loona and a member of its second sub-unit, LOONA / ODD EYE CIRCLE, debuted on June 13, 2017. She was born on June 13, 1997, in Dongdaemun District, Seoul, South Korea, with the birth name Jeong Jin-sol. JinSoul released her solo single album titled “JinSoul” on June 26, 2017.  


Her representative colours in LOONA were blue and black, and her symbol was a blue betta fish. Before joining her current agency, JinSoul trained at DSP Entertainment. Her nicknames include Jindollie/Jindori, and she is known for her charming dimples. 

JinSoul humorously believes her goofiness is her charm. She has expressed her desire to be a member of Red Velvet if given the chance. JinSoul’s shoe size is 240, and she enjoys eating spicy rice cakes, ramen, watermelon, and carbonated drinks. She studied piano for nine years and has a fondness for webtoons.  

JinSoul hopes that one day LOONA will shine like the fireworks she witnessed in the US. Krystal from f(x) is her role model, and she is closest to Hyunjin and Choerry among the LOONA members. Her favourite colours are Indi pink and black, and one of her role models is Suzy.  

JinSoul was nominated for the 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2018. In January 2023, she won a lawsuit against BlockBerry Creative, resulting in her departure from the company. On March 17, 2023, it was announced that she had signed with MODHAUS. These are just some interesting facts about JinSoul. 


Early life (1997–2017) 

JinSoul: A June-born Talent with a Twist 

JinSoul, born on June 13, 1997, shines brightly as the youngest sibling in her family. With an older brother by her side, she embarked on a unique journey filled with surprises and unconventional choices. Despite struggling with studying, JinSoul managed to achieve an impressive feat by ranking 19th in math among all high school students. Fascinated by the wonders of science, she initially aspired to pursue a university degree in that field. However, fate took a delightful turn when her mother convinced her to follow a path in the humanities. JinSoul’s story exemplifies the unexpected twists that make her journey more captivating. 

Back in 2014, a budding star named JinSoul illuminated the stage at the renowned BORN Star Training Center. Her talent was undeniable as she captivated the audience with a stunning cover performance of Ailee’s hit track “U&I.” That same night, she mesmerized the crowd once more with a remarkable medley of beloved songs by Groove Over Dose (g.o.d) at the center’s illustrious 12th annual concert. 

JinSoul’s extraordinary abilities did not go unnoticed. In September of that year, she soared to new heights by successfully passing her audition for DSP Media. With her undeniable potential, JinSoul embarked on a thrilling journey as a trainee at the esteemed agency, setting her on a trajectory towards stardom in the music industry. 

In a mesmerizing display of talent during her time at the Korean Entertainment Arts School, JinSoul enraptured the audience with her sensational cover performance of MAMAMOO’s chart-topping hit “Um Oh Ah Yeh” in August 2015. 

JinSoul auditioned for various agencies to become an idol but didn’t get any offers. In 2016, Polaris-BlockBerry contacted her on Instagram, and she became a trainee at Polaris Entertainment through Dream Vocal & Dance Academy. Later, she moved to BlockBerry Creative and trained to join LOONA. 

2017: “Everyday I Need You”, Reveal, Solo Debut

JinSoul made her initial appearance as a member of LOONA in a teasing manner, having been featured in ViVi’s “Everyday I Need You,” which served as the B-side track on ViVi’s solo album. Referred to as the notorious “one-second girl” due to her brief cameo in the music video, this sparked fervent speculation among fans of the group regarding JinSoul’s true identity, as LOONA 1/3 was the sole sub-unit existing at that time. 

Fans of LOONA anticipated that JinSoul would be the following member to be unveiled in a manner akin to ViVi, who was initially featured in “Love & Live” before her solo debut. When the fifth teaser titled “Who’s Next Girl?” was released, many fans were convinced that JinSoul would be the girl in question. However, to their surprise, the member unveiled in the teaser turned out to be Kim Lip. 

Approximately one month later, on June 8, the sixth set of teasers under the name “Who’s Next Girl?” surfaced, featuring both a blue and a black version. This marked a significant first for LOONA, as these colors symbolized JinSoul’s dual representative colors. Then, on June 13, JinSoul was officially introduced as the seventh member of LOONA. Her solo debut single, titled “Singing in the Rain,” was released on June 26, 2017, rapidly garnering the highest number of views for a LOONA music video at that time. 

On July 28, JinSoul made a cameo appearance in the music video for Choerry’s song “Love Cherry Motion.” In addition, JinSoul collaborated with Choerry on a track titled “Puzzle,” which was included in Choerry’s debut single release. 

JinSoul portrayed a university student in a minor role during seasons 1 and 2 of the web drama Woomanna. 

On August 29, JinSoul was unveiled as a member of LOONA’s second sub-unit, ODD EYE CIRCLE. She made her debut with the sub-unit on September 21, releasing the track “Girl Front.” 

2018: Woomanna, Egoist, Debut in LOONA 

From February to March, JinSoul had a role in the third season of Woomanna, starring alongside fellow ODD EYE CIRCLE members Kim Lip and Choerry. In the series, she portrayed a university dance major who experiences betrayal from her boyfriend of six years. 

On March 30, JinSoul was prominently featured on Olivia Hye’s track “Egoist,” taking charge of the rap section of the song. 

On August 9, JinSoul’s teaser was unveiled as part of LOONA’s debut, making her the third member to be teased. In the following days, additional teasers of the full group were released, along with half-group teasers. JinSoul was featured in the ‘Up unit’ within these teasers. 

On August 20, JinSoul made her official debut as a member of the fully formed group LOONA. Together with her fellow members, they released the mini album [+ +], featuring the title track “Hi High”. 

2019: XX 

On February 4, JinSoul’s teaser was revealed as part of LOONA’s first comeback, marking her as the fourth member to be teased. Subsequently, on February 19, LOONA unveiled their studio album “X X,” featuring the title track “Butterfly.” 

2020: #, As Time Goes 

JinSoul’s journey with LOONA took an exhilarating turn on January 16 when her teaser for the group’s second comeback was unveiled, solidifying her as the seventh member to be introduced. Another teaser followed on January 26. Then, on February 5, LOONA delighted fans with the release of their mini album “#,” featuring the title track “So What.” There were speculations circulating that JinSoul had penned the lead single “365,” but it was later confirmed that the actual writer was Hwang Yu Bin. JinSoul continued to showcase her talents by venturing into OSTs, releasing her first one titled “As Time Goes” for the South Korean drama Welcome, which premiered on April 15, 2020. 

2023: MODHAUS 

On March 17, a significant milestone was reached as JinSoul, Kim Lip, HeeJin, and Choerry signed exclusive contracts with MODHAUS. 


Single albums –

1. “Everyday I Need You” (with ViVi) (2017) 

2. “Egoist” (with Olivia Hye) (2018) 

Collaborations –

1. “Puzzle” (with Choerry) (2017) 

2. “Not Friends” (with HeeJin, Kim Lip and Yves) (2021) 

OSTs –

1. “As Time Goes” (2020) 

2. “Masquerade” (with HeeJin) (2022) 


Year Name Channel/Platform Role
2017 Do You Remember the First Time We Met? Season 1 YouTube Jung JinSoul (cameo) 
2018Do You Remember the First Time We Met? Season 2 YouTube Jung JinSoul (minor) 
2019Do You Remember the First Time We Met? Season 3 YouTube Jung JinSoul (main) 

Music Video Appearances 

As Minor

Year NameArtist 
2017“Love Cherry Motion”Choerry

As Rapper

Year Name Artist 
2017 “Everyday I Need You (feat. JinSoul)” ViVi 
2018 “Egoist (feat. JinSoul)” Olivia Hye 


1. JinSoul auditioned with which sad song of Gummy?

She auditioned with Gummy’s “If You Return.”

2. JinSoul is symbolized by which fish?

JinSoul is symbolized by a blue betta fish.

3. What are JinSoul’s hobbies?

Jinsoul’s hobbies include online shopping.

4. For how many years did JinSoul studied piano?

She studied piano for nine years.

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